Invincible Boss System Chapter 806

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In the end, Chen Xinglie still did not take Ah Chou, because Ancestral Dragon did not agree. When Chen Xinglie asked him why, he only uttered two words in the other side: "Rules."

Chen Xinglie was a little helpless. Finally, in the eyes of A Chou, he took Shi Feiyu and Zhao Yumeng to leave the True Dragon realm, while A Chou wanted to stay in the True Dragon realm as her heir .

As for what this heir really means, Chen Xinglie got the answer from Ancestral Dragon.

This heir to the True Dragon law world is the future of the True Dragon law world and the future of the entire Dragon Clan. As for why I chose A Chou to be the heir, it is because A Chou has an ancient God dragon in his body. bloodline.

From this Chen Xinglie also learned that the old man called Ancestral Dragon is actually not the Ancestral Dragon he understands. This old man is just the Old Ancestor of the Dragon Clan of the True Dragon law world. , So it was called Ancestral Dragon by the Dragon Clan of True Dragon.

The Ancestral Dragon in the true sense has already disappeared in the long river of history. If it weren’t for the disappearance of the legendary Far Ancient God dragon, today’s Dragon Clan would not have settled in this little True Dragon. Law world.

You must know that in the Ancient Times, in the period of Myriad Clans Struggle for Hegemony Heaven and Earth, Dragon Clan and Phoenix Race were both giants like the hegemon of Heaven and Earth, but with the ebbing of time, I don't know what happened, those ancient bloodlines have all disappeared between Heaven and Earth.

According to the old man, the bloodline in A Chou's body is the bloodline of this ancient ancient god dragon. Although a little thin, it is much stronger than other Dragon Clan.

When Chen Xinglie moved towards the Holy Realm and returned, the Monster Race of the Forest of Monster Race also shot. As before, several Monster Races that reached the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm came to the Holy Realm. Connect to the void channel of Eastern Continent.

Unbounded Sovereign and Spirit Ruins Island Lord were already controlled by Monster Race when they didn't react, and they didn't even have time to send the news back to empress.

When Chen Xinglie rushed to the void channel, he saw that the channel was closed, and he took out empress to show the moved towards channel.

It's just that the channel didn't open as soon as he saw the empress command as he thought, instead, there was no movement for a long time.

"Aren't these two guys asleep while guarding the passage?"

Chen Xinglie's mouth was whispered.

Then I took out the empress again to raise the direction of the moved towards channel, but there was still no response. The moved towards empress order injected some Spiritual Qi, the golden light radiant empress order was injected in Chen Xinglie After Spiritual Qi, it is rays of light ten thousand zhang.

The dazzling rays of light penetrated the void channel in an instant, and Chen Xinglie satisfactorily put away the empress order, thinking that he should have seen it this time.


Something may have changed on the other side of the channel.

Seeing that there is still no response, Chen Xinglie can't help but start to wonder if the two opposite Unbounded Sovereign and Spirit Ruins Island Lord are in trouble.

Without taking out the empress order, Chen Xinglie looked towards the channel with blazing eyes, and wanted to penetrate the long void channel to see some opposite situations, but with his strength, he couldn’t pass his gaze through at all. The void channel in front of you.

"Xinglie, what's the situation?"

Shi Feiyu asked in a low voice from the side.

As smart as the two of them, they naturally found something wrong.

Chen Xinglie shook his head slightly and said, "I don't know, but I guess the Unbounded Sovereign and Spirit Ruins Island Lord who are guarding the passage on the opposite side may have encountered some trouble, otherwise it is impossible to open the passage for so long. ."

"What? Both of them will be in trouble with their strength?"

Zhao Yumeng's words contained some shock.

After all, the Unbounded Sovereign came before, but it has brought them too much shock, such a powerful strength, they will also encounter trouble, and this Sacred Realm is too dangerous.

Chen Xinglie lightly said with a smile: "Although their strength is invincible in this world behind us, they are not enough to look at in the wider holy world."

Chen Xinglie also didn't say his own strength, some things said that there is no sense of mysterious, he would not tell the two women that his strength is actually above that of Unbounded Sovereign.

Leave some curiosity, in order to be more shocked in the future, right?

The two women hearing this are a bit sluggish. In Chen Xinglie’s description, the Unbounded Sovereign can only be described in the Holy Realm with a little inadequacy. Then the strength of their Earth Immortal realm has gone to the Holy Realm. Not at the mercy of others?

"Then...what about the strength of that empress?" Shi Feiyu curiously asked.

When Zhao Yumeng on the side heard what the good sister said, he also looked towards Chen Xinglie.

Chen Xinglie lightly said with a smile: "She, she is stronger than the overwhelming majority of the holy world, I am afraid that there are fewer people in the holy world who can be equal to her."


The two were silent. It was only at this moment that they understood how far they were from the sister they had never met.

Thinking that I will go to the holy realm to meet that sister soon, the two of them feel somewhat perturbed, after all, this is a world with the supremacy of strength.

"You don't need to think too much, she is very nice."

Chen Xinglie also saw the concerns of the two women, said with a smile.

Then his face turned straight, and he said: "Our top priority now is how to enter the Holy Realm, and what's the situation on the void channel we don't know yet."

"Yes! This empress order seems to be related to empress."

Chen Xinglie suddenly remembered another use of empress order.

Then he took out the empress order and injected Spiritual Qi into it moved towards, recalling the operation method mentioned when empress gave him the empress order in my mind.

empress caused a dazzling golden light to erupt, but there was no sound at all.

"This thing is not easy to use! Isn't it a defective product?"

Looking at the shining hand but still unable to contact the empress order, Chen Xinglie's mouth Muttering.

On the other side of the void channel, a few Monster Races from Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm looked at Chen Xinglie on the opposite side of the channel, all of them sneered.

"Is this guy stupid, the emptiness here has been cut off by us, and he still wants to use the empress order to contact empress?"

"You can't say that, After all, this guy is just a pretty boy, and his strength is not Golden Immortal Realm. It's normal if he doesn't understand these things."

"Yes, if this guy hadn't been protected by empress, he would have died in the Holy Realm a long time ago. Where can I have a good life now."

Several Monster Race discuss spiritedly, the tone is full of disdain for Chen Xinglie, but the hidden trace of envy is I can't hide it no matter what.

After all, I can be the pretty boy of the peerless empress, millions of millions and millions of creatures in the holy world. I am afraid that no male is unwilling, but at this time the man on the opposite side of the passage monopolizes this Supreme Glory.

How can this keep these Monster Races from being angry? At this time, seeing Chen Xinglie at a loss is naturally also very relieved.

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