Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1920

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“But my Mother often marks me, I am very difficult to listen, I can’t stand it! Since I have not failed, is my parent?” said the member of this question, many people face Exposed expressions with the body.

Indeed, many of them are not supported by their homes, after all, after 10 years, secondary yuan is not a noun recognized by parents.

“Your parents are not wrong!” Boss Jia Road “They didn’t have a day and night, send you a book with your hard work, to meet your interest hobby. Now you delay because of these interest hobby Reading, delaying your future life, your parents are therefore accused of being sad, what do they have? “

“Since we are all right, what is wrong?” This member is confused.

“Wrong is time, is your as it soink be by rights!” Boss Jia Lightly Saying “Everyone has freedom to pursue their dreams, pursue your own interest hobby is absolutely no problem!”

“You should use your own time and your own money to pursue these, if you decide from your parents’ expectations, you will fully pursue your dreams. Then you don’t use your parents to give your money and convenience, use your own Force to pursue these things, if this is the case, I want to be your parents, they can’t care for you, after all, you use your own money! “

“, we are all students, even if we work, no company will want us …”

“So you still listen to your mother, please please Senior, you just gave her work!” Boss jia’s words made a laughter.

“Okay, I have to go, everyone if Fated Will Meet Again!” Since the identity has been exposed, Boss Jia can’t keep going here, just when he is going to leave, the little girl suddenly rushed. I asked “Uncle, what does you mean by secondary yuan?”

“Second Yuan, we love, not in this world” culture, all second yuan! “Boss jia finished, slipping away, so many people feel like dreaming. .

“The president, that person is really World Rich!” Little Girl got up to the president, Curiously asked.

“should not be wrong, the strand of temperament is can’t lie!” The president said complicated, he did not pass temperament to confirm the identity of Boss Jia, but he just gave the landlord. After the identity of the BOSS JIA directly, the landlord recognizes that the Boss Jia people make him come to work with the play, Great-THOUSAND has also paid him a year of rent, and he first You don’t have to pay.

The liar on this world is an Impossible take the initiative to pay for a year, after all, the rent of this year is more than 2 million, but there is no such a liar under the sky, so the other party is Boss Jia Book No Doubt.

“Then, this glacial White Dragon is the old value!” Little Girl is somewhat nervous to hand a card to the BOSS.

“This is written by Boss Jia !!” “SUCKED IN A COLD BREATH!

“Yes, you don’t believe it, you can see the monitoring in your own store, which is really herself” Little Girl Road “boss, you told me, this is not worth it!”

“is not very valuable!” “Lightly Saying” is like this, I have 2 million, you sell it to me this card! “

After ten years, this blue-eyed White Dragon, written by Boss Jia, took a $ 18 million price at Carnish Auction House! Become the most expensive game card on the well-deserved World, but also in continuous appreciation

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Chairman, that Mask, has already paid a post-duty report, although Cook has no batch, still persuaded him, but I see him will not be willing to go! “After three days, Boss Jia received In the news that Masque is going to resign.

Well, Cook is really watching Mask. If you want to be cultivated as your own successor, you just have a poem that is written, and the flowers are intentionally followed. True to Great-Thousand, and grateful to Cook, insisted on going, even even wages can also.

“He is willing to sign a competitive agreement?” Boss Jia asked with his eyes.

“He has signed the competitive agreement, guarantees that no longer engage in any industry related to mobile phone!” SECRETARY said.

“In this case, let him go, as for our Cook, you can only continue to have worked for a few years. As for the question of Successor, you don’t need him to come, the head office will be responsible!” Boss Jia Lightly Saying, this sentence is transmitted to the ears of Cook, and Cook immediately signed the name on the resignation report.

Masque’s potential new star, just in the surrounding colleagues, the big step left Great-Thousand, with the fastest speed back to the rice, and then pulled out again, then it is already to be Give a broken booklet!

“I want World to tremble!” After a month, I was prepared for more than a month, and Mask released a “bit” on the Mask P2P professional forum. Coin: How to change the article of WORLD Financial System, with one of the same release, how to make a bitcoin post.

An accessory with one by one, and a Bitcoin wallet and a Bitcoin mining knife.

a Hurricane, a Legendary called Bitcoin, is about to sweep the entire world.

I believe that everyone is not stranger, more less understanding, but most people may not quite Clear, then what is the buddh, how to be born, how to transaction, how to appreciate?

in another world, Bitcoin is proposed in Zhong Doche in 2008. The formal birth in 2009 was in 2009. As for who Zhongba, who is, almost the same world puzzle. Not discussed here.

but this world, Bitcoin has not appeared in 2010, this is not Boss Jia in deliberate blocking, in contrast, Boss Jia is quite expected to be proposed by the concept of Bitcoin, and by the way, he can also take advantage of Great. -Thousand’s network advantage, unlocked who this world puzzle.

But I don’t know if the BOSS JIA traverses, so Zhong Hong has disappeared, and it has not been proposed until 2010.

boss jia can’t wait, so I plan to send people to make a bitcoin, but at this time, Mask suddenly appeared, so he naturally became the best goal.