Invincible Boss System Chapter 802

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Chen Xinglie deliberately changed his voice, looking at the two people in the wood house below, he kept laughing coldly.

Zhao Yumeng's face was gloomy, looking at the black silhouette of the sky, she didn't speak, but she already held her long sword in his hand.

"If your Excellency does something to us, it will definitely not survive for a few days, you must think clearly before doing something."

Shi Feiyu is calmer, facing this powerful enough to them When there's no resistance powerhouse, I still talk indifferently.

Chen Xinglie secretly smiled in his heart, but said coldly on his mouth: "How many days will I survive? jié jié jié, even if I die, I will enjoy the things after you in this seat."


The faces of the two women are getting gloomy, and the aura on their bodies seems to have a tendency to run wild. Chen Xinglie knows that there is an extremely powerful inheritance in the two of them. If the two women forcefully turn on this inheritance with their current realm, most of them will do it. Their bodies caused irreparable damage.

I quickly pulled off the veil, looked at the two and said, "Calm down, it’s me!"

When the two women saw the familiar face, the indifference on their faces It disappeared, replaced by a trace of anger.

"Is it fun?"

Shi Feiyu glanced at Chen Xinglie and said coldly.

The kind of indifference that refuses to be beyond a thousand li makes Chen Xinglie's unconscious body slightly trembled.

I landed on the side of the two women quickly and paid said with a smile: "Not good, it’s not fun to play, I don’t want to see how strong you are now!"

The two women still ignored him, and turned around to do their own thing.

Chen Xinglie sighed helplessly in his heart. Does this count as digging a hole for himself to jump?

Come on, make up for your mistakes.

Chen Xinglie succeeded in taking the shameless principle to its extreme, constantly talking around the two women, and finally after two hours, the indifference on the two women's faces disappeared.

"Next time you do this, you will know the consequences."

Zhao Yumeng glanced at him and warned.

Shi Feiyu on the side also looked at Chen Xinglie with this warning look.

Chen Xinglie's nodded, who is acquainted, said: "That's natural, if I get struck by lightning the next time I Transcending Tribulation!"

"Pu chi!"

Chen Xinglie's funny expressions and words made the faces of the two women shake out the clouds and see the sun.

Seeing that the two women finally laughed, Chen Xinglie was sighed in relief.

Then he took the two women and ran in the other direction. He was going to the True Dragon Realm to bring Ah Chou back!

As for Eastern Continent, he is too lazy to take care of it anymore. After all, this place is just a place where he once stayed, and he himself is impossible to guard these things. As for the great empire, he needs to stand firm in this area. The status of continent.

Without anyone knowing, Chen Xinglie left. When he came, he was alone, but when he left, he was surrounded by two more beautiful silhouettes.

"This is the channel connecting the True Dragon realm?"

Looking at the pitch-black void channel in front of him, Chen Xinglie curiously asked.

Shi Feiyu nodded said: "Yes, that day A Chou ascended the True Dragon Dharma world from here."

Chen Xinglie slightly nodded, took a few steps forward and watched In the dark passage in front of him, he shouted loudly: "Is there anyone in the True Dragon world on the opposite side?"

Looking at Chen Xinglie's operation like this, the two covered their foreheads, feeling a bit embarrassing.

Do you know how much power this void channel needs to penetrate when it is closed?

However, the sound from the next moment void channel gave the two women a trace of consternation.

Because someone really responded over there!

"Your Excellency came to my True Dragon Dharma Realm, why?"

A majestic voice resounded in the void channel, with a trace of the pressure that belongs to True Dragon.

Chen Xinglie smiled at the corner of his mouth, and took out the empress order that empress gave him before leaving.

"What should you know about this, right? I gave the empress order to go to the True Dragon realm!"

Chen Xinglie said carefree and raised the empress order in his hand. high.

The other side was silent for a long time before he said: "Retreat a little, I will open the void channel!"

"Thank you!"

This The empress order is really useful, even in the True Dragon legal realm such as Dragon Clan's stronghold. Looking at the scarlet gold token in his hand, Chen Xinglie thought to himself.

When Chen Xinglie retreated to the side of the two women, it only took a few seconds to open the void channel in front of him. The original darkness disappeared, and it became a colorful rays of light. Channel.

"Let's go."

Chen Xinglie whispered and walked towards void channel first.

The two women hearing this are also keeping up. They are also entering the void channel for the first time. At this time, they are also curiously looking at the all around environment, with a curious look in their eyes.

In a trance, the three of them reached the True Dragon realm. Once they entered here, the breath of Dragon Clan hiding the sky and covering the earth moved towards the three of them.

Chen Xinglie keenly discovered that in the depths of this world, there is an extremely powerful existence. Even if he is in front of that existence, I am afraid it is impossible to withstand a single blow. This existence is mostly at the same level as empress 1 Other powerhouse.

"Why did empress send your Excellency?"

Dragon Clan, who was guarding the passage, walked to Chen Xinglie's side, with a hint of respectfully asked in his words.

From his attitude, we can see how high the prestige of empress is in Heaven and Earth.

Chen Xinglie said with a smile: "empress sent me to meet a girl named A Chou here, and I have something to tell her."

"A Chou? You? I'm talking about the heir of my True Dragon law world, Lord Acho?"

The person from Dragon Clan was hearing this for a while, then he woke up and asked Chen Xinglie.

Chen Xinglie hearing this is also heart startled. How did the little girl become the heir of the True Dragon world?

In this way, I'm afraid I won't be able to take her away. The powerful aura deep in the True Dragon world is not something to provoke.

"Yes, it's your Excellency A Chou."

Chen Xinglie suppressed the surprise in his heart and tried to control his emotions and said flatly.

Long clansman nodded, he said: "Then you come with me."

No matter what the three people's reaction when the voice falls, he took the lead in moving towards True Dragon and walked deep in the realm of the True Dragon. .

Chen Xinglie did not squint, and put on an empress posture. The two women behind him were also serious at this time after looking around at the scenery at first.

I have to say that all three of them are acting. They are obviously curious about the environment of the True Dragon realm, but they never show any curiosity, and do not take the initiative to watch all around the environment.

"That is the Dragon Palace of our True Dragon Realm, and Lord A Chou lives in it now."

Dragon Clan, who led the way, pointed to a gold and jade in glorious splendor in the distance. The huge palace was introduced to the three of Chen Xinglie.

Chen Xinglie is slightly nodded, it seems that Ah Chou is doing pretty well now.

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