Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1753


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“Free? Mr. Tony, are you crazy or stupid? If you work for me for free, then I am very happy. If you don’t want to, please leave my office immediately!” In the sound, Tony escaped from the chairman’s office embarrassingly.

Although he knew it was a very stupid thing to do, Tony couldn’t help but tell the chairman Kenneth all the advice given to him.

Then he was scolded by Kenneth’s roar.

“I knew it, it was impossible…” Tony looked at the lamp above his head, the corners of his eyes were a little wet.

In fact, Tony understands that Kenneth will never accept his own suggestions. In fact, no one in the entire company will accept his own suggestions.

Because almost all of Microsoft’s income now comes from the copyright fees of windowssystem. Although 90% of windowssystem in the world are pirated, even if only 10% of the users pay, it can bring to Microsoft every year. An amazing profit of tens of billions of dollars.

A fool will give up the company’s only source of benefits

Although Tony himself has already figured out a lot of ways to get money, such as setting up a software store like Great-Thousand, and relying on software sales to make a profit.

Or to engage in advertising. If users want to use the system for free, they must watch several system advertisements every day. Tony is confident that if everything is done according to his own ideas.

For up to 10 years, Microsoft’s revenue will return, and then revenue will continue to rise, reaching more than several times the profit of simply relying on system sales.

Because of this, Tony has the courage to make suggestions.

But Kenneth will accept this suggestion to be a ghost. Now everyone at Microsoft knows that Kenneth doesn’t have any wisdom for company management, but fortunately he knows how to delegate power and let others run the company. Interference, so Tony once owned the rights of Microsoft second only to Kenneth, and Microsoft worked well.

But Kenneth has a huge ability, and that is to do everything possible to increase Microsoft’s stock price.

Under Kenneth’s advocacy, Microsoft announced a dozen different new development plans within a year, and then through false accounting and other methods, Microsoft’s annual profit reached an astonishing US$40 billion. .

This directly brought Microsoft’s stock price back to the $200 billion level, which was called a Kenneth miracle by industry insiders.

Of course, in return, Kenneth also tied Microsoft and his Enron company together, and made a plan to use the Internet to help Enron further increase sales. At the same time, Enron will also Helping Microsoft enter the energy industry.

This plan just looks at a few words, it will make people feel very absurd, but the stock prices of Microsoft and Enron have skyrocketed, so everyone is very satisfied with Kenneth and thinks Kenneth is Bibil Gates also has outstanding talents, Microsoft’s Savior.

So now you are counting on Kenneth to let windowssystem be free. It’s better to let Kenneth commit suicide.

A few days later, Tony received a notice that as the president of Microsoft China, he stayed in the headquarters for too long. He should return to China and continue to complete his work instead of staying in the headquarters.

Tony had already guessed this, so he simply accepted the appointment, prepared his luggage, and flew to China on the 2nd day.

In this way, within Microsoft, Tony, who was once in power, ended in a rather tragic way.

After that, many people at Microsoft never heard about Tony again. It was not until Tony appeared as one of the executives of the Great-Thousand Group that everyone knew where Tony was going.


On the other side, I returned to China’s Boss Jia and began to think about the harvest and experience of this time action.

In general, this is a huge adventure. Although Boss Jia is fully prepared in advance, there is a cold front in the first class. Once Boss Jia can’t figure it out, the cold front will take action to help Boss Jia stabilize situation.

But who can guarantee his safety on the plane, and according to cold front’s estimation, Boss Jia has a 60% chance of death.

But even so, Boss Jia still has no hesitation, because Boss Jia knows that his Great-Thousand has become a threat that must be erased in the eyes of the other party. If they can’t find a way to make Morgan put down the Great -Thousand’s attack, Great-Thousand may only be like another world’s BAT. It looks extremely mighty and a world-class enterprise, but to put it bluntly, it’s just a nest. After leaving China, it is almost in the world. There is no influence anymore.

If the adventure is successful this time, the gain is huge. Boss Jia has become a superhero in the United States. This title will be firmly protected in the next ten years, plus Shanghai amount of money. , This World, I am afraid that no one can harm the superhero Boss Jia.

Although Boss Jia paid half of the Great-Thousand movie as a price, Boss Jia didn’t feel that it was a loss because the Great-Thousand movie was originally the next target to be listed.

No country can accept that another country’s film conglomerates want to make money in their own market. This film conglomerate either obediently cooperates with local forces or is directly blocked. In fact, Boss Jia has heard of those big Hollywood companies. The guys are preparing a plan to attack all the Great-Thousand movies.

So the listing of Great-Thousand films is imperative. As long as Great-Thousand films are listed and Americans become the majority shareholders of Great-Thousand films, Hollywood will naturally not reject Great-Thousand films.

If Morgan, a huge monster, joins, any blockade plan will be cancelled in an instant. No one dares to block Morgan’s interests.

Although this way, Great-Thousand’s benefits from Great-Thousand movies are greatly reduced, but it does not matter. For Boss Jia, the real use of Great-Thousand movies is to export China’s cultural value to the whole world And the view of the world, let the culture of China invade the whole world, let all the children of the whole world shout “I want cultivation”, or collectively burn paper money for their father and mother Old Ancestor on Ching Ming Festival. This is what Boss Jia wants to see The scene, as to whether the Great-Thousand movie makes money, it doesn’t matter.

Because even if Great-Thousand movies make money, it’s impossible to have a fifth of what Great-Thousand games make!

Apart from this, another advantage is that Boss Jia helped Great-Thousand cars also open up the market. As Great-Thousand Group’s future ace industry, this is a crucial move.