Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1921

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[This chapter has a large number of Coppycoin contents, and the readers who are very understandable to Bi Biccoin can not subscribe. In addition, the interpretation of Bitcoin is the interpretation of the author, which is written according to his own understanding. Therefore, there will be a lot of places, but the rough concept is correct, please understand】

I believe that everyone has guess, everything experienced by Mask, including that little bookstore, and the yellow notebook, in fact, the masterpiece of Boss Jia, otherwise Boss Jia can really let Mask This timeline bomb is not from the Great-THOUSAND mobile phone?

Boss Jia see Mask’s purpose, just to let him get the concept of bitcoin, then go out.

Why is BOSS JIA to do so, then the answer to the text is to be announced, these are not mentioned.

The topic is still going back to the Bitcoin. What is this than Troducto?

This is a complicated saying that it is very complicated. It is simple to say that it is simple. In fact, Bitcoin is essentially a string of passwords, a string of Unique and unmatched passwords on the entire network.

This seems very incredible, a string of password is actually worth more than $ 60,000, what is he relying on? What can a bunch of password do? Can I open a Great-Thousand’s bank account?

Of course, it is not possible, but in turn thinks that a pile of 60,000 dollars of banknotes, it is just a bunch of paper, it is better than the password.

further is what is the number of digital cash in Alipay, which is a string of data, and it is better than paper.

In fact, all money on this world can maintain the root cause of maintenance, not what this money itself can do, but the credit represented behind this money, everyone believes that this money is worth the value, is willing to use its own production products to exchange He, then representing this money is established.

Almost all money on World is a tribute to the country’s credit, because individual credit is not worthless in front of money.

But Bitcoin is an exception, Bitcoin is not credible by the country’s credit, but relying on the credit of the entire network.

The following is to talk about the generation process of Bitcoin.

I believe that everyone must often use X subxi, because this download method is really much better than other traditional downloads.

Because X sub-X-load and traditional downloads are different, traditional download is to go to a fixed server download file, although the stability and network are high, but a server needs to face thousands of downloads Quantity, download speed is very slow.

X sub-load is different, he is not downloading directly to the server provided by the service provider, but directly from the computer that has already downloaded the user’s computer.

For example, he has a very good movie, but this movie is not suitable for placing the public download server, so he makes this movie into a X subfile, then release this file to On the web, ensure that your computer is in the networked state.

If someone downloads this X subfile, then double-click to use it, you can directly enter the publisher’s computer directly, download this movie.

and once downloaded, then the two people have this movie and seeds, so that the third person can download a part of the movie data from the two people’s computer, so that the speed is downloaded Greatly improved.

then 3 people changing 6 people, 6 people changing 12 people, anyway, more and more people with this movie, then the speed of downloading is getting faster, because downloaded Work is scattered to hundreds of private computers, not a single server, which is naturally fast.

, each computer has a part of its own computing resources, network resources, and storage resources, aggregating together, has formed a large network body, which is the peer network, which is the concept of P2P network. .

I understand this concept, we will continue to learn about Bitcoin.

The birth process of Bitecuro is actually not complicated, which is a process of solving the problem.

Bitcoin’s creator Zhongcheng is to list a very complex Simultaneous Equation, you don’t have to manage this simultaneous equations, just need to know this Simultaneous Equation is no fixed solution, he has a lot of different special solution.

As for how to solve this equation, do not need to go to the busbus, because Zhong Cong has provided an open source bitcoin mine knife software, using this software, you can directly calculate the specific results of the Bitcoin.

At the same time, according to the estimate, because the number of species is limited, the number of Bitcoin is limited, and the total WORLD is about only 21 million Bitcoin, because the special description of this equation has only That Many.

When the 1st person uses the Bitcoin mine knife, after answering the first special description, the bitcoin mining knife will reward 50 bitcoin, then this answer, and 10 minutes. All transactions have changed, which will be packaged into a packet, stored on the peer network mentioned above.

This packet is called a block, and the first package is packaged, the first block.

and when there is a user to solve the second special solution, then it will be rewarded 50 bitcoin, and then all transaction data in 10 minutes is packaged into a packet.

This packet is the second block, and between the first block and the second block are connected to each other through the peer network, the second block is also connected to the third block, and the third The block and the fourth block are connected, and finally a length, a chain that is connected by countless blocks is the so-called block chain technology.

and this block chain will automatically store the computer in all users installed the software installed by the Bitcoin Mine. Of course, some people may choose to delete data.

But it doesn’t matter, because there are countless blocks of blocks, there are countless computers, that is, Equivalent TO has countless data backups, absolute security.

and bitcoin itself is a string of password. When you will be uploaded to the Bitcoin mining knife to verify, all WORLD is all in the net network, which will be at the same time. Special solution is verified.

As long as this special solution is brand new, other devices that have been verified in all mining knives are completely different, then the mining knife automatically generates a bitcoin private key, which is a string of complexity to unlock. Password, send it to a Bitcoin address you set.

At the same time, the bitcoin mining knife also produces a public key, corresponding to your private key, one private key can only open a public key.

The private key is only your own, but the public key is stored in the computer of everyone.

When the transaction of Bitcoin, only the private key is opened by your public key, so that the bitcoin the mine machine will produce a new private key, send it to another, bought you. Inside the Bitcoin user’s bitcoin address, you lose the private key, and Bitcoin has given another person on the Equivalent TO.

This is the basic composition of Bitcoin, and everyone can see some of them, then the metaphor of the appearance.

First, it is assumed that a person’s circle of friends can add friends unlimited, and always is a visible state of all friends.

The owner of this circle is then issued a problem in the WeChat circle: what is fruit.

So all the friends can stick a picture of a fruit below the picture, then all friends adding this circle of friends, if you think that the picture is really a fruit, and this fruit has no other friends to stick If you can give this picture.

Only more than 90% of friends are praised, then this fruit picture will be recognized, and the SYSTEM will automatically give a bunch of passwords to the map, this password is Bitcoin.

All friends will also get a crypton box corresponding to a crypton, and everyone will remember, now there is a Bitecoin placed on someone.

If someone wants to hand out this Bitcoin, then he will give a message first, say that he wants to give the Bitcoin.

then issues its own password, goes to open the password box mastered in everyone, only after these password boxes are turned on, they can get unanimous recognition of all friends.

then SYSTEM is recovered back to the original password, and then it is regenerated into a new password, handed over to the person being given. At the same time, it is regenerated into a newly related safe, handed over to all friends.

Well, roughly is such a process.

Therefore, there is not much big on the district block chain technology. It is said that it is a packet connected together. Just a high school student, even junior high school students and primary school students, as long as there is corresponding network programming knowledge, then On-the Internet, you can come out of a new block chain.