Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1917

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This hard, principle of BOSS, the whole person is completely stupid.

and not to say how to move the big anime city overnight, say that once this Anime City has moved, he is hard to find such a suitable place in Shanghai.

If you are found, it is used to the customers and users of the environment here, I am afraid it will pass half, and his career is almost finished.

The most important thing is that he has feelings here, he doesn’t want to leave.

“Youngster, I will give you two options, or you will give me a special membership card, or now I will call the security to send you!” Boss jia lightly saying “rest assured, I will give you the full default , I have never doing illegal crimes, we all follow the rules! “

“I understand!” BOSS can only open his drawers, and give a special MemberShip Card to our Boss Jia.

It seems that the principles and rules are still not as important as living.

“Sorry, I actually just want to take a look at this Auction, after today, I probably Will Not used this Membership Card, you are good today!” Boss jia finished, The BOSS’s office, left a stiff and ignorant BOSS, and then met the small fruit entire group on the floor.

“I see this is a fake! How can the president have a principle, how can you send you a man, a member of MEMBERSHIP CARD,” The greasy teenager insists, then the ambulance of the call “President, you are here, you Come on the true face of this liar! “

It was originally just wanted to sneak away from these people, but they had to be called by greasy teenagers. I watched a few people at a glance, and finally helplessly said. “He is not a liar, this card is me He, he is indeed our member! “

After that, the president runs the general leaving, and at this time, the Auction begins, everyone enters the large-scale interval, participate in the TIME Auction.

Boss Jia is naturally no exception, Immediately goes in, then curiously taking this room.

Well, the room is very renovated … Well, second yuan.

is very fast, Auction begins, the little fruit is correct, there are indeed a lot of interesting things to shoot *** If there is any rare surrounding, rare hand, the full set of Japanese version of the primary version MANGA /COMIC, There is even a whole set of 70s – 00 year of Sh┼Źnen Jump magazine, it is really a variety of rare and quirky things.

and the most surprised Boss Jia is that he still saw a draft, this is the original painting of Magikarp inside a pocket monster, according to Auctioneer’s statement, this is the true original painting of pocket monsters Magikarp, is made by Satoshi Tajiri is drawn, and the value of Japan is up to 30 million yen, now only selling 200,000 renminbi, buying is earning!

“Wow, I like Magikarp!” The little fruit on the side looked at the original painting of Magikarp, and said obsessed with it.

“This is fake, Magikarp’s original painting is not this!” Boss Jia said no good luck.

“Impossible, the host said, guaranteeing the original painting of Magikarp, and there is a video of Satoshi Tajiri personally testified, how could it be fake !!” Xiao Guo Rolled The Eyes.

This host played a live video, and the video is called the Satoshi Tajiri of the father of the pocket monster. He personally held this original picture to the lens, this original painting is his work, as a collection of this work Evidence, this original paintings even with the private seal of Satoshi Tajiri, how to see if Impossible is fake.

“is because Satoshi Tajiri is showing, this original painting is fake!” Boss Jia is not angry, “because this Magikarp design and original painting Simply is not him, what face is his original! “

“It’s a joke, Magikarp is not designed by the father of the pocket monster. Can you designed, can you not be?” The greasy teenager is immediately taunted.

“You are really right, Magikarp is designed by me in this year!” said the Boss Jia righteous words, suddenly forgot, Magikarp is actually the Boss JIA itself.

Of course, in this world, our BOSS JIA is absolutely original.

“Cut!” Others have ignored, and Boss Jia did not want to expose their identity. Finally, I can only watch someone spent 250,000, I bought this Magikarp’s original painting.

“This Satoshi Tajiri has been mixed up?” Boss Jia has no good WHISPERED, but said it back, now Satoshi Tajiri is really miserable!

The original Satoshi Tajiri joined Nintendo, got Nintendo’s large amount of investment and resources, and be a new game that can replace pocket monsters.

But after this game is launched, the response is very general.

There is no effect explosion, and there is no black body is unsolicited.

Although Satoshi Tajiri has also worked hard to launch the second part, the second part is even more tragic.

This has a Nintendo platform that has been getting more and more than the reasons why, more importantly, many players say that this new game is very mediocre, although there is no mistake, but it can’t find anything called flash. The place of the point, and the pocket monster, perhaps it is not so bad, but as long as you can’t surpass the pocket monsters, you can’t take the pocket monsters.

After the second part, Nintendo’s aura on Satoshi Tajiri is completely desperate, let alone they have learned from some channels, the original pocket monsters have a large design, they are personally responsible for the BOSS JIA at the time. , Only Boss Jia has never promoted the credit of himself in the pocket monster. The title of this pocket monster finally fell on the head of Satoshi Tajiri, which made Nintendo very speechless.

Satoshi Tajiri’s failure is also very meaningful, because this makes Nintendo lose a small capital, but also let Nintendo completely lost the expectations of the pocket monsters, and Satoshi Tajiri is thoroughly thoroughly Refrigerated … Boss JIA did not even use this year’s competitive contract, Satoshi Tajiri has been marginalized by Nintendo himself.

Later, Boss Jia acquired Nintendo, and could not find the list of Satoshi Tajiri. It is said that Satoshi Tajiri is going to start a business second.

boss jia is still looking forward to what new games you can do, but the BOSS JIA of the entire game industry is delayed.

Boss Jia At this time, for Satoshi Tajiri is completely not taking servicely, it is too lazy to manage him. Didn’t Expect this guy has fallen to the point of relying on the forged pocket monster.

In fact, all the works of this world are all kinds of pocket monsters. Because all pockets monsters are stored in the Team Rockets database, it is estimated that the future will always store it, he Satoshi TAJIRI is also not going.