Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1923

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In posting, Mask was originally intended to use this name, after all, after all, the identity of the Bitcoin founder will be on his head, then think about it, he still gives up.

Because he thinks that Mask’s name is too famous, as a founder of PayPlay, a well-known network entrepreneur, in case someone sees his name, I think this is the conspiracy of the business company, that is very Trouble.

Mask took the name inside the notebook, gave himself a new net name called Mangcong, and then took it out again, changed to Madong ID, Then use an ordinary code to show his attitude, send this post to the post.

This post will go out and immediately receive a lot of users’ attention.

can be mixed in such a professional network forum, regardless of IQ or abilities, these people, some people will realize the meaning of Bitcoin.

Of course, like Mask, I feel that the Bitcoin can become a network currency.

They just feel that this idea is very novel, watching it carefully, then leave a message.

Some people agree with Mask’s ideas, and feel that Bitcoin is an idea of ​​a Verynice.

but also people think that Mask’s idea is in the world, such a currency that depends on the math problem, how can someone believe his value, the future can even reach a $ 10!

Well, in Masque’s post, he predicted that about 10 years, the value of Bitcoin will rise to a few tens of dollars … Mask is not lie, not deceived users, he is I really feel that the Bitcoin can rise to this price. As for the higher, it is impossible, a virtual currency, a few tens of dollars a one, after all, there is a total of 21 million, then Equivalent TO has a value With a wealth of hundreds of millions of dollars, this is an impossible thing.

at first, most people who see this post are either agreed, either oppose, but truly recognize this idea, and is willing to download Mask’s procedures, then they are also in the wood, They all feel that this post is just a long history. When you have a long time, you will sink to Seabed, become the grave in the forum, may be waiting to wait until a few years, someone is interested in digging a shovel, dig this grave .

Of course, the most critical is that this software is a bit complex, you need to toss some computer settings, consume a lot of time, most people are not willing to waste time in this meaningless thing of.

Over the end, some people are willing to waste their time, so after a week, I finally have the first person to download the software released by Mask, and start to dig in accordance with Mask’s ideas.

At the same time, this person looked at the information disclosed by the software. It found that there have been 36,000 blocks above the block chain of Bitcoin. According to the algorithm of 50 Bitecuro in each block, there are already 1.8 million. Bit coin was born.

He also checked the specific information of these 36,000 blocks, found that this is all completed, and the first district block is starting in 7 days ago, indicating this person. Take 1.8 million Bitecuro in 7 days.

“7 days will be 1.8 million, this place is really cheap, how can it be worth money!” The second digger shook his head, and then felt that he was interested in interested igneous ideas. So he directly put all the Bitcoin related procedures to all, and then he did not pay attention to any message related to Bitcoin.

For a few years, he saw the news of Bitcoin in the newspaper and news.

The second digger did not dig anything, but the third digger appeared almost a few minutes, the mining is a high school student in the country, and it is also a P2P network. Hobby.

Students, they can always have the greatest enthusiasm for those who are boring, so when he found that the idea of ​​Bitcoin is really cool, it starts to dig, almost spent about 3 minutes. He uses his own personal computer to dig out his own first special solution, and get 50 bits belonging to yourself.

“strange, I spent 3 minutes to calculate a special description, but that person has completed 36,000 blocks in 7 days, even if he didn’t stop 24 hours a day, there was only 16 in average. When the second time, you can dig out a special solution. How is he so much? Is there so much better than me? “

“Isn’t that use a super server to dig?” This high school replied to the voice.

can ask this question, indicating that although the computer technology is qualified, the mathematical ability is not.

The calculation of the bitcoin species is carried out by a hash operation.

Hash Lime Listening to the fog in the clouds, actually understanding it is also very profound, but you only need to know, the so-called hash operation, actually hit the Universiade That’s all.

Well, this is something too much, but this is only for the computment of Bitecuro.

The specific description of the equation of Bitcoin is fixed. These special desirables are not possible to learn from the operation, but to take one of the numbers that are not stopped, every set once, it is necessary to pass the equation. The corresponding calculation, if you understand the equation, then you represent this special description is correct.

For 2010 ordinary computer, his CPU is fully operated, and it can calculate if 200 numbers are specific.

At first, because there is no special solution being recorded, all special descriptions are in the pool, so this process is particularly easy.

can get four special solutions within a second, and 200 Bitcoin is dug in Equivalent TO.

But these four special solutions will also be recorded, and these four special solutions will be used to exchange Bitcoin.

The next thing can be imagined. As the special solution is used, it is getting smaller and smaller in the chance of trying the special description.

After the first hour, only one special solution can be obtained for a second.

After a day, it takes 10 seconds to be able to calculate a special solution.

After seven days, this time rose to 3 minutes.

can be imagined, over time, the amount of calculation that needs to be consumed will be more and more huge. In the later generation, if you use a normal computer to calculate, you may need the time of Several Decades, in order to calculate an expert. .