Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1748


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“oh la la!” The whole scene was shocked. Many people’s chairs behind them were creaking. They looked at Jia Yapeng in disbelief. They didn’t expect that the other party would say such things directly.

Intel doesn’t sell it, this tone, this courage, too awesome!

At this time, the CEO of Intel, as well as Black and the others, looked at Jia Yapeng dumbfounded, and then a huge anger burned in his heart.

“Mr. Jia, you’d better explain what you are saying, otherwise I will sue you for a monopoly!” Intel’s CEO asked loudly.

“You joked, it has nothing to do with monopoly. I am not restricting other people to produce lithography machines. It is really impossible for other companies to produce them!” Boss Jia chuckled and said “Besides, I didn’t want to lose sight I sell it to other companies, I just don’t sell you Intel that’s all.”

“And I don’t sell it, just because the first batch and the second batch are not enough that’s all. When the third batch is not sold out, then I’m definitely willing to sell it to you. How can this not be anti-monopoly What about the rules of the law? If you feel unconvinced, you can sue me!”

“Besides, I don’t have the irritability of your Intel. If you don’t sell it, you won’t sell it. Just go ahead. I have to say that my factory is on fire. I don’t feel ashamed. I don’t look like a man!” Jia said with a smile.

“Wow!” Everyone in the room croaked in their hearts. I had long heard that Jia Yapeng was a very arrogant madman in the bones. Now it seems that it is correct, so mad in the public. For Intel, this kind of domineering is absolutely not available to others.

In addition, no one sympathized with what happened to Intel, but scolded him in his heart for what he deserved.

The contradiction between Intel and Great-Thousand, people in the industry are well aware that Intel really provoked the matter first, and first used its monopoly on the chip to cut off the confession to Great-Thousand. Great- Thousand’s product line had to stop production for a while.

To be reasonable, if it hadn’t been for Great-Thousand to hide the lithography machine, it would be able to manufacture high-end chips by itself, otherwise the entire Great-Thousand game would be dying by Intel’s means. There is clearly a market and technology. , There are users, but no products, and finally tossed to death, which is tragic enough.

Many people look down on Intel’s methods very much, but they can’t do anything with Intel. Who can let them have a monopoly on the market?

But now it’s fine, the monopoly has been in the hands of Great-Thousand, and Intel has to bear the same experience. The people who eat melons said that this melon is really cool, just follow the cool text from the starting point. the same.

But then again, this Great-Thousand may have been prepared long ago, otherwise it will come up with a brand new lithography machine. After all, the lithography machine will take at least ten years of research and development cycle, can it be said Ten years ago, Great-Thousand considered that he would one day be caught by Intel, so he started the research and development of the lithography machine early?

Thinking of this, many people suddenly felt a chill in their necks. This Jia Yapeng’s business sense and layout are simply terrifying to the extreme. No wonder he can become the fastest rising super-rich in the world. In just ten years, Already have the world’s top 50 super companies, and it is said that they have been able to advance into the world’s top ten personal wealth.

This is simply a terrifying existence of a bug!

“Let’s go!” Being slapped in the face like this by Boss Jia, everyone at Intel obviously had no face to stay here anymore, and they all left angrily.

Boss Jia had an unperturbed meeting and continued to talk about the Clear Sky Mirror lithography machine and the preparations for various auctions. After a long time, the press conference came to an end, and everyone was surprised The lost stood up.

Many of them rushed to the podium immediately, hoping to establish contact with Boss Jia or Great-Thousand, so as to ensure that they can immediately purchase the lithography machine. These people strictly encircled Boss Jia, The words are full of flattery, and those who don’t know think that Intel’s CEO is surrounded by it.

In addition, the purely technical guests slowly left the venue. Today’s experience is too exciting. They have to go home and sort them out to redefine their next development path.

After all, the traditional dry lithography machine has proved to be a failure. Their next race will revolve around the immersion lithography machine. They still have to go back and prepare the materials!

“Hey, what do you mean by this Clear Sky Mirror, why did Great-Thousand give the lithography machine this name?” On the way back, a hair grey-white old man asked puzzled.

“Clear Sky Mirror comes from China’s traditional mythology. It is said to be a mirror that the God of the Chinese people hangs at the door of his palace. This mirror can illuminate the entire universe, and the truth of all problems can be The mirror shines clearly, perfectly clear, he is one of the highest Divine Artifacts in the entire universe!”

“Great-Thousand uses Clear Sky Mirror to name its own lithography machine, the meaning is very obvious. First of all, the lithography machine is a device that uses optics to work, and the mirror itself is similar to the mirror itself!”

“Secondly, the chip produced by the lithography machine can calculate everything in the world, and it can also contain everything in the world. In the future, it may also be able to calculate the truth of everything in the world. This is not Clear Sky Mirror!”

This explanation is very convincing, and the explanation is very convincing. Many Chinese people can’t make such an explanation.

But it is another hair grey-white old fogey who explains this. This is a German who can be described as Mount Tai Big Dipper optically, but this is even more curious, a foreigner How can you know Clear Sky Mirror so clearly?

The people around obviously have the same problem in their hearts, so they curiously asked.

“I learned this from my grandson!” The Mount Tai Big Dipper smiled bitterly and said, “As you all know, my grandson is not interested in optics. Now everyday all is obsessed with animation, and he can see what he dreams of Go to the Dai Tielang and join Royal Animation and become one of them!”

“The reason why he is so fascinated by animation now is because he watched the “Baolian Lantern”. To save my grandson, I went to watch this animation later and I have to admit that it is a I have produced a very sophisticated animation, which contains many traditional myths and stories of China, and the related content of Clear Sky Mirror is also included. The explanation of the role of Clear Sky Mirror is very clear. I read it a few times, and naturally Remember the explanation of Clear Sky Mirror!”

“When you said that, I also remembered. This Clear Sky Mirror is the magic weapon used by the Acquired Emperor and Yang Jian during the battle. Once the rays of light are taken, Yang Jian loses his power!” A younger person interrupted, and the topic of the three people’s conversation had actually shifted to “Baolian Lantern”.

If Dai Tielang teacher could see this scene, I would be very pleased if I think about it!