Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1751


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At this time, the United States is actually immersed in grief. Any country that has such a disaster will be so sorrowful.

So you can imagine how exciting a sudden good news in such a sad day, especially the news that almost all passengers and crew of the entire plane landed safely, it even excited countless Americans. Tears flowed.

As the hero who saved everything, Jia Yapeng is naturally the center of all media reports, especially the reporter who was on the plane. He brought the Great-Thousand mobile phone to the plane, so although his The phone was checked inside and out, but the TF card he had hidden in a certain part was successfully brought out.

Then the actual footage shot on the plane was released, directly occupying the layout of all news media in the United States, and all TV stations are broadcasting these footage repeatedly.

With these images, Boss Jia’s heroic behavior is beyond doubt. It is indeed Boss Jia who saved everyone. He is a superhero in the United States.

Soon, the U.S. Aviation Administration and some other units also held a press conference to officially narrate what happened on the plane, which can be regarded as a solid foundation for Boss Jia’s heroic behavior!

Jia Yapeng, he is a superhero, the kind of superhero in Marvel movies! !


“This is fine too!” A middle-aged man exclaimed in a seemingly ordinary study.

Yes, he never dreamed that Jia Yapeng would actually be in this state.

“The trend is over…We can’t toss him!” Another old man with white hair shook his head. “He has now become a hero of the entire America country. Everyone will not believe that his company has problems… …Even more how, Great-Thousand has no problem at all.”

“So we really have nothing to do with him?” middle-aged man whispered “The media is in our hands. As long as we plan well, we can turn him from a hero into a conspirator in an instant!”

“It’s useless!” The old man shook his head. “Have you forgotten that we have warned the media before that they are not allowed to report Jia Yapeng news?”

“Can you see now, which media is not covering Jia Yapeng?” the old man coldly snorted and said “There are factors in which there is too much news and they have to report, but more importantly, according to my grasp According to the intelligence, Great-Thousand Group has signed a three-year cooperation agreement with almost all mainstream media in the entire America country, which together exceeds a cooperation agreement of 12 billion U.S. dollars!”

“This means that Great-Thousand spent 12 billion U.S. dollars in one breath to get these media to speak for him. Unless we also spend 12 billion U.S. dollars, no media will hack Great-Thousand because of our words. Of!”

“…” 12 billion U.S. dollars, although not a lot of money to them, but thinking that 12 billion is just to make a person stink, it’s not worth it!

“Apart from this, as far as I know, Great-Thousand has also donated more than US$10 billion to the MZ Party and the GH Party. Jia Yapeng is not a fool or a pauper, but just as smart and as we are Money guy, this battle will cost more money, there is no need to fight on!” The old man shook his head.

“Then we just let Jia Yapeng go and let him return to China?” the middle-aged man asked irritably.

“You have the ability to buy all the people from the entire America, otherwise, don’t say such naive words!” The old man sighed, “Don’t forget, the fundamental purpose of this incident is to control the oil in the Middle East. Great-Thousand is just a small thing. What we have to do now is to transfer all the people’s anger to where he should go, don’t lose Xigua and pick sesame seeds!”

“That’s also…” The middle age person stopped talking. They laid out for such a long time, and finally reached the final harvest. There must be no trouble.

So even if Jia Yapeng suddenly confuses in, they can’t do more, and they even have to find a way to send out the variable Jia Yapeng, otherwise they will all be short after such a long plan.

“Let’s do it, you send a confidant to talk to Jia Yapeng!” The old man lightly said, “We can’t work hard for a long time, but in the end we won’t get anything. Tell him, movies, chips, and games, this Of the three companies, one must go public, and our Morgan consortium will be responsible for helping him go public!”

“We don’t want 80% of the shares, just give us 40%!”

“On these conditions!” The middle age person said uncomfortably. Their Morgan consortium hasn’t suffered such a big loss yet!