Invincible Boss System Chapter 804

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When the demon Tianqing left the valley, there were already three old silhouettes with a decadent aura behind him.

"Azure, who is the one who broke into my Monster Race?"

A voice came from behind.

The demon Tianqing turned around and said respectfully: "Junior doesn't know the identity of that person, but that person's strength seems to be stronger than empress."

"What? Is that woman even stronger? Is there still such a character in the holy world today?"

An old man complexion changed, said solemnly.

The other person also said solemnly: "You said, could it be the guy who descended to the Holy Realm that day?"

"You mean Liu Qingzhi that tyrant?"

The old man who had just spoken was silent and nodded, as he had said his own guess.

Then looked towards Yao Tianqing and asked: "Is that the man in golden armor?"

"Yes, that man is tall and in golden armor." Yao Tianqing Responded.

My heart is filled with shock, Liu Qingzhi!

Liu Qingzhi is who, he is a person of this generation known to everyone known to everyone, Yao Tianqing is originally from the same era as empress and Heavenly Venerable.

Who does not know the tyrant Liu Qingzhi from this generation?

Who has never suffered in the hands of Liu Qingzhi, if the two Transcending Tribulation of Empress and Heavenly Venerable finally attracted Liu Qingzhi to take action, and finally there is a mysterious powerhouse to take action, I am afraid that the holy world today will not It looks like this.

Also after that battle, Liu Qingzhi disappeared, and the mysterious powerhouse who shot for empress and Heavenly Venerable also disappeared.

What Yao Tianqing doesn’t know is that the mysterious powerhouse who took action against Liu Qingzhi has already died in that battle, and Liu Qingzhi is no longer the original smiling saint world. Tyrant, but became a running dog there.

The three elders behind Yao Tianqing are figures from a newer era, and they are contemporary with Liu Qingzhi.

The three elders naturally know what kind of Heaven's Chosen Liu Qingzhi, who was in the same era as them, was. Shrouded in his sex.

Even in order to prevent those juniors from rising like him, Liu Qingzhi chose to stifle all the descendants of Heaven's Chosen who might reach this height.

"This time Monster Race may not be as good as last time, Liu Qingzhi is not an empress, hey, troublesome autumn."

One of the three old men sighed.

The other two old men were also silent.

The demon Tianqing also felt the depressed atmosphere behind him, with an ugly expression leading the way.

The four soon returned to the Monster Race hall.

"It really is you Liu Qingzhi, what advice do you have to come to my Monster Race?"

Monster Race old man looked at Liu Qingzhi and said.

The corner of Liu Qingzhi's mouth raised a dangerous smile, staring at the talking Monster Race old man.

There was a disdainful voice from the mouth: "Is it too long for this seat to descend into the holy world, so that you Old Guys have forgotten the horror of this seat?"

"From Since when did you dare to stand and talk to this seat?"

The voice fell, Liu Qingzhi's silhouette disappeared, but when he reappeared, he was already beside the old man who spoke.

"Be careful of the third child!"

"Be careful of the old man!"

Monster Race three old friends are just one-born compatriots Brother, they are also concerned about each other's safety. At this time, seeing Liu Qingzhi appearing beside the third child, the other two hurriedly exclaimed.

The Monster Race in the Monster Race hall was also scared witless when they saw it, reminding them of their Old Ancestor.

The youngest third complexion slightly changed. When he wanted to leave the place where Liu Qingzhi was, it was already too late. One of Liu Qingzhi's hands had fallen on his shoulder.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, I will teach you again, what kind of attitude you should be when facing this seat!"

while speaking, the great strength is in the hands of Liu Qingzhi Appear.

The third among the three elders of Monster Race, the fine sweat oozes from his wrinkled forehead, it seems that he can't bear the terrifying force from Liu Qingzhi's big hand.


There was a clear sound, but when I looked again, the third child's knee was already in contact with the ground.

"This posture is the attitude you ants should have when facing this seat!"

The voice of disdain from Liu Qingzhi's mouth came out.

The other two Monster Race complexion complexion greatly changed, it seems that Liu Qingzhi did not expect to appear in the Holy Realm for so long, and now his strength has become so terrifying!

"Liu Qingzhi! If you have something to say, let go of the third child!"

"bully intolerably!"

The two old elders looked sullen, and so did the other Monster Races. A look of the same hatred.

Liu Qingzhi glanced all around, her eyes flashing with disdain.

"A group of ants, dare to look directly at this seat like this!"

The voice fell, and the huge coercion enveloped the entire Monster Race hall, except for the two elders, others Monster Race has all knelt down on the ground, even if it is unwilling and unwilling, it still can't resist the terrifying pressure that bursts out of Liu Qingzhi.

"Liu Qingzhi, what exactly are you going to do!"

The old man, who is the leader of the old house, was under terrible pressure and looked at Liu Qingzhi and said.

Liu Qingzhi hearing this lightly said with a smile: "This is not right, at first you should listen obediently and honestly to this seat!"

"Speak, Your purpose."

The boss's complexion was a little flushed, which shows that even if he is hard to resist Liu Qingzhi's coercion.

"Return to my seat. When we clean this world in the future, I will leave you alive!"

The plain words came from Liu Qingzhi's mouth. Although they were plain, they were also unworthy. Defiant hegemony.

Cleaning up this world...

Could it be that the disaster that ended the last era will come again?

The expressions of the three elders hearing this have changed drastically. Although they have not yet entered the ranks of the supreme powerhouse, the three of them can work together to be comparable to the supreme powerhouse. Naturally, they also know some of the reasons for the end of that era. .

At this time, hearing Liu Qingzhi's words, a lot of thoughts flashed in the hearts of the three of them.

Perhaps the acknowledge allegiance is the only way for Monster Race to survive...

After all, the powerhouse of the last era is really strong, the three veterans know better than the other Monster Races present. Many.

But even those powerful existences are still dead under purge.

The three elders looked at each other, and they all saw the helplessness in each other's eyes.

Finally, the boss sighed and looked at Liu Qingzhi and said: "Okay, Monster Race agrees to submit to you. What are we going to do?"

"Not bad, but you are Old Guy is sensible, hahaha!"

Liu Qingzhi's frantic laughter sounded.

All Monster Race felt frustrated in their hearts, but they had no choice but to help. This golden armor man was too powerful.

"Three hundred years, when the time comes is when I am waiting for this world to cleanse, and what you have to do in these three hundred years is to prevent Chen Xinglie from becoming stronger!"


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