Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1745

Just when everyone in the audience was anxious and cranky, Boss Jia said with a smile “Next, let us invite our Great-Thousand chief engineer Ni Guangnan teacher to lead the entire technical team and give you a brief explanation , The technical issues and principles of the new generation of lithography machines!”

“bang bang bang bang pa!” The audience immediately burst into enthusiastic applause. To convince these professionals that Great-Thousand really created a 50nm-level lithography machine, the best way is Let the technical team come out to explain, after all, in front of technology, no one can lie.

So, amidst the endless calls of countless experts at the scene, more than two dozen scientific researchers appeared on the projection screen of the scene…

cracking a joke, Boss Jia is impossible to let the core technicians of Great-Thousand come to the United States. What if the Americans are shameless and these technicians are detained?

Boss Jia believes that Americans are absolutely capable of doing such things for profit.

So a remote connection is prepared on site, and relevant researchers can communicate with the attendees on site through video chat.

“Hello everyone, I am Ni Guangnan, the chief engineer of Great-Thousand Group. Today, let me briefly introduce some basic information of our Clear Sky Mirror lithography machine!”

“Our Clear Sky Mirror lithography machine is a new generation lithography machine designed and manufactured by the immersion method. It has the following main features…” Ni Guangnan did just briefly introduce the lithography machine. Without even saying 500 words, he gave the opportunity to speak to the researchers behind him.

They are all R&D personnel in their 20s and 50s, and they are the mainstay of the entire team.

Initially speaking, Ni Guangnan should be responsible for the entire introduction process, because this is the highlight moment of the entire conference, and it is also the most shining and honorable moment for all researchers.

And this is another major event that broke the technological limit of ten years. It is conceivable that this person who speaks and explains to the masters of the world will receive a huge honor.

You’re welcome, the Nobel Prize in the future will also give great consideration to this moment!