Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1925

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Chairman, according to your instructions, we have fully accepted Bitcoin as a currency in Silicon Valley, so far, a week, has absorbed 1.2 million bits. Coin! “In a web conference, Harry Potter reported to Boss Jia.

is right, behind the pizza shop, actually American Priority Foundation, this chain store BOSS is not what a Bitcoin miner, he is just playing workers, have to play the order, fully Acquired Bitcoin on the market.

“very good!” Boss jia nodded “follows our plan, you can act!”

“Board of Directors, we acquired this 1.2 million Bitecurcoin, spend less than $ 1,000 price. But our next plan, but it is necessary to spend thousands of dollars, is this really cost-effective? “Harry Potter said is very incredible” These Bitcoin will rise to a dollar, but it is only 1.0 million US dollars. In addition to us, SIMPLY does not have other people will be willing to acquire Bitcoin. What is we doing so for? “

“Of course, it is for money!” Boss Jia Said with a smile “one dollar, you are too lack of imagination, why can’t you be a $ 10,000?”

Well, heard this, Harry Potter feels that he and the imagination of Boss Jia are indeed a distance of Vast Distance.

Is this the imagination of World’s richest?

! Impressed!

Although Harry Potter feels that BOSS JIA is completely straightened, he doesn’t know, in fact, Boss Jia has more than 6 million Bitecuro, except for Harry Potter’s use of Pizza Shop 1.2 million In addition to, the remaining 4.8 million pieces are BOSS JIA, which is used to distribute the power in various regions around the world, pretend to be individual excavated mines.

Now Masque has seen more than 30,000 people in mining, in fact, 27,000 people are people of Boss Jia.

As a result, it is more than 2.4 million Bitecoin and 6 million in the hands of Boss Jia.

Inside the bitcoin that has been dug, 8.4 million are these two people, and the remaining 16 million talents are scattered in the remaining 1,000 people.

But at this time, Boss Jia and Masters are not intended to continue to mine.

Maste is because there is no professional mine in his hand, just relying on personal computers, it has been completely excavated.

As for the BOSS JIA, it is considered the market. If more than a large bits are concentrated in one of themselves, then the market is not turning, it should be put!

, after the bitcoin digged half, it finally sent these two gods.

and the other side, Harry Pot has also begun faithfully executing the command of BOSS JIA.

This command is also simple, it is to start propaganda Bitcoin, let the world understand the Bitcoin, and promote the value of the value of Bitcoin.

is white, it is to manually specify the heat of Bitcoin.

Although Harry Potter thinks that Boss Jia’s order is purely waste money, he is still meticulous implementation.

, in February 2010, the New York Times published an interview, interviewed Silicon Valley’s chain pizza brand: Sam Pizza, ask him to talk about the related bitcoin.

Although the layout of news is not large, the first article of this Can Be Considered in the formal media is reported to Bitcoin.


, many technological media landlores continue to publish related than Bitcoin articles, while starting to describe this interesting group of miners, and Bitcoin as a special value of network currency.

Even some media also asked the government to be alert to Bitcoin transactions, such as if there is a group of tax-lealk taxes use bitcoin as a trading, the government is hard to find trading water, which affects taxes.

, such as what utilizes a Bettar to perform a DP transaction, and even if it is captured on the spot, it will not be convicted at all, because the bits of their transactions can’t find it, and there is no effort, can’t use the evidence of cash transactions. What is the evidence of cash transactions? of.

Apart from this, there is also a lot of products that Bitcoin transactions, although these articles are reminding the Government to be alert to such a malignant incident, but many real worsys, see this article, suddenly suddenly realized, original Bitcoin has such uses, it’s really served!

, these people have also begun to pay attention to Bitcoin, although not much, but pay attention is true!


“This is really Heaven Helps Me. If you can’t think of it is so tall, you can see the value of my Bitcoin !!” And I saw some Bitcoin reported on the media, the most exciting actually Mask.

After all, There All, is helping Bitcoin to promote, and if these media do not propagate, Masque is ready to pay for themselves to invite media to promote.

Because at this moment, Masque is really used to make profitable websites: Bitcoin trading center, it is ready to be officially opened.

Benefit from the pizza store, and other chain stores are willing to receive bitcoin, so many people have begun to believe in the value of Bitcoin, holding a large number of miners in the hand in hand, I hope there is an ability Selling the channel of Bitcoin.

So the Bitcoin Trading Center This website will be delivered.

This is Masque, which is specifically used to transaction the Bitcoin website.

For the Bitcoin transaction, the most dangerous thing is to have no security. After all, the transaction is involved in the transaction of Bitcoin and the real capital, then there will be a party to pay first, this is not too much. Test humanity.

The Bitcoin Trading Center is specifically in order to solve this problem, this trading center said that he is willing to do transactions, the two sides will hand over the Bitcoin and cash. After he confirmed, hand it over to both sides. The Trading Center only charges a 0.5% trading fee, as a difference earned by middlemen.

Apart from this, buyers and sellers also can release information on sale and buy on the website, and the website will announce the real-time price of Bitcoin based on the average price of the latest transaction price.

This website Mask spends a lot of costs to build. If there is no one after the establishment, it will not be too embarrassed. Now there is a propaganda of these news media, believe that the value of Bitcoin will have great improvements.

February 12, 2010, this is a day worth remember because Bitcoin is listed in the Bitcoin Trading Center. After an hour, the first transaction order is completed.

Some people sold their own 100 Bitcoin, exchanged $ 1 in cash, so, the price of Bitcoin is 1 bit currency = 1 cents.

This is a Drooling number who envy all of the bits of the future Bitcoin. One aest can buy a Bitcoin, if they can cross the rebirth, then they guarantee that all these bitcoin are all bought, How much does it buy! !