Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1918

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After Magikarp’s original painting, Boss Jia feels a bit boring.

“I am gone!” Boss Jia patted the shoulders of Little Girl.

“uncle, this auction will have not ended yet, will you leave? Only the last lot is left, then go again!” Little Girl PersuaDed.

“The so-called time, I am so interested, I have not interested to continue to see, then why do you want to wait for the end?” Boss Jia Lightly Saying, this is a very philosophical words. However, Little Girl is obviously not understandable.

“Let’s go, you will boasting!” Little boy has some explosion, Boss Jia glances this Little Brat eye “Little Brat, what is your name? Little age, will you know? “

“Che, my name is Mu Tian, ​​I guarantee that it is longer than you!” This little boy said with his own chest, Boss Jia speechless, he can’t really lose temper to a small child.

“Finally, let us have the last one of the last shots today, one of the most rare cards on this world, from Great-Thousand, myth, myth, 909 version of Pokémon Water Margin Card · Song Jiang! “The host of the auction is also the president of the association, and said on the stage.

“咦, uncle, how come you?” Little Girl found that the BOSS JIA that I just announced, actually returned.

“Cough Cough, interest is coming again!” Boss Jia said, “In fact, I am a weightless Pokémon Crisp Noodles Hobby, I want to come when Pokémon Crisp Noodles is just out, I also set a set!”

“Hu said, there is no Song Jiang, and you have a ghost!” Our Mu Tian classmates still spit Boss Jia, Boss Jia said it is very helpless.

“What if I set it?”

“I will die, I will be killed by thunder … I can take me in the sun, this is always!” Mu Tian didn’t say good luck, this Little Brat is like a gun medicine, is the same as … …

boss jia looked at the little girl, then look at Mu Tian, ​​the heart probably understood, this little boy thinks about it to become bad uncle, it is really innocent.

boss jia is too lazy to make a lot of Little Brat, his curious looked touths auction table, want to see, how much Song Jiang can sell.

“should be sold to 500,000!” Boss Jia belongs to the voice.

“500,000? That’s just starting price!” Mu Tian Coldly Snorted “Do you know what version of Song Jiang? It is a 909 version of Song Jiang!”

“909 version of Song Jiang is there?” Boss Jia was a bit confused, although Song Jiang was indeed the hardest card, but at least thousands were put on the market, this song jiang does not It should be so raasted.

“CH, you don’t know, you still have a faithful player!” Mu Tian jumped out “You ignorant and inexperienced, I told you, Great-THOUSAND just developed Pokémon CRISP When Noodles, I found a small factory to print cards. “

“Later, Great-THOUSAND turned over and the small factory, Great-Thousand was found the largest print factory in YUZHAN to print cards, this is a new version!”

“Because the time node of the printing manufacturer is in 90 years, only the Pokémon Crisp Noodles produced in September 90 years, the Water Margin Hero Cards inside is the first batch, and Pokémon produced after September 90 CRISP NOODLES, all of which are all the second batch of printing Water Margin Hero Cards! “

“So the first version of the first version of Water Margin Hero Cards is called 909 version, the second version is called 91 version, but many people don’t know this, I think that the 91 version of Water Margin Hero Cards is the earliest Water Margin Hero Cards. ! “

“From this point you can see that the 909 version of Water Margin Hero Cards has a rare world, it is said that the 909 version of Pokémon Crisp Noodles has a total of less than 300,000 boxes, which is more than 6 million. Card, where Song Jiang adds up to less than 10. “

“And where the people know how precious 909 version of Water Margin Hero Cards, many people’s cards are directly thrown into the trash, or play the picture on the ground, these cards 90% 9 have been depleted The 909 version of the remaining in the world is not 100,000! “

“More docked, because 909 version and 91 version of Water Margin Hero Cards are all in the same batch of machines, there is almost no difference between the two versions of the card, only Song Jiang, Lu Junyi, Lin Chong et al. 6 cards, modified the introduction of the introduction, can be distinguished from the 91 version, the rest of the allotment, the 91 version is mixed together, the false big empty does not recognize which piece is 909, which is 91! ”

“So finally determines the existing 909 version, add together to estimate that there is no 100 sheets, after all, this 6 card is basically high, not to say there is Song Jiang, the most rare card “

“So not only Song Jiang is very precious, 909 version is very precious, the lowest is 10,000 yuan starting. However, how much money can be sold this time, Because there is no one sold 909 version of Song Jiang! “

“You didn’t see the THIS TIME auction, is there a lot of people? Just because these people have received a 909 version of Song Jiang auction, several famous collectors in the circle come, including the most The famous collector Xiang Ge, he actually got a set of 909 version of Water Margin Hero Cards, now lacking a song jiang, I estimate that he when the time comes will come out! “Mu Heavenly Dao.

“eh …” Boss Jia’s expression slightly quirky, and even contains a bit of embarrassment, because if it is not Mu Tian, ​​Boss Jia has almost forgotten, when you have just started business, The first batch of heroes is actually only a few months, because Wang Boss is told, the Huang Run Run, Great-Thousand is faced with uncipured situations.

In the end, he fed the heart to get the YUZHANG City state-owned printing factory. The story inside is back, it is still yesterday, but if Mu Tian does not mention, Boss Jia has forgotten it.

and these things have been made by others, and if they tell themselves, this is simply too ironic.

Sure enough, the fans are more than idols!

Boss Jia is sighing, then Looked Towards has a auction house.

The offer has exceeded 300,000, and it has also exceeded 500,000, and even 1 million did not spend too long.

After 15 minutes from the start of auction, the price of Song Jiang has soared to 3.8 million, but the few people bidding still did not stop, obviously set up ideas, to take this precious 909 version. Song Jiang.

has been soaring to 5 million, and there is a first buyer to withdraw from the auction, but the eyes are not sweet, but the rest of the buyers seem to not intend to give up, and finally the price has soared. 9.8 million, when only one step is one step away, the last buyer also hys no choice but to give up, a person who looks about 30 years old, and she has a satisfaction to win this card.

Of course, he is still not is master, only after paying, but the other party should not shoot.