Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1750


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“My dear son-in-law, you have pierced the sky again this time!” When seeing his son-in-law again, Zhu Rongkui slammed his mouth.

“The sky won’t break, I just stabbed a toilet at best!” Boss Jia lightly saying.

“It’s useless to make a profit. The key is to be able to handle it!” Zhu Rongkui sighed, “Those great characters let me tell you that in the first batch of Clear Sky Mirrors, at least two have to be sold to Intel.”

“Oh!” Boss Jia nodded “Are there any more?”

“Yes, they hope that Great-Thousand Optoelectronics can combine with ASML. Great-Thousand Optoelectronics can sell all related technologies to ASML, and related product channels to ASML, so that ASML can quickly produce Clear Sky. Mirror, increase the output of Clear Sky Mirror as soon as possible!” Zhu Rongkui added.

“Oh, I think it’s good, then, should we at Great-Thousand Optoelectronics just stop selling lithography machines and chips in the future?” Boss Jia asked with a smile.

“If you are willing to sell 80% of the shares to Morgan consortium, then there are naturally no such restrictions!” Zhu Rongkui chuckled and said.

“What if I don’t sell it?” Boss Jia knocked on the desktop.

“Then everything will be business as usual, but you must agree to the terms of this time!” Zhu Rongkui said.

“hahaha, this is a joke!” Boss Jia extremely angry countersaid with a smile “If this is a transaction, I have paid so much, but you have not even changed a single thing, it is ridiculous!”

“I handed over the technology to ASML on the one hand, and sold the lithography machine to Intel on the other side. As a result, I will continue to be sanctioned by Intel’s chips. How can there be such a reason in the world?”

“Come on, Intel’s chips can no longer sanction you. You can produce chips yourself. Where are these problems?” Zhu Rongkui shook his head. “Actually, I told me over there. Intel’s sanctions must be clear. To proceed, but for the incompatibility of the Hongmeng system, you can secretly cancel it over there, and it will be sold to you!”

“The people over there said, this is already giving you Jia Yapeng great face, as long as you hand over the lithography machine and related technology, then Great-Thousand can return to the previous normal state, and they can continue Tolerate you, this is a huge concession!”

“Concession…hahaha…cough cough cough!” Boss Jia smiled and coughed, “I see, there is nothing to talk about with these guys, please tell Sir Father to help me, they said I can’t hear anything.”

“If you do this, you have to understand the consequences!” Zhu Rongkui’s expression became serious. “The attitude of the other party is also very clear at this time. If you do not agree, then Great-Thousand will be very much Serious blow!”

“Oh, what are the consequences?”

“Although they did not say, but based on my many years of experience, first of all, various departments of the U.S. Federation will investigate all companies in Great-Thousand, and then they will inevitably be investigated for problems. It is closed for rectification.”

“After that, they will use this as an excuse to investigate the import and export of Great-Thousand products, and then they will find problems, so that all Great-Thousand products in the United States are seized!”

“Third Step, they will start to apprehend Great-Thousand’s various executives in the United States. As long as they catch the executives, they have a way to pry open the mouths of these executives and let them accuse Great-Thousand. Then the court opened a hearing. In the end, Great-Thousand will be convicted of a felony. Not only must all company business be suspended, but also a huge fine of tens of billions of dollars.”

“Generally speaking, these three steps are enough to kill all companies. If you are not interested, then the United States will put Great-Thousand on the anti-terrorist blacklist, etc., and require the whole world to treat Great-Thousand Perform the same ban to restrict Great-Thousand’s product sales.”

“At that time, Great-Thousand will really only do business in China, and don’t even think about going abroad!” The whole process described by Zhu Rongkui made everyone shudder after hearing it. This is simply barbaric. Brutality to the extreme, does not give people any way to survive, darker than the darkest darkness in the world.

It sounds like this simply doesn’t seem to be something that the Milli Sword of freedom and justice can do.

But Boss Jia is very clear that this is what Mi Lijian will do in the future, and Warwick has enjoyed such a set of packages.

But what happened to Warwick was that 20 years later, when the Chinese market was already prosperous enough, then Warwick lost the American market and chips, and it would not be dead end.

But if Great-Thousand is so fiercely manipulated and eventually loses the global market, then the entire Great-Thousand will probably be destroyed.

So even the tough Boss Jia fell silent at this time and did not speak.

“Actually, if you want me to say, this time you will be soft, a real man can bend and stretch!” Zhu Rongkui sighed, “The lithography machine can be sold to Intel, the technology can also be sold to ASML, these are not problems. After all, light The cutting machine business is actually not a major business for Great-Thousand, and it will not cause much loss if it is lost. On the contrary…”

“Sir Father, have you really become their lobbyist?” Boss Jia lifts the head, although his face was a little pale, he still asked with a smile.

“I just think about it for my daughter!” Zhu Rongkui shook his head, and then said with a bitter smile “that’s all, if I had your strength in the first place, I wouldn’t have made a life-long decision to regret.”

“Go ahead, what do you want?”

“Tell them Sir Father!” Boss Jia gritted his teeth and said, “I like doing business, Jia Yapeng, and I am willing to carry out normal and equal cooperation under the framework of fairness, reasonableness and justice!”

“My Jia Yapeng has made enough money in my life, enough for me to spend three lifetimes, I live now to breathe a breath, a backbone of our China!”

“Unfair and fair, then we have no need to talk about it!”

“I see!” Zhu Rongkui nodded, took a deep look at his son-in-law, and then said, “Since you have made such a decision, then I won’t say much, just remind you to sit down tonight. The most important thing is to ensure your own safety when the plane goes back to China!”

“I understand, but I can’t leave yet!” Boss Jia said with a smile, Zhu Rongkui could only shook his head again, and then left.

On July 25, 2001, the relevant authorities in the United States announced that they had received a report and found that the Great-Thousand game had incorrect grading and launched an investigation into the Great-Thousand game.

On July 26, relevant authorities announced that Great-Thousand’s Tesla had serious design problems and was investigating.

On August 1, Great-Thousand Pictures was protested by a large number of animal protectionists, saying that Great-Thousand abused animal actors when filming the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, such as Great-Thousand for Shooting a scene of cavalry fighting, actually let Knight ride on the horseback, forcing the horse to bear the weight of the person, this is a serious violation of the horse’s rights.

On August 3, the relevant authorities announced that they would also investigate the Great-Thousand movie. As a result, Great-Thousand’s three-carriage in the United States broke his leg at the same time.

On August 5th, due to serious problems in Great-Thousand’s industry, Jia Yapeng was restricted from leaving the country and was not allowed to leave the United States without permission!