Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1919

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“Is this a big world?” Just also fought in Mu Tian, ​​at this moment, very obsessed with the bid bidding bid, if not, that person is the so-called Xiang brother. .

How to see Boss Jia, how is this person a bit more familiar.

Well, our Boss Jia, with a hat, sunglasses, windbreaker, scarf, or two people’s heights have a small gap, Boss Jia also thought I met a mirror.

But seeing this parcel, Boss Jia doesn’t feel that there is still some eyes, so he stands up and walks to the world.

The Nichky is two obvious people who are obviously the bodyguards to see BOSS JIA, immediately vigilant, one left and right to welcome our Boss Jia.

Then the left and right sides of the BOSS JIA come out two people, and we also welcome two bodyguards of Xiang Ge, and see a 4V2 bodyguard war will start.

The result of these 6 bodyguards, and then brush it.

“Captain, how come you?” Two bodyguards around Xiang Ge looked at a bodyguard around Boss Jia and couldn’t help but ask.

“shut up!” captain saw these two bodyguards first, first jealous, then he couldn’t help but show a smile, let’s get a few words in the ear of Boss Jia, Boss Jia’s face suddenly showed More quirky expressions.

“you brat, spend 9.8 million to buy cards, you are not afraid of you kill you!” Boss Jia said to this Xiang Ge didn’t have a good luck. At this time, the president of Heart Startled, this amazing guy actually knows Xiang brother, can you have two hatred.

If this is the case, then you have to help this Xiang brother today, after all, the other side has brought 4 people, but the Xiang brother only brought two, this is a loss.

“… Senior Brother, how can I meet you!” This Xiang Ge said without goodness.

and a Senior Brother, let the president’s actions have stopped, they are actually Senior and Junior Brothers, that is not necessarily that the relationship is very good … is wrong, even Senior and Junior Brothers, there is also a hatred is also Very normal.

and if the Senior and Junior Brothers have a hatred, it is often the deep hatred of IrRreconcilable, after all, all TV movies are played.

“I am, my Didn’t Expect you will spend 9.8 million to buy a card!”

“I lack this, I don’t buy it?”

“You tell me, I will give it to you!”

“Are you still?”

“Of course, you don’t know, in fact, there are a total of tens of millions of people. As a result, there are still millions of sheets that are not used, they are banned by the Yuzhang printing mill.”

“Anyway, these millions of sheets are not much money, I have not continued to use, all stack in the warehouse … Well, I remembered, last year, the warehouse tube asked me, this batch How to do, do you want to destroy. I think I think it is a bit of commemorative value, so let them continue to exist in the warehouse, now it should be still! “

“Is there a song jiang?”

“Yes, thousands!”

“I …” The whole person of Xiang Ge is straightforward, and the paralysis is on the chair, the eyes are empty, and the mouth is muttered “9.8 million, I have done … 9.8 million!!! “

“These two are WHO, how can Boasting not play a draft, how is this man not directly saying that he is jia yapeng!” The president of the side is so stupid.

See the long-standing expression, Boss Jia Slightly Smile, then pick up the sunglasses and masks, revealing your own face “This president, I have a joke with you before, I am embarrassed, in fact, I am Your landlord scares you, I have already told him that the future is free of charge, this money is on my head! “

“You … you … you …” This president saw Boss Jia’s face, the whole person seems to have something in the throat, suddenly not pick up, actually dizzy , I am frightened by others.

Good bodyguards around the Boss Jia, all have a first aid skill, a small boxing of the president, the seizure of the seizure, soon wake up.

But the whole site has become a pot of porridge. Many people have rushed to the stage, and IMMEDIATELY LOOKED TOWARDS The Middle Age Person that scared the president, and then many people almost do not live, almost Follow the president.

Of course, it also includes Little Girl and Mu Tian, ​​especially Mu Tian. When he saw Boss Jia, the whole person was directly sealed and became the second fainted person.

“You don’t think this is quite boring?” Liu Nian said with no goodness, “Since hidden identity, why still expose?”

“No, I feel very interesting!”.

“You is a forced!” Liu nian cold Snorted and said “and still hard! The most taboo you write the novel, this is to poison, will Poison to Death readers!”

“occasionally one or two times, readers will certainly forgive my” boss jia laugh “, you don’t know, I have been to force this interesting, I haven’t been so happy for a long time!”

“I can’t look at you anyway!” Liu Nian continued to Tao, and then he also took his own sunglasses and masks. The result was waiting for a long time. The surrounding people took the mobile phone to take pictures of Boss Jia, and But no one is asking, and a bigger sadness spurted.

“mr. jia, Didn’t Expect you will come, and you still saved me a life … I … I!” The president woke up and said that he said.

“Nothing, but it is just that That’s all!” Boss Jia smiled with Patted each other’s shoulderway “but this also shows that your store is very successful, attracting me to attract it, I will have a lot of efforts later. And the future is big! “

“Thank you Mr. Jia !!” Excited Incomparable, got the affirmation of Boss Jia, it seems that his career does have Have Boundless ProTs!

“MR. Jia, do you really have a WORLD MR. JIA?” Under the table, the exciting member asked.

“Your letter is, don’t believe it!” Boss Jia Said with a smile.

“MR. Jia, can you tell us a few words?” There is a humanity “I often blame me, I shouldn’t like these things, say that these things don’t have any future, make money, let me Don’t spend more. “

“I don’t know if I like anime, I like to spend money to these things, is it right or not”

“This is not right, because people like a thing, it is no poor mistake!” Boss Jia Said with a smile is a beautiful World, I also like secondary yuan, like two yuan how to be What is wrong? “