Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1752


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[PS: I know, everyone feels that the first two chapters seem to have omitted a lot of content. There is no way. This is a choice of compelled by circumstances. We can only use the most euphemistic way to end the paragraph that could have been 20 chapters. The plot is out. 】

“Damn it, we are all tricked by Intel!” Seeing the external announcement jointly issued by Intel CEO and Great-Thousand Optoelectronics, Tony trembled in anger.

According to this announcement, Intel’s CPUs released in the previous few months caused the Hongmeng system to fail due to technical problems. Intel is very sorry for this.

So in order to protect the interests of users, Intel announced that it will recall all the batches of Intel CPUs, and all users can choose to refund or replace the latest CPU.

This is the information in the announcement, and according to Tony’s private information, Intel will issue this kind of face-slapped announcement because Great-Thousand agreed to let Intel join the first batch of Clear Sky Mirror In the bidding session.

Seeing that Intel blatantly tore up the previous contract and alliance just to be able to buy a Clear Sky Mirror, which made Tony tremble with anger. Doesn’t this mean that all previous efforts were wasted? Does Great-Thousand have any shortcomings?

“We don’t need to be angry!” Tokuyoshitake took a deep breath and said, “There is no need to blame Intel. When Great-Thousand launched its own lithography machine and its own CPU, we were doomed to fail. .”

“Because Great-Thousand has no shortcomings, Great-Thousand has become an extremely terrifying giant beast. He has a more magnificent body and market than any of our companies in Japan. We can no longer limit him, and the future will be the least. Twenty years…No, at least before Jia Yapeng’s death, we probably don’t even want to defeat Great-Thousand!”

“How can you say such a frustrated thing?” Tony was angrily cursed, and then looked around, frowns said, “Why haven’t Iwata-kun’s phone been called yet? The three of us have said something. It will be held today. Are you on a conference call?”

“The conference call can’t be held!” For long, Liang Mu Jian’s expression became more gloomy.


“Because Nintendo can’t hold on anymore, their share price is falling wildly, and the whole Nintendo has become a mess!” Kakuroki took a deep breath.

“It’s so pitiful!” Tony suddenly felt cold, as if the ending seemed to fall on him one day.

“Damn it!” Tony knocked on his head, tossing this terrifying idea aside, and then said to Kaku Ryoki, “Mr. Kaku Ryoki, we haven’t lost yet, we still have control The huge market, as long as we continue to persist, Great-Thousand will never want to crush us!”

“It’s not necessary anymore!” Tokuyoshitake shook his head. “Actually, Mr. Tony, I’m here to say goodbye to you today. I’m going back to Japan!”

“You want to go back? What are you going to do about the problems PSP and PS face?” Tony was taken aback for a moment, and then asked hurriedly.

“Don’t worry, our board of directors has already thought of a good way!” Takagi Takeru laughed, but the expression on his face seemed uglier than crying.

“What way?”

“It’s very simple. As long as our PSP and PS consoles are all installed with Hongmeng system, it’s okay!” When Kokuyoshi said this, the whole person seemed to be dripping blood. We have reached an agreement with Great-Thousand Group. Great-Thousand will license the handheld version and console version of Hongmeng system to us free of charge, so that Sony can use these two versions of the system to develop consoles and handhelds!”

“We can also access the Steam Game Online Store, so that our PS consoles and PSP handhelds can install and run any game of Hongmeng system at will, just like Great-Thousand’s Qianjue and Qiankunbian. In this way, we can have the same huge game library as Great-Thousand!”

“At the same time, games downloaded through PSP and PS can get 50% of the profits of the steam game platform.”

“Well, does this sound great? Our Sony will no longer have to worry about third-party game vendors. We only need to develop our own game consoles and handhelds to get together Around Hongmeng system and Steam Game Store, they share the world’s largest piece of game cake!” Tokuyama Ken’s mouth was smiling, but his tears seemed to cry.

Yes, the decision of the board of directors is indeed quite good. Sony’s lack of games will be immediately relieved, and at the same time it can compete with Great-Thousand on a starting line. As long as Sony’s game console and handheld are good enough, then It doesn’t seem to be a problem to grab all the players from Great-Thousand.

But how long does Liang Mujian know that once the Hongmeng system and the Steam game store are fully integrated, the Sony gaming platform that Sony has built for nearly 10 years will be completely destroyed, and Sony will at most become a pure game console manufacturer in the future That’s it. Impossible is no longer the overlord of the game industry.

It’s like self-castration. After the castration, although you can live in the most magnificent palace in the world, the Supreme King sitting in the center of the palace is no longer impossible to be Sony!

From this, you can imagine how sad and sad that Liangmujian felt in his heart at this time.

He cut off his own son by himself. How long Jian Liangmu must have opposed this matter countless times, but at best, how long Jian Liangmu is a worker of Sony Corporation at best. He does not have any shares in Sony. , So in the face of the decision of the board of directors, how long Liangmu Jian can only accept, there is no choice.

Everyone likes to say that only young children choose, and I want them all.

But this is just a joke. For real adults, the truth is: only children have the opportunity to choose, adults cannot choose, he can only accept them all.

“What did you say? You Sony should also use the Hongmeng system!” Tony was stupid. He was an ally of Microsoft just now, and he fell directly into the arms of his opponent in the next second.

I also discussed before that all Sony, who has formed a windows alliance, will directly become Hongmeng’s loyal supporter in the next second. Such a huge change makes Tony really unacceptable!

“Mr. Tony, everyone is an adult. You should understand that for us Sony, this is the best result!” Tokuyoshi sighed, “But Mr. Tony, you don’t have to worry too much. After all, windows is still the computer system with the most users in the world. You still occupy 80% of the global market, and you are the market leader. You are different from us, we have already lost.”

“But you and I know that the entire market in the future will probably be eroded by Hongmeng. We have no way to survive!” Tony sighed deeply.

“Then let me give you one final suggestion!” Tokuyoshitake took a deep breath and said immediately, “Free, free immediately. As long as windowssystem announces permanent free, Na Hongmeng will always be impossible to defeat windows”