Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1747


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“From today, I, Great-Thousand Optoelectronics, is under the name Yang Tian, ​​which is famous in China!” Seeing the reaction of many people in the audience, Boss Jia smiled at the corner of his mouth. This is his year for day and night , The scene you want to see!

After Lin Benjian, many researchers gave introductions, which convinced everyone in the audience that Great-Thousand has used the soaking method to break through the technological limit of the lithography machine in the past 10 years. A Chinese company , Overcame the most difficult technical peak in this world.

Some people may be worried. Great-Thousand has revealed all these technologies. Will it lead to technology leaks and let other companies develop immersion lithography machines?

Of course, there is no need to worry, because first of all, these technicians talked very empty and very big. They only talked about the basic principles, but did not talk about how to achieve it. So I hope that after listening to the lecture, I will understand how to create infiltration. Type lithography machine is unrealistic and impossible.

Just like a classic statement from ASML, he said that even if they send all the technical drawings and related materials of the lithography machine to the Chinese, the Chinese people are also impossible to manufacture the lithography machine, because the lithography machine involves Tens of thousands of different sophisticated components require the cooperation of thousands of companies to complete. This is not something that can be made with drawings.

This sentence can also be given to others, even if Great-Thousand has explained all the theories and all the technical characteristics have been clearly stated, other companies will also need a lot of pictures to take the bottle gourd. Over time, a production system was rebuilt.

Secondly, the future Great-Thousand lithography machines will definitely be exported. It is conceivable that these lithography machines will be disassembled into parts for research by some people. When the time comes, these theoretical things will be It’s done, so these all are things that people will learn sooner or later, it’s better to explain it now, and it’s a long face for Great-Thousand.

Anyway, after all the researchers had introduced it, no one in the entire venue doubted that Great-Thousand had breached this technical limit. On the contrary, they all looked at Boss Jia eagerly, even with their eyes open. A bit hungry.

Yes, it’s hunger and thirst.

Through the remarks of the researchers just now, many chip companies at the scene have already understood that the immersion and traditional dry lithography machines are two completely different technologies. If they want to imitate according to this technical theory, At least it will take five or six years before the finished product can be produced.

In other words, in five or six years, if you want to buy top-level lithography machines, you can only buy it through Great-Thousand Optoelectronics. Other manufacturers are impossible to produce top-level lithography machines.

This may not be a problem for some ordinary chip manufacturers. After all, the 70nm process is sufficient for them.

But for Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung/Three Star, Sony, Hon Hai, TSMC and other Peak chip developers, this is terrible.

A chip manufactured with a 50nm lithography machine can definitely defeat all opponents with a crushing advantage. If one cannot immediately buy the world’s best lithography machine, the market will be directly given by the opponent Taking it all away is absolutely unacceptable.

And what they fear most is that Great-Thousand will eat alone, swallow all the lithography machines for themselves, and don’t sell them to other manufacturers, it will really kill them!

So these people are staring at Jia Yapeng, trying to figure out what kind of sales attitude Great-Thousand has towards Clear Sky Mirror lithography machines.

“I don’t know what you think of our Clear Sky Mirror?” Boss Jia walked up with a big smile.

“This is a huge breakthrough for the entire lithography machine industry!”

“Yes, Great-Thousand’s technology makes the whole world feel amazing!”

“This is the most breakthrough idea I have ever seen. What’s even more amazing is that Great-Thousand realized this incredible idea. Congratulations!”

Although the audience in the audience was somewhat unhappy, but in the face of the Clear Sky Mirror lithography machine that has formed a technological gap, what else can they say? They can only praise one after another. Nothing bad.

If you say bad things, then the first batch of stock will definitely not have your share.

Sure enough, after blowing the rainbow fart for a long time, someone finally couldn’t help it. He stood up and asked, “Mr. Jia, I don’t know if this Hao…Hao…Sky mirror lithography machine, when will it be sold? What? Are you willing to sell to the outside world?”

“Of course!” Boss Jia’s answer did not hesitate, “Our Clear Sky Mirror lithography machine must be sold externally, otherwise I don’t need to hold this press conference specially!”

“I hereby assure you that the first batch of Clear Sky Mirror lithography machines will be officially on sale starting in 2002 at the latest!”

Boss Jia’s words made everyone on the scene relaxed. As long as Great-Thousand is willing to sell, then everything is easy to say.

Now let Great-Thousand be proud of it for a while, anyway, get the equipment first, but on the other hand, must fully develop the research work on the immersion lithography machine, you Great-Thousand will be proud of it for five or six years at most .

Five or six years later, when our own new lithography machine appears, we will throw you Great-Thousand aside!

These bosses murmured in their hearts, but Boss Jia on the stage continued, “However, our Great-Thousand Optoelectronics is an enterprise that has just stepped into the entire optoelectronics industry. The technology is not yet mature and the production capacity is Lack, so the first batch of lithography machines that are expected to be released next year is very regrettable in terms of quantity, and there may only be three that can be sold!

“What, only three stations!!” The bosses in the audience hadn’t been refreshed for a few minutes before the whole person’s heart was suspended again.

Only three lithography machines, this is enough wool, how many chips can be produced by three lithography machines, when the time comes, the annual output may be less than one million pieces, which is simply an utterly inadequate measure !

“What about the second batch?” someone asked.

“The second batch will have to wait until the end of 2002, and it is estimated that there will only be about three!” Boss Jia sighed said, “However, by the third batch in mid-2003, the output will be greatly increased. It is expected that there will be about 10 external Sale!”

“There were only ten in mid-2003. In other words, in the next two years, there will be only six lithography machines that can be sold to the outside world!!” Thinking of this, these bosses all watched their peers vigilantly Let’s see who will become your competitor and compete with yourself for these six rare devices.

But no matter what, everyone is impossible to let go of the demand for high-end lithography machines, so everyone glare like a tiger watching his prey looking at each other with a trace of fierceness in their eyes.

“Mr. Jia, who are you going to sell these first and second Clear Sky Mirror lithography machines to?” someone asked.

“Well, I’m also very embarrassed!” Boss Jia laughed, “Everyone is my friend, so whoever comes first will offend the friend. If this is the case, then we just go straight ahead and engage in auctions directly That’s it.”

“Everyone talks with money. Whoever gives more money will take it. What do you think?” Boss Jia asked with a smile.

“This scam!” Everyone felt nervous. If auctioned, the first batch of three lithography machines will probably be sold at a high price in an instant. Great-Thousand is really It’s going to make a lot of money.

“But there is one thing I want to say in the bright place!” Boss Jia laughed, licking his lips and said, “The first batch and the second batch of lithography machines can be bought by others, but Intel, I don’t sell them. !”