Invincible Boss System Chapter 803

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The Forest of Monster Race in the Western Region of the Holy Realm. This is the paradise of all Monster Races and the paradise of all Monster Races.

Whether it is the Monster Race that soars up from the lower realm, or the Monster Race that was born and raised in the Holy Realm, as long as you reach the Forest of Monster Race, you are a member of the Monster Race family.

Here, all Monster Races can live a carefree life without worrying about being hunted by other races.

As for why other races are keen on hunting Monster Race, it is nothing more than the monster core in Monster Race. Everyone in the world knows that if you get the monster core in Monster Race, you can get that Monster Race. Most of the cultivation base for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Monster core is the power of Monster Race. If the monster core is deprived, the only thing waiting for Monster Race is death.

Because the Monster Race powerhouse previously blocked the void channel connecting the Holy Realm and Eastern Continent, it provoked embarrassment and attacked the Monster Race Forest with its subordinate empress guards.

The powerhouse of Monster Race Forest in that battle was suppressed by empress and it was impossible to move. The remaining Monster Race could only be slaughtered by those empress guards.

In the end, the only remaining three elders of Monster Race awakened and forced the empress back.

For this reason, Monster Race still paid a painful price, not only the death of clansman, but also a large number of precious materials, and it was only then that the empress's anger was calmed down.

After nearly a year of recovery, Monster Race Forest has gradually recovered its former hustle and bustle. Countless Monster Race younger generations are playing in the forest.

There are also Monster Race powerhouses that are working hard. Maybe they don’t want to have a powerhouse like empress next time. They have no other choice but to wake up the old man.

After all, how many years did the three elders of Monster Race live? I am afraid that no one in this holy world can tell clearly. In the long life force, in order to prevent Life Essence from passing too much, these three elders I chose to cover myself in dust.

And every time they are awakened from the dust, they will lose part of Life Essence. This is not only the loss of the three old men, but also the loss of the entire Monster Race.

After all, although Monster Race has a very high status in the Holy Realm, there are still many races that firmly control Monster Race.

Without the shelter of these three elders, Monster Race will probably struggle in the future.

Whether it is for Monster Race, or for the three elders who can stay in this world for a longer time, it is enough to make those Monster Race powerhouses continue to work hard and strive to become stronger.

It’s just that destiny always likes to fight against people. The Monster Race, which had just gone through the empress palace war and had a great injury of strength, encountered new enemies on this day.

In the Monster Race hall in the center of Monster Race Forest, I saw a golden armor silhouette standing proudly in the great hall.

The surrounding is a group of high-level Monster Race, but when facing this golden armor man, these Monster Race high-level officials are unable to resist, and even dare not argue with him.

You said arguing?

The end is the corpses lying in the middle of the great hall.

"Your Excellency is who? Why come to my Monster Race to show off one's military strength like this?"

The current patriarch of Monster Race, Demon Tianqing, looked at the golden armor in the center of the great hall. Dahan, asked mood grave.

Anyone who gets on the door of his house is impossible to withstand such insults, even more how is one of the great saints like Monster Race, but the strength of this golden armor man is too strong.

Even the patriarch of Monster Race couldn't fight against him. In the breath of the opponent inadvertently, Yao Tianqing could only feel deep despair and rich life.

He knows that if he does something with this golden armor man, he will definitely die in the end, and he will die miserably.

So even if there is more unwillingness and anger in his heart, he can only hold back.

Liu Qingzhi glanced at him and said with a smile disdainfully: "Monster Race is really not as good as one generation. I heard that you were beaten at home by someone from the empress palace some time ago?"

"In the end, the three Old Guys who awakened the Monster Race did not survive the catastrophe? hahaha!"

Liu Qingzhi's arrogant and disdainful laugh sounded in the hall of Monster Race and shook the entire Monster Race. Forest.

Countless Monster Races have changed their voices and expressions. The breath in this laughter is too strong. Knowing that this laughter is disdain for Monster Race, no one can stand up and say that he is not.

The demon Tianqing's face flushed, looking at Liu Qingzhi and said: "Your Excellency, please answer my question!"

"Oh? You little fellow is Interesting, how dare you do this? Generally speaking to this seat, not to mention that it is you little fellow, that is, the three self-denying Old Guys of your Monster Race, I am afraid that they may not dare to talk to this seat like this."

Liu Qingzhi He raised his brows, but he didn't get angry, but he was full of disdain when he spoke.

The demon Tianqing moved towards the Monster Race behind him and made a gesture. Several people knew, and when Liu Qingzhi laughed, he moved towards and swept outside the door.

"en? Don't you dare to leave without the consent of this seat!?"

What kind of strength Liu Qingzhi is. Naturally, I immediately discovered the changes in these Monster Races, coldly snorted.

The bodies of the few people who were still moving quickly seemed to have been casted on a holding spell, and they stayed in the air without moving.

If it wasn't for the eyes of a few Monster Races that were still turning and still revealing helpless eyes, I'm afraid everyone would think that these clansman were dead.

"I will spare your lives this time. If there is such a small action, you should know the end!"

Liu Qingzhi was coldly snorted, and let a few people go.

Then turned his head and looked towards Yao Tianqing, and said disdainfully: "Do you want them to wake up the three Old Guys? Yes, I will give you a chance, go!"

The seemingly atmospheric words, but with a deeper level of disdain.

The demon Tianqing can’t even think about it. The strength of this person is probably higher than the empress who dominates the Southern Territory. If Monster Race doesn’t wake up the three elders, he will even fight empress. However, even more how is the more terrifying existence in front of me.

After hearing what the other party said, Yao Tianqing was instinctively happy, then turned around and swept away. He wanted to wake up the three elders of Monster Race and teach this uninvited guest a lesson!

The majesty of Monster Race does not allow anyone to trample on it!

The demon Tianqing left the hall of Monster Race and hurried all the way towards the depths of the forest of Monster Race.

In front of a valley of verdant hills and limpid water, the demon Tianqing knelt on her knees and shouted: "Three Old Ancestors, my Monster Race has a powerhouse coming again. It is useless for me to wait for the younger generation. I can’t fight that horrible guy. I implore Three Old Ancestors to come out! Help me Monster Race through this tribulation!"

"Unscrupulous descendants! What is your use, whoever comes to Monster Race needs us to come out!"

There was a coldly snorted dissatisfaction in the valley.

When he heard this coldly snorted, Yao Tianqing's face darkened, and the self-blame in his heart was undoubtedly a little bit more.

"Well, things that juniors can't solve, if we don't come forward, how can we be called Old Ancestor by these juniors!"

An old voice came out in the valley .

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