Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1746


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For such a supreme honor, Ni Guangnan said that he gave up and gave up all the opportunities to explain to these researchers.

Boss Jia originally disagreed with this, but Ni Guangnan’s attitude was very firm.

He said that he is old. In fact, apart from providing some ideas in the laboratory, he can hardly do any practical research and development work. All specific affairs are handled by these youngsters. Except for a position and reputation, there is almost nothing else.

So he is not qualified to speak on behalf of these R&D personnel who have truly dedicated all their efforts and take away the honor that belongs to them.

Moreover, Ni Guangnan also said that he is really old, and now he is a little unable to do it. It may take five or six years at most, he can only retreat to the second line and find a beautiful place for retirement. went.

So he should train these juniors, give them honor, let them stay in Great-Thousand with peace of mind, and continue to contribute to Great-Thousand…Even Lin Benjian is among these researchers, and he is the first A speech dedicated to explaining what is an immersion lithography machine!

“Traditional lithography machines have their limits. 70nm is an almost insurmountable range, but I once thought inadvertently that since air as a medium cannot surpass this accuracy, if we use water as a medium, use If the principle of light refraction in water improves the accuracy, is it a completely feasible solution?”

“I found Mr. Jia at the time and proposed this idea to him, so the two of us hit it off. At the kind invitation of Mr. Jia, I participated in the research and improved the entire immersion lithography machine. “Lin Benjian started the enthusiastic explanation work, with a smile on his face, no one could tell that Lin Benjian was actually in a state of detention.

After all, Great-Thousand restricts Lin Benjian’s freedom, but various monetary rewards have not been cut off. Not only will he send a huge salary of US$10,000 to Lin Benjian’s family every month, as the work deepens, Lin Benjian’s In fact, the salary has risen to the level of 100,000 US dollars a month, but the remaining 90,000 are in Lin Benjian’s own bank account. Lin Benjian’s family did not know that he still has such a large amount of private money, you say Lin Benjian can Not happy?

Moreover, Great-Thousand recently reached an agreement with Lin Benjian, which is to admit that Lin Benjian is one of the important founding members of the lithography machine research and development work, that the concept of immersion lithography machine is proposed by Lin Benjian, and that Lin Benjian is developing All the credits and achievements in it, at the same time, gave Lin Benjian a certain amount of freedom and no longer restricted him.

Of course, Lin Benjian still can’t go abroad, he can only do activities in the country, but this is enough for Lin Benjian. He originally thought that Great-Thousand would die after completing the research and development, in order to cover up the secret. Kill yourself.

Unexpectedly, Great-Thousand not only gave him freedom, but also returned his academic honors that should belong to him. Lin Benjian was already excited enough.

As for exposing Great-Thousand’s kidnapping of himself, Lin Benjian has no idea. The first is that Great-Thousand has given enough so that Lin Benjian can forget these things.

The second is that Great-Thousand still holds Lin Benjian’s tail firmly. As long as he can’t go abroad, Lin Benjian’s life will still be held in Great-Thousand’s hands.

Thirdly, when Lin Benjian said this kind of thing, I am afraid that not many people believe it, and Lin Benjian himself does not have any evidence.

“Lin Benjian, I seem to remember this guy!”

“I remember, ten years ago, he seemed to have visited our company and talked about his immersive vision!”

“Yes, I also remembered that he also came to our company, but was rejected by us.”

Compared with the unknown of Ni Guangnan, Lin Benjian evoked a lot of memories in the industry. After all, Lin Benjian went to many companies to promote himself in order to realize his vision of immersion lithography machine, hoping to get Sponsor and so on.

It’s just as if this Lin Benjian disappeared overnight, and never heard of any news about him again, but this is also normal. It is estimated that he has given up and left for the elderly with peace of mind.

Who can imagine that this Lin Benjian was secretly solicited by Great-Thousand, and at the same time he invested heavily in helping Lin Benjian develop the immersion type, which was just a beautiful fantasy at the time.

When I think of this, many people can’t help but sigh. Sure enough, scientific progress is actually driven by ideas that sound very exaggerated. If I believed in Lin Benjian at the beginning, then the breakthrough limit company now, isn’t it? Is it me?

At this time, the most ugly faces in the audience are probably ASML and TSMC.

The former is the company with the most and longest sales pitches by Lin Benjian. Many employees, including the current CEO of ASML, remember that Lin Benjian repeatedly went to the company to promote his own scenes, and was proud of it. ASML ignored them all.

“If I believed him in the first place…” The CEO of ASML was full of chagrin. It turned out that success was really only a little bit away from him, but he did not catch it. After tonight, he and ASML, I am afraid it will become a joke of the whole world.

On the other hand, the one who is more annoyed than ASML is probably the CEO of TSMC. After all, Lin Benjian was a good employee of TSMC at the beginning, with employment contracts, and even Lin Benjian has also established an immersion light inside the company. The R&D team of Keji has asked the company to apply for resources countless times.

But all of these were rejected by TSMC, and TSMC also disliked this guy who seemed to be just talking about it and didn’t have a strong diploma.

The CEO of TSMC still remembers that when Lin Benjian’s application for resignation came over, he was actually very happy, because if Lin Benjian resigned on his own initiative, TSMC would have saved a considerable amount of severance pay. There is such a good thing underneath!

Now that I think about it, this CEO can’t wait to slap himself, what a mess!

Historically, Lin Benjian has struggled for more than three years. At the same time, TSMC and ASML are constantly hitting the wall in the research and development of traditional technologies, and finally decided to take a risk and give the lithography machine a historic breakthrough.

For this World, Lin Benjian died after only two years of tossing, and he couldn’t see the silhouette. ASML and TSMC also completely missed this extremely important node, and still insisted on the traditional dry lithography machine until now. .

I can only say that these are all Boss Jia’s pots!