Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 2


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“Husband, I heard that your big brother is planning to go to Mars again. Really or not!”

“My husband, I also heard that you seem to have met aliens on Mars. The aliens also predicted the destruction of the earth. Really or not!”

“Husband, my grandfather has serious stomach cancer, can you help others and give them a medicine lake admission qualification! There is no need to queue up!” In an extremely luxurious room, there are about a dozen A woman surrounded a middle-aged man.

Regardless of their looks or posture, these women are absolutely first-class, not to mention devastatingly beautiful, but there are at least tens of thousands of dogs behind them.

But at this moment, these women are all around the man in no way, the stars are entangled with him like a moon, doing some trivial things.

And these women are all in charge of this man called husband… Don’t get me wrong, this man has not broken the law, he has only one wife and only one palace from beginning to end. These women are just his playthings that’s all.

In fact, on the whole world network, regardless of beauty or ugliness, at least has tens of millions of people call him husband, so this person has the title of national husband.

This man is not someone else, naturally our Jia Changkong.

As the second son of Boss Jia, Jia Changkong has been favored since he was a child, but he was also abandoned because of this. Some scandals occurred when he was a teenager. Although he was severely disciplined by Boss Jia for a while, He was sent to the soldier again, but after all he didn’t correct his temperament, and now he became a complete bastard scum.

Apart from surnamed Jia and a father, Jia Changkong has no advantages.

Originally, Boss Jia tried to take care of him, but then Jia Changkong yelled at Boss Jia, saying that you don’t carry Mother on your back. There are more than a dozen women. Even the dictator of a certain country, Great Commander, is now your son. After playing thousands of games, less than 1 in 1 million of women in the world, what’s wrong with me?

Good guy, this guy is almost mad at Boss Jia.

at first Boss Jia also tried to threaten him with a confession, but it was useless, because everyone knew that he was Boss Jia’s biological son, not to mention that he would inherit some Jia Family properties in the future, even if not. Inheritance, as long as there is this identity, other people can change the law to make money.

So in less than a year, Jia Changkong has created tens of billions of holes. Although Boss Jia used money to fill in these holes, it is not the case that the payment was broken. Dare, make sure that Jia Changkong has enough money to spend, so that he won’t have another chance to be controlled by outsiders.

However, Jia Changkong is very clever, that is, he absolutely does not do criminal cases, because he knows very well that his money is enough for him to live a happy life, there is no need to do things that cannot be saved with money, there is no such thing. necessary!

So since the age of 30, Jia Changkong’s life has been very comfortable. Everyday all are accompanied by a dozen women, living a life of drunken stupor.

“Don’t ask about these things, and I won’t say anything if you ask!” Jia Changkong squinted his eyes when he heard these women’s questions.

“Husband, just tell us!” These women entangled.

“It’s okay if you want to listen, I can call the police Uncle first, please come over, let them check your background one by one, and make sure that you are all red, not spies, I can tell you. Listen!” Jia Changkong’s words instantly caused a chill in the room, and the beauties laughed awkwardly, and then continued to joy, until the door was suddenly opened and a frost-faced beautiful woman broke in.

“Zhu Congyan, what are you doing here? Didn’t we have already said that we will not interfere with each other?” Seeing this woman who broke in, Jia Changkong was a little flustered, but was not afraid. Instead, he argued with the courage of one’s convictions questioned his wife.

“You pheasants, get out of me!” Zhu Congyan cursed, these women left immediately, leaving only these two people in the room.

“What do you mean, did you take gunpowder today?” Jia Changkong asked with a grin.

“Jia Changkong, you are still sitting and living, do you think you can inherit Jia Family and inherit your father’s inheritance in the future?” Zhu Congyan asked coldly.

“The Jia Family is naturally my big brother or my second brother, and no matter how bad it is, it is also my youngest brother. My son and my father have already given up. I know very well, but at most, give me a few hundred The billions of dollars will allow me to spend the next half of my life. I have been mentally prepared for it. You tell me this is useless!” Jia Changkong said disapprovingly.

“Several tens of billions of dollars? Dream, I think you have simply not seen the news and videos outside from two hours ago to now!” Zhu Congyan said with a sneer.

“What’s wrong outside? My father died?” Jia Changkong was startled. “You don’t want to treat us Jia Family…”

“Fart, no one in China can move you Jia Family, I want you to see this!” Zhu Congyan’s voice fell, and the earrings on her ears projected a projection directly in the air A picture came out.

Then there is a video.

“Hello friends from all over the world, I am Jia Yapeng, the chairman of Great-Thousand Group, I’m sorry to disturb you, now I’m sorry for you!” In the screen, a plain old man , Said in a calm but full of breath.

“My father actually speaks publicly? Since he was 60 years old, he hasn’t spoken for 10 years!” Jia Changkong said to himself in surprise, and then looked on, only Jia Yapeng continued to say .

“I am 70 this year, as the saying goes, people are rare in the past 70 years. Although it is not difficult to live to be over 100 years old with the current technology, people are inevitable and all kinds of things will happen. Aging, and the loss of control over the body, even unable to control one’s own will, and even unable to make arrangements for what is going on behind him!”

“The old man is 70 this year, his body is good, he can eat two bowls of rice with one meal, he can play games for 4 hours, and he can control the entire Great-Thousand group with a clear will. So take advantage of the current situation. I’m still in full control of myself, I’m here to announce my will to all the free will of the world, and make arrangements for what’s going on behind me.”

“I am here, with my completely free personal will, to invite everyone to testify for me. The will announced today is the final version of the will. In the future, no matter if I announce to amend the will at any time and under any circumstances, it will be Those that are invalid have no legal significance. All wills are subject to what I announce today, and the entire world’s 8 billion people will testify for me.”

“In the future, neither my family nor myself have the right to amend the will. All of the above will be legally notarized. Today’s will is a deliberate decision made by me over 30 years, so I believe there will be no other reasons for me to change my will in the future.”

“Okay, I will announce my will next!”

“First of all, it is the decision to deal with all units that I personally control or participate in, all public or non-public companies under the framework of the Great-Thousand Group, and other companies that I personally hold, except for the following list, including Except for 79 scientific research and education enterprises such as “Great-Thousand Research Center” and “University Academy”, all other enterprises will sell their equity in the next 30 years.”

“Great-Thousand will completely abandon the operating authority of these companies and sell them to individuals or other entities in exchange for a large amount of cash. That is to say, after I am 100 years old, Great-Thousand will no longer operate any commercial enterprises. I no longer operate any companies and enterprises that involve physical production, manufacturing, and so on. Great-Thousand has too many things in its control, and it has dragged down the development of this era and the world, so I decided to return all of these to full of enthusiasm. A world with imagination!”

“After all these companies are sold, they will face a new problem, that is, the large amount of Renminbi cash sold…It is estimated that there will be tens of trillions of dollars, how to deal with this cash?” [ 19459002]

“There are many articles on the market that analyze the development history of Great-Thousand, and many of them attribute the success of Great-Thousand to my personal ability, but this is incorrect. Although I personally have a certain ability, It is by no means able to support the entire Great-Thousand Group. What really makes the Great-Thousand Group come to the present is the scientific research leadership that the Great-Thousand Group has always maintained. Since 2000, Great-Thousand will account for 10% of all annual profits. The above is invested in scientific research, and this has led to the success of the Great-Thousand Group.”

“At the same time, I also personally have a dream, that one day human beings can leave the earth, leave the solar system, and discover a broader universe and planet like the discovery of a new continent, and enter the era of full-scale cosmic colonization.”

“So I solemnly announce here that Great-Thousand will launch the Battlestar project and design and build a super space fleet that can provide tens of millions of people to emigrate in the fastest time.”

“All the funds obtained from the sale this time, together with the various scientific research units that have not been sold, will be reorganized into the Great-Thousand Scientific Research Group. This group has only one goal, which is to gather talents and scientific research forces from all world Peaks to study pinnacle With advanced technology, the goal of mankind leaving the earth and marching towards the universe will be achieved as soon as possible!”

“The Great-Thousand Scientific Research Group will form a super scientific research group integrating production, teaching and research. We will build 10 Great-Thousand primary schools in all provinces across the country, a Great-Thousand middle school including junior high schools and high schools, and then focus on Great -Thousand 5 Great-Thousand vocational academies located across the country form a complete Great-Thousand education group.”

“This Great-Thousand Education Group will not only recruit students from China, but also recruit students globally. All schools will not charge any education fees. All expenses will be paid by Great-Thousand Education Group, as long as you can Entering these schools, you will get a free education of the whole world cream of the crop, no one.”

“Our Great-Thousand Vocational Academy not only exempts any tuition fees completely, but also promises to grant scholarships not less than three times the average level of China each month to all enrolled students.”

“Of course, to enter the Academy, you need to sign an entry agreement to ensure that you will work for the Great-Thousand Scientific Research Group for at least 20 years. As long as you can successfully graduate, you can enter the Great-Thousand Scientific Research Group!”

“Some people may be curious, if the education industry is completely free, how can such a huge expenditure and the huge funds of the scientific research unit itself come from!”

“Firstly, my tens of trillions of Renminbi funds will purchase various financial products and use interest to support the development of these scientific researches. Secondly, Great-Thousand Scientific Research Group will sell various patents and technology authorization qualifications to the whole world , Great-Thousand Scientific Research Group, will completely become an enterprise that supports itself with scientific research. At the same time, we also guarantee that all people in all countries are treated equally, as long as you are willing to pay, you can buy our technology!”

“This is my plan for the future development of Great-Thousand. The world is so big. It’s time to give it back to the youngster. We just need to give you a solid backing!”

“This is my arrangement for Part 1, and then for Part 2, the arrangement for my heir!”

“Until now, many outside media are very interested in my family. They keep reporting which members of my family are. Then I am here to tell you that this information is not important anymore, because all my descendants are No right to inherit the Great-Thousand Group!”

“I am here to solemnly express my decision to the people of the world. All my descendants, relatives who are eligible to inherit my inheritance, except for the personal assets you already own, none of you have inheritance. To qualify for my legacy, I will establish a Great-Thousand Science Council composed of 12 Peak scientists, who will be responsible for running the entire Great-Thousand Scientific Research Group.”

“But they only have the qualifications to operate the group. The specific operating agreement will be announced in the detailed rules. Everyone can check it on the official website of the lobby, so I won’t talk about it here.”

“As for my descendants, I don’t completely ignore you. First of all, I promise you that all my children and grandchildren will not starve to death. I have established the Jia Family apartment, and any Jia Family people just need to go to For an apartment, you can get a free residence, enough food for three meals a day, and clothes that are warm in winter and cool in summer.”

“But apart from this, you won’t get anything, there won’t be a penny, there won’t be any extra materials and daily necessities, Jia Family apartment is just an organization that guarantees that my children and grandchildren will not starve to death. That’s it, and only Jia Family people are allowed to stay. Any of your relatives and friends, even your wife, father-in-law, and mother-in-law are not eligible to enter. Whether you want to eat and die here, you decide for yourself!”

“These people who eat and wait to die are hopeless, but the children are full of hope for the future, so I give them more protection. The children of Jia Family will enjoy the Great-Thousand Group All educational institutions have the right to free education.”

“These children don’t need exams or any selection. As long as you are my descendants, no matter how bad your grades are, you can still enter the best school in the world, and you can go on to school all the way to Great -Thousand Professional Academy.”

“But whether or not I can graduate from the Academy, I don’t care. It depends on your ability. Only this. Whether it is my flesh and blood or other children, you are all fair. You only have to pass the graduation exam. You can graduate.”

“Finally, I will establish the Jia Family clan. The entire clan will be managed by a Jia Family person. This Chief-In-Charge will handle Jia Family’s internal affairs and serve as the chairman of the scientific research group in the Science Council. When encountering some issues that do not have the authority to deal with, give the right to decide.”

“The specific rules will also be announced on the official website.”

“The last person in charge of the clan will be the person with the highest achievement in the Jia Family in this era. There is no election, nor is it an eldest son inheritance. As long as you are the best among all my descendants, you can. Take control of the entire clan!”

“As for how to identify you as the best, there will also be rules to regulate in detail.”

“The above is all my arrangements for the will, thank you all, goodbye!”

“pa!” Jia Changkong collapsed on the bed.

“Daddy, you bullcha!” Jia Changkong spit out his tongue, then said with a smile “But it should not be me that is the saddest, but the second brother and my little brother, if not If I am scumbag enough, it is estimated that the old man will not come up with this trick to deal with his huge fortune, it is really NB broken!”