Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1577


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“Wang Xuan, do you know why in the survey report, Hongmeng’s market share in China ranks third from the bottom?” Boss Jia asked rhetorically.

“This…” Wang Xuan was dumb. He only knew the results, but did not investigate. This made Boss Jia shook his head a little disappointed. Wang Xuan may indeed be a good hand in research and development, but he is in the management of enterprises. He is still a little unsuccessful. If he hadn’t been mainly pulling Hongmeng, Hongmeng might not even be able to survive the first level!

“Wang Xuan is strong in research and development. Without Wang Xuan in charge, the Hongmeng system would have been created in less than four years. No one else would be able to do this!” Boss Jia pondered in his heart “But this is good. For a system company, it may be less profitable to be an R&D company than an operating company, but only a R&D company can really live for a long time!”

“So Wang Xuan must do this for the position of the president, otherwise Hongmeng’s simply is gone!”

“Fortunately, I can still take Hongmeng away!”

Thinking of this, Boss Jia dispelled some thoughts, and then took the initiative to explain “China’s computer market is mainly the school market, office market, and Internet cafe market. These are the three largest markets, and the individual user market is the smallest! “

“Because China’s economy has not fully developed yet, it is still not enough to count on individual users to buy computers!”

“en!” Hearing this, Wang Xuan nodded expressed his approval, because China’s current market situation is like this!

“If we carefully observe these three main markets, we will understand that the school has the final say on what software is used in the school market. In the office market, the company or ZF has the final say!”

“Because at this time Windowssystem is already very mature, and almost all of the world uses Windowssystem. For the future of students, the school can only choose Windowssystem!”

“Similarly, in order to maximize the convenience of external contacts and office work, companies and governments will also choose windowssystem. The situation in Internet cafes is similar. Because these people have a high degree of uniformity in their choices, all they choose are It’s windowssystem. In this way, our market share will naturally be lower!”

“So if we carefully investigate the personal computer user market, we will find that, in fact, our Hongmeng system accounts for 2.87% of the individual users in China. This shows that the ordinary people and users in China are It is very important to us, this is actually our best market, there is no one!” Boss Jia said.

“so that’s how it is!” After listening to Wang Xuan, he immediately felt a lot more relaxed physically and mentally, and almost thought that the people of the country had completely flattered foreigners!

“But chairman, if the three main markets are highly selective and unified markets, wouldn’t it be more difficult for us to completely drive out windowssystem?” Wang Xuan asked again.

“If you don’t try it, how do you know?” Boss Jia touched his nose, then dialed an internal number and said with a smile “Sister Dong, it’s me!”

“No! No! I didn’t look for you, don’t come over, I actually want to see your son, yes, and your son’s friend, can you bring me a message, just say I will invite them to dinner tonight!”


“Old Shen, look at me, this tie is not fastened!” Zhang Zhahui was a little restless sitting on the chair, and Shen Hailong looked at his good friend helplessly.

Three years have passed, and Zhang Zhahui and myself have tentatively become Big Boss with hundreds of millions of industries. Their Blue Speed ​​Internet Cafe has opened in 18 provinces, cities and regions across the country, and has more than 280 chain stores a day.

Yes, Zhang Zhahui and Shen Hailong’s career development is so rapid, who makes the Internet cafe market a super blue ocean at this time, coupled with the continuous vigorous development of the online game market, and chat software such as QQ All of this has greatly increased the fun of surfing the Internet, and naturally led to a fiery Internet cafe market.

Especially the combination of Zhang Zhahui and Shen Hailong. Zhang Zhahui was born as a gangster. Although he is a bit low and has little knowledge, he is better than daring to fight. He has a huge momentum and runs rampant in the market. It really made him rush out of Heaven and Earth.

Of course, it is in this era that there are so many stories about academic bullies who are not as rich as bullies. In a few years, this kind of opportunity will not exist enough. The future of bullies will either be good or be caught. .

But it’s not enough to have such an impulse. The main thing is that there is Shen Hailong.

First of all, Shen Hailong is smart and strategic. The most important thing is to have a good mother, and backed by the resources of the Great-Thousand Group. Together, these two guys are naturally if Gods block, kill the Gods, if Buddhas block, kill the Buddhas.

Now their Lan Jisu chain Internet cafe is the largest chain Internet cafe in the country, maybe it is the largest chain Internet cafe in the world, and the two people also have a value of hundreds of millions.

But even so, after learning that this time was a treat by Boss Jia, Zhang Zhahui was still very embarrassed, like a little girl waiting to be married, making Shen Hailong on the side very helpless and feeling like he was a person It’s all lost.

“Lao Shen, you said this time, the chairman, what are you looking for us?” Zhang Zhahui curiously asked in order to calm the frizz in his heart.

“I don’t know…” Shen Hailong drank a sip of tea, pursing his mouth and said.

He actually knows the same, but with such a good opportunity, it would be a shame not to tease Zhang Zhahui.

“hehe, I know!” didn’t expect Zhang Zhahui said with a grin.

“Fart!” Shen Hailong raised his middle finger.

“hmph, I bet you, Chairman Jia will definitely talk to us about the time of Hongmeng system this time, maybe he wants to replace all the systems of our Internet cafes with Hongmeng system!” Zhang Zhahui said with a smile.

“You…” Shen Hailong widened his eyes and opened his mouth…

“How did you know?” But it was not Shen Hailong who asked this question, but someone standing behind them who happened to hear the conversation between them.

“Mr. Jia!!!” Zhang Zhahui stood up excitedly, looking at Boss Jia, he didn’t know how to release his hands.

“Sit! Sit!” Boss Jia took the initiative to hold Zhang Zhahui’s hand, patted his shoulder, and then sat between the two people, said with a smile “Come on, tell me about it, you How did you guess that I was going to talk to you about Hongmeng system?”

“Hehe, after all our own system is out, who else is willing to give Microsoft hundreds of millions of dollars in licensing fees every year!” Zhang Zhahui laughed.