Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1924

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So Bitcoin is actually a very unfair thing. If you join early, then you can use the smallest price to get the biggest benefit of Unimaginable.

If you join the night, then you need to pay the price of Unimaginable.

Wait until 2021, there have been countless professional Bitcoin miners running, and these miners are still more than generations.

In the initial time, bitcoin is calculated using ordinary computers, which is mining.

Later, as the Bitcoin became more difficult to dig, people began to replace the CPU of the computer, after all, the stronger CPU can carry out more computing, the efficiency of mining is higher.

The professional miners quickly discovered, in fact, the CPU is not suitable for mining, as the CPU can perform more difficult operations, not such a simple crash. Calculation.

, the graphics processor is also a graphics card. He is very suitable for mining, because the function of the graphics card is to make a lot of repetitive operations, which is the ability to excavate the need for a ratio.

Under the same price, a graphics card mining capacity is 10 times that of a CPU, so the 2nd calendering machine has begun to use graphics card as the core of mining calculations.

After each generation of mining machines are computed with the graphics card, which causes a lot of miners to start buying the video card on the market, and then further leading to the price of the graphics card so that the price of a graphics has risen to Unimaginable. Point.

, such as the author of the author, the computer is using, spent 2900 bought a 5700 graphics card, and now this graphics card has risen to 8,500 pieces, and still the state of goods, these are all crazy miners. Soldwork.

cough cough, the words retired, this miner who dug 36,000 special solutions is naturally our Mask. After he uploaded a post, he started directly digging.

After all, he copixes the purpose of Bimitcoin. It is also to let yourself make a group of Bitcoin. After waiting for him, you can sell to make money.

In addition, his future intends to operate such a company such as Bitcoin transaction, and make a difference in the intermediaries of Bitcoin transactions.

只 马 自己 自己 自己 自己, 矿 矿 18 18, 18 18 18 18 忧 忧 出 忧 忧 忧 忧 出 出 忧 忧 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 忧 出 出 了 忧 出 忧 忧 忧 忧 忧 忧 忧 忧 了.

However, over time, the difficulty of bitcoin mining is getting higher and higher. After a month, according to the data displayed in the background, there have been more than 120 miners in the world, of which the most mining is himself. So far, there are more than 2.4 million Bitecuro.

ranked 2nd is the third miner, he dugs about 300,000 pieces of bitcoin.

Like Mask, after knowing the existence of Bitcoin, it began to mine in the moment. The computer does not stop.

However, because he is joined on day 14, the speed of his mining is far less than before, Half A Month has dug up 300,000, but this is enough to blow a life.

After all, in 2020, he put him thirty years, he also couldn’t dig a Bitcoin!

After three months, Earth’s time entered 2010, Maske found that 21 million Bitecuro in the world, there have been more than 100 million pieces, this speed lets horse Sk was also scared, he thought that this number should be achieved in 2012, and the result is only three months, and it is now in this point.

He looked at all Bitcoin distributions, and found that in addition to him and several pioneers in the initial time, the rest of the Bitcoin were all distributed in more than 30,000 people around the world. In the hands of the person, this distribution is very reasonable and scientific, can only say that the propagation speed of Bitcoin is fast to the extent of the imagination of Mask.

In fact, for example, in January 2010, a small chain pizza store in Silicon Valley announced that they accept Bit coins to pay.

This matter also got a local news, it is said that the BOSS of this chain pizza shop is a senior programmer to switch, so its pizza shop will open Silicon Valley, and also take the initiative to provide 24-hour takeaway Service has become the most popular pizza store in Silicon Valley.

Although the pizza store’s pizza is actually not like, the key is to take sales for 24 hours. For programmers, it is already great happiness that is a hot pizza at 2 o’clock in the morning.

, this BOSS is also a senior Hobby and miner of Bitcoin, so this BOSS will open advertisements in their own pizza store, expressing willing to accept Bitcoin to pay pizza, selling price is 10,000 bitcoin A pizza.

The first day of the result opened, no one used Bitcoin to pay, not to say that everyone knows that the value of Bitcoin, but even in Silicon Valley, there are no few people know and understand Bitcoin, more Don’t say that it is this stuff, this is still a popular thing in the niche.

until the third day, there is only one programmer, take 10,000 bit currency out to buy pizza.

“I am the world’s third digger miner, I am now 400,000 Bitecuro!” This programmer eaten pizza and boasted to BOSS.

“That’s too bad!” BOSS said with admirable eyes “I dug later, I only dug more than 100 Bitecuro, I can’t compare with you!”

“Hehe, okay, but also you have harbors to consume, otherwise I don’t know what the 400,000 Bitecoin is used … I haven’t dig the mine now, this 400,000 bitcoin put it It is still in the computer, I don’t know what to do! “This programmer complained.

“I feel very good!” Boss Said with a smile “I spent a month, the electricity bill spent hundreds of dollars, only more than 100 Bitcoin. Now I am worth $ 10 worth $ 10 The pizza has changed to tens of thousands, isn’t it a cost-effective? “

“Hey, this stuff is a little fresh, then there is no strength! BOSS, or I will turn to you 300,000 bits, then I will come here for a month, Eveyday all, come here to eat a pizza? “Asked this programmer.

Well, as a might with 400,000 Bitecuro, he really understands Bitcoin, from the novelty of from the Very Beginning, hate can’t dig every day, watching your number of Bitcoin crazy rising.

to now, Bitcoin has become a taste for him, and it is still suspicious in the home.

is that this BOSS just digs, and is interested in comparison. The programmer estimates that time is long, there is no interest to share the biscoin. Perhaps you can’t use the pizza with Bitcoin after a few days, so you have to set up the amount of 30 days, lest BOSS anti-regret.