Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1922

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understands the arrival of the Betten currency, it will understand that Bitcoin is nothing, but he has a very strong feature, that is, every Bitcoin is unique and unmatched, almost unable to copy, no fake, also It is not possible to make a large number, and it can be traded in an extremely hidden manner and will not be discovered to any funds, while having a certain scarcity.

In the figure of the characteristics of Bitcoin, plus Mascong directly smashed it with currency Attribute, Mask immediately understood, Bitcoin actually the most suitable money.

Mask is a payment, he can say that online payment and network currency can be said to be extremely understood, although there is already a large number of real currenches on the network, there is Q coins, or what is the number of points, network It seems that there is no lack of currency.

but Mask understands that there is really no currency that really belongs to the network.

The largest currency in these is actually a real currency, which is regulated by the real financial institutions. Each transaction is available in financial institutions. Any transaction on the network can find the clue, the difference is only financial Regulatory agencies are willing to pay this greatness to check That’s ALL.

As for network companies in Q currency, it is more garbage. Although this currency cannot be supervised by financial institutions, it is directly monitored by the network, and all source and cash flow can be found.

Second, the most critical is that the issuance of the network loop is in the hands of the network company.

Players get a network of network copies, need to recharge the real currency, but the network company can have endless network of networks as long as the network is entering a data in the background.

So once these networks lack for money, start directly bulk to launch these online currencies, all of the previously recharged players, can be great.

You said that the network capital is more active, or the national financial institution is more active?

So these network loops can only purchase consumer services on the network, but they want to be a currency in the network, transaction between people and people, is Impossible.

is white, there is a need to transaction between people, while the money Attribute is still very safe, will not be fake imitation, will not be monitored by any financial institution to transaction records, money source currency It will not have a central bank. Today, I announced that I will take a 200 million people to give all my own people. After the launch of 23,000 billion infrastructure plans. It is necessary to engage in the infrastructure. Before and then 42,000 billion enters the market. .

The problem is that this government has owed hundreds of trillions of external debts. How can they have money to engage in these, saying that it is direct printing?

Yes, as long as the government is enough, the so-called currency maintained by the country, can also print countless, then the currency instantly depreciate, just like in Zimbabwe, the denomination of the currency has reached 1,000. , Billion.

So sometimes there is no holiday than the capitalist, and don’t even face the full face of WORLD.

Compared therefore, the bitcoin solves these problems very perfect because there is data backup on the entire World’s network, and every transaction change is also recognized by most of the total WORLD. Let Bitcoin can’t figure out at all, and can not be fake and cannot be copied.

and there is also a capacity of 2,1 million caps, which makes Bitcoin have probability, and there is also a mechanism that is in person with individual will manage and control bitcoin.

This currency is simply the most perfect currency in the world, and the least for investors is the most perfect currency, so I understand this note, I understand that he met the baby, this Bitcoin is simply giving money to the network. If he can operate the Bitcoin, then he will become the largest bank of the network World, he is the network finance of Controller.

, after only one day, Mask raised his resignation to Great-Thousands, and he resigned immediately has been in the plane to return to China. As for the follow-up, he is too lazy, AT Worst lost money.

Anyway, as long as he got into Bitcoin, then he is the rich of the World level, a little bit of money.


Mask spent three days and three nights, after organizing a detailed action plan, it began to operate the Bitcoin.

First Mask began to make a compatible program that must be used, such as Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin mining knife, and some other programs, which requires considerable mathematics and programming basis.

In this, Masque is not in the line, so he contacted several code farmers who opened the company before, and then took out their own savings, gave the basic needs of their software, gathered them to form a team together. Start development procedures.

The relevant procedures required by Bitcoin are not complicated, a code farmer familiar with P2P, and can be completed for two or three months, let alone this is a complete team.

So soon, only the time of Half A Month, the team took out the first version, and then tested some tests, and completed the 1.0 version of the software.

then, Mask directly disbands the company, these programmed codecans are very simply being disbanded by Mask.

Because Mask is very clear, Bitcoin want to become a recognized network currency if they want to be popular on the network, so they must guarantee the independence of Bitcoin, and there is no economic entity behind it.

If Master registers a company to operate Bitcoin, or let people find Bitcoin is a company’s product, then the credibility of Bitcoin will be collapsed in the moment. After all, Bitcoin is not can’t be can’t be calendered or finance. The characteristics of institutions control are the most important.

even said, unless I encountered a bug that cannot be resolved, Mastecinals don’t plan to be updated directly, because once updated, it means that Bitcoin still can be by a company Control.

Master understands, he knows that a user who is willing to trade on the Internet, he is absolutely willing to see a force that can control bitcoin.

After completing these programs, Master launched the largest P2P network forum in Mi-country, prepared to release the possession related to Bitcoin, basically, write the things inside the notebook, mainly writing Bitcoin Various features, as well as the absolute disclosure and privacy of Bitcoin, and then put the relevant procedures to post.