Invincible Boss System Chapter 808

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Thousands of miles west of Eastern Continent, on a plateau full of loess, a huge, weird-looking demonic beast is facing a white clothed youth.

This loess plateau has its own name, a place to bury the gods!

According to legend, tens of thousands of years ago, this place was originally a corner of the higher world of the Holy Realm. Because of the collapse of Heaven and Earth in the Spiritual God battle, this loess plateau that originally belonged to the Holy Realm was also there. Was defeated by Spiritual God in a big battle.

It is rumored that when this loess plateau came to this world, there was a huge human-shaped corpse on the loess plateau with Three Heads Six Arms, three heads and three sides, full of anger!

The six arms each hold a weapon, and each weapon has been broken. One can imagine what terrifying existence this suspected Spiritual God experienced in his lifetime.

Even though the weapon has been broken, the rays of light are still shining with many people's hearts.

After tens of thousands of years, as the rumor that True God was buried in the burial ground was known to more and more people, countless powerhouses of this world set foot in the burial ground, looking for the spiritual God corpse. , Captured the six remnants.

Spiritual God's Weapon device, even if the body is broken, already has terrifying power that the world can't imagine.

It’s just the powerhouse of the Peak of Earth Immortal that can fly up even if it’s only one step away. It’s still impossible to find the corpse of the legendary Spiritual God, and even this so-called God Burial Ground hasn’t really been found. .

Chen Xinglie was hit by a mistake at this time, and entered this land of burial gods that no one has set foot for thousands of years. Legend has it that the mysterious plateau where the Spiritual God is buried!

At this time, near the demonic beast, Chen Xinglie could see its full picture.

There is a huge hornless bull head, but the strange thing is that this demonic beast has only one leg!

The whole body is green, but there is more color that makes it more mysterious.

Demonic beast while speaking, there will be wind and rain, roaring like thunder, if you distinguish carefully, it is not difficult to see that the demonic beast is actually floating in the back of the head of Sun and Moon's Splendor. scene.

"Kui Ox!?"

After Chen Xinglie saw the face of this demonic beast, he let out an unbelievable exclamation.

The appearance of the demonic beast in front of me is too similar to the Divine Beast Kui Ox recorded in the Classic of Mountains and Seas in the previous life.

What Chen Xinglie didn't notice was that when he uttered the word Kui Ox, the huge demonic beast pupils in front of him shrank violently, which was a little bit more unbelievable like him.

"You brat know me!?" The voice of the demonic beast came into Chen Xinglie's ears.

Chen Xinglie raised his brows, this guy is really Kui Ox! ?

Questioningly asked: "Are you the legendary Kui Ox clan?"

"Yes, this seat may be the only Kui Ox in this world, you are impossible to know me! "

Kui Ox has some doubts in his tone.

The scarlet color in those huge eyes has disappeared a lot. When the two women rushed to Chen Xinglie's side, they saw Chen Xinglie and the demonic beast looking at each other, except for a ray of shock in their eyes. There was no hostility outside.

Such a sudden change also made the two women confused.

"Are you from that cyan planet?"

Chen Xinglie asked tentatively.

Kui Ox's pupils contracted violently, and he didn't need to wait for him to respond. Chen Xinglie had already got the answer from his reaction.

Good guy, is this another fellow?

First Profound Void, then Mo Antian and Qilin, and now this Fleshy body is almost as powerful as Kui Ox Divine Beast. What is the difference between this world and the azure planet in my previous life? connect?

If there is no connection between the two, Chen Xinglie absolutely does not believe that he is not the only transmigrator. Of course, these seniors cannot be regarded as transmigrators. After all, they all came to this with their own cultivation base. world.

"Who is brat!"

Kui Ox no longer sound transmission at this time, but with horror on his face, looking at Chen Xinglie and said.

Chen Xinglie smiled at the corner of his mouth and said: "To be precise, we should be regarded as fellow villagers, so can you and I sit down and have a good chat?"

Shi Feiyu I glanced at the two women with Zhao Yumeng and saw the doubt in each other's eyes. These two people were still with swords drawn and bows bent just now, are they still fellows now?

And looking at the appearance of the demonic beast, it seems that he has seen something unbelievable before showing such an expression.

Is there any secret Chen Xinglie hasn’t told them?

Although I wanted to ask Chen Xinglie, it was obviously not a good opportunity.

"Come with me."

Kui Ox glanced at the three of them, and turned around to lead the way.

Chen Xinglie's mouth is always smiling. According to Kui Ox, I am afraid that it came to this foreign world earlier than Profound Void. Perhaps some of my doubts can be explained today.

Following Kui Ox's gradual deepening into this loess plateau, the aura in the air gradually became depressed.

After an unknown number of journeys, Chen Xinglie finally saw a building that resembled a temple!

"Is it weird? My family's Master used to be a member of the world Buddhism."

When Kui Ox spoke, he did not look back, but he still seemed to see through Chen Xinglie's heart. Like normal, a dull voice rang in Chen Xinglie's ears.

Chen Xinglie knows that this is the other person sound transmission for himself. Seeing the eyes of the two people around him are still scanning all around, he knows that the two of them did not hear Kui Ox's words.

“Of course it’s weird. The fellow villagers I met in this world already have three people. I’m curious why there are so many people from us in this foreign world.”

Chen Xinglie Opening sound transmission said.

Kui Ox sighed and said: "Come with me, maybe the things in the temple can solve your doubts."

Both of them are sound transmission, realm The two daughters, Shi Feiyu, who are not as capable as Chen Xinglie and Kui Ox, are naturally unaware of the conversation between the two, but two pairs of beautiful eyes keep looking at things all around.

Everything here makes them feel novel. The strangely shaped courtyard in the distance has a huge golden word written on it, but the two women don't know each other.

Thinking about it, there is no Buddha in this world, and naturally there is no such word as Buddha.

Led by Kui Ox, a few people walked to the gate of the temple.

Perhaps because of disrepair for a long time, the gate of the temple is a bit decayed, and some moss and vines have risen on the walls, which looks somewhat desolate.

If it weren’t for the faintly magnificent atmosphere in this temple, Chen Xinglie would probably think it was a dilapidated temple that had been abandoned for a long time.

Kui Ox jumped on one foot, jumping over the extremely long distance between a few people and the temple gate in two clicks.

When Kui Ox jumped to the gate, the rotten and dilapidated gate opened automatically at this brief moment. With the sound of a creak creak crashing with rotten wood, the temple revealed its inner scene.

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