Invincible Boss System Chapter 805

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True Dragon Realm, Chen Xinglie and the three of them rely on the empress order in their hands. This world is also unimpeded. Except for some forbidden areas of Dragon Clan, he can’t set foot in other places. He spoke, and the Dragon Clan who led the way would show him over.

Chen Xinglie also saw A Chou in the Dragon Clan great hall. Now A Chou is no longer the same little loli he used to be. He has become a young girl who is seventeen or eighteen years old.

Chen A-Chou saw Chen Xinglie again, and Dou Da's tears flowed from his eye sockets uncontrollably.

I flew towards Chen Xinglie, threw himself in Chen Xinglie’s arms, and cried: "You lie! You said you will come to me soon."

"It's my fault, don't cry, am I here?"

Chen Xinglie was also a little self-blaming in his heart. He had promised that A Chou would come to the True Dragon realm as long as he could ascend. She, who would have thought that this drag had passed so long.

Dragon Clan on the side frowned slightly. After all, the girl in the arms of the empress god, but the heir of their Dragon Clan, with such an identity, is so close to this man. As far as the Dharma is concerned, they don’t know is it fortune or misfortune.

However, due to the identity of Chen Xinglie empress and the heir of the true dragon realm of A Chou, the Dragon Clan present were not interested in speaking. After all, no matter which one of the two of them is, they can Offensive.

Chen Xinglie helped A Chou wipe away the tears overflowing from the corner of his eyes, and said with a light sigh, "Have you been in the True Dragon realm okay?"

"Very good, The Elders are very good to me."

The tears in the corners of A Chou's eyes were finally under control, but he still choked up while speaking.

Chen Xinglie turned around and looked towards Dragon Clan in the great hall, and said kindly: "Many thanks, everyone takes care of A Chou."

"Your Excellency A Chou is my True Dragon Realm. The heir of, don’t say that I’m waiting to treat her better, that is, this True Dragon world will be hers in the future, you don’t need to say thank you."

There is Dragon Clan said with a smile.

The identity of the empress god envoy is enough to make these Dragon Clan look up. Even the Old Ancestor of Dragon Clan, when seeing empress, he must show a respectful attitude, even if the strength of the two is possible. Comparable.

But a hundred years ago, empress took a step above Peak, killing half of the holy world was speechless. This incident left a deep impression on the creatures between Heaven and Earth, even Those powerhouses at the same level were unwilling to offend this violent and terrifying woman.

Chen Xinglie was slightly nodded, looking at A Chou and said: "Since the people of Dragon Clan are very good to you, will you continue to stay in the True Dragon world?"

"I No, I want to be with you! Don't want to leave me this time!"

A Chou Buyi, she is half a head shorter than Chen Xinglie, and she stares at Chen Xinglie with a bulging look .

Chen Xinglie said with a bitter smile: "It's not too peaceful outside now. I think the True Dragon world is fairly stable, so stay here obediently and honestly."

" Yes, Your Excellency A Chou, the world outside is very dangerous. At least Old Ancestor in the True Dragon realm can protect you at any time."

Dragon Clan, who just spoke, also followed Chen Xinglie's words.

Whether they are really worried that A Chou will be in danger when he goes outside, or because A Chou is the heir of the True Dragon law world and he is unwilling to let her leave, at least these Dragon Clan's hearts are good for A Chou. of.

A Chou glanced at Dragon Clan who was present, then turned his eyes to Chen Xinglie, pouting and saying: "No! I'm going with you!"

"My True Dragon The law world has its own rules. As the heir of the True Dragon law world, how can you act so recklessly!"

Without waiting for Chen Xinglie's response, a voice with a majestic and vast aura sounded from the depths of the True Dragon law world.

When he heard this voice, Chen Xinglie obviously felt the body of the girl in his arms tremble slightly.

Chen Xinglie brows slightly wrinkle, attached to A Chou's ear and whispered: "Who is this? Has it done anything to you?"

"Old Ancestor is very good to me Yes, he was very strict with me during the cultivation."

A Chou blinked a pair of big eyes, learning from Chen Xinglie and said in a low voice.

Chen Xinglie was taken aback for a moment. It seemed that he had been thinking too much. Originally, I saw that Ah Chou heard that the voice of the other party was slightly trembled. Chen Xinglie thought that the owner of this voice had done anything to Ah Chou. .

"Boy, you think Old Ancestor is a little ugly, right?"

The old voice coming from behind made Chen Xinglie's body tremble suddenly.

Anyone who suddenly hears a voice behind him will be shocked.

Chen Xinglie turned around and saw an old man with white beard and hair, but the old man’s figure is very tall and strong, let alone such an old man, I am afraid that even many young adults may not have this The old man has such a strong figure.

The aura in the old man is extremely large, even if the old man should be deliberately condensing his aura at this moment, Chen Xinglie can feel how powerful the old man is.

I’ve been heard by others, what an embarrassing thing I said, I didn’t expect to let myself run into it today.

Chen Xinglie let go of Ah Chou in his arms, scratched his head and said embarrassingly: "Senior, don't think about it, I just care about Ah Chou."

"Yeah! Ancestral Dragon grandfather!"

A Chou saw that the old man's face was a little bit more joyful, and he had no complaints about leaving Chen Xinglie's embrace, and turned and ran towards the old man.

The old man glanced at Chen Xinglie, then touched A Chou's head, said with a smile: "I just heard you say that you want to leave the True Dragon realm? Are we bad to you?"


"No, no, I just want Xinglie's big brother too much. I haven't seen him for a long time."

A Chou took the old man's clothes and kept shaking his hands. Some said sorry.

I didn't forget to glance at Chen Xinglie when I was speaking, his eyes seemed to say: Look, people will help you escape.

Chen Xinglie shook his head and chuckled, then looked towards the old man: "senior, what are the rules of the True Dragon world you just mentioned?"

"Oh? You want to know?"

The old man glanced at him and said slowly.

When facing Ah Chou, he was kind on his face, but when looking towards Chen Xinglie, there were many other meanings in his eyes, and he seemed to abduct Ah Chou away from the intention in front of him. The man is somewhat hostile.

But this kind of hostility is not the kind of hostility when treating the enemy, it is more like an old man’s granddaughter who wants to be cheated away by a man outside.

When I saw the old man’s eyes, Chen Xinglie also understood that this old man is very concerned about A Chou. Just now I heard A Chou shouted Ancestral Dragon grandfather, presumably this old man is the strongest in the True Dragon world. Dragon Clan.

With the protection of the elders, A Chou will not be bullied. Even more how A Chou has the identity of the heir of the True Dragon law world, although I don’t know who decides the identity of the heir. .

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