Invincible Boss System Chapter 809

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"Come in."

Kui Ox's dull voice sounded.

Chen Xinglie looked at the two women said with a smile: "He won't shoot us anymore, don't worry, go in and see."

Although I don’t know why Chen Xinglie So sure that the other party would not attack them, but the two women were willing to believe in Chen Xinglie and followed Chen Xinglie into the monastery.

The familiar smell of incense drifted into Chen Xinglie's nose, and Chen Xinglie took a deep breath with memories and longings.

Although it is a bit pungent, it is full of memories of the blue planet in the past life.

Looking at Chen Xinglie's strange appearance, the expressions of the two women changed slightly, but no one said much.

Chen Xinglie glanced all around. At the entrance, there were three huge Buddha statues with tall and solemn appearances.

The Dharmakaya Buddha "Vairocana Buddha" is in the center, the one on the left is the Sakyamuni Buddha "Rusana Buddha", and the one on the right is the Sakyamuni Buddha "Sakyamuni Buddha".

Looking at the three huge Buddha statues with familiar appearances, Chen Xinglie's mind was full of thoughts.

Seeing that there is an incense stick on the incense table in front of the Buddha statue, I did not say a word with Kui Ox. Each minding their own business walked to the three Buddha statues, holding three pillars of incense, mutter incantations in their mouths, and then bent over. Kneel down and respectfully insert the three-pillar incense into the incense burner on the incense table.

Kui Ox saw this scene, and he was completely sure of Chen Xinglie's identity, who he was talking about as a fellow!

If you are a person of this world, it is absolutely impossible to do such a move to these three Buddha statues.

When Chen Xinglie returned to the two women after everything, Kui Ox continued to lead the way.

"Xinglie, what was that just now? What were you doing just now?"

Shi Feiyu asked in a low voice with some curiosity.

Somehow, since entering this strange courtyard, Shi Feiyu and Zhao Yumeng have unconsciously lowered their voices. It seems that speaking loudly here will desecrate some unknown existence. .

Chen Xinglie lightly said with a smile: "The three are very strong and very strong. I worship them and pray for the protection of the three old people. If the three old people can receive my prayers , Maybe you can save my life in the future."

"Really? You didn't say it earlier, you knew I would go to worship too!"

Some of Shi Feiyu Said regretfully.

Zhao Yumeng's expression on the side also carries some regrets.

The two women are different from those of the blue planet in the previous life. Because they cannot be cultivated, the overwhelming majority do not want to believe that this world has the so-called Divine Immortal of Taoism, the true Buddha of Buddhism.

But this world has a powerful cultivator!

When the two women heard Chen Xinglie say that the three statues were three powerful existences, they naturally believed that they were true, although they were not sure whether the worship like Chen Xinglie could really get the shelter of the three powerhouses.

But it is not a wrong thing to show respect for such a powerhouse.

Kui Ox smiled secretly as he listened to the words coming from behind. If those Buddhas of aloof and remote could really hear this man’s prayer, his master would not have been hundreds of thousands of years ago. alone In this piece of foreign world battle to drain the last drop of blood!

If the last sentence before the master died during meditation was to let himself guard this monastery, Kui Ox had already kicked these so-called Buddhas, and since then he has gone to this foreign world.

Thinking of the master, Kui Ox's eyes have a trace of remembrance, and more of it is sad.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, he and his master came to this world because of an accident. Everything was so unfamiliar. In the end, the master worked hard to improve his strength in order to be able to promote Buddhism here.

Only when I wanted to promote Buddhism, I angered this world. A terrifying existence. The owner was suppressed by that terrifying existence. He escaped from birth by chance, but the injuries in his body were too serious. , And finally died during meditation here.

It is also after the master died during meditation that Kui Ox no longer believes that the so-called Buddha really exists. If the horrible powerhouse that is said to be able to control time does exist, then why did these Buddhas not come to this foreign world? Save his master!

Come to this foreign world and save them, sincere believers!

Before the owner died during meditation, Kui Ox once asked him why he believed in those aloof and remote Buddhas so much.

The master just smiled and told him that there are many unknown existences in this world, and those Buddhas are unknown and cannot touch the unknown. Believe in them over there, maybe these unknown existences will feel you someday Believe, come to you.

It is such a person who holds loyal faith to the Buddha. Before he died, he was chanting words such as mercy, my Buddha.

Thinking of this, Kui Ox suddenly let out a sigh.

Some are not worthwhile, but some are worthwhile.

This is not the case with things in this world. When you don't know the final result, where is worth or not.

The next great hall where Kui Ox took Chen Xinglie and the three of them into the next great hall was hung with a wooden plaque on the lintel of the book Heavenly King Palace.

Entering the great hall, you will see several tall Buddha statues. From the aspect of appearance, the head is Maitreya Bodhisattva offered by most temples in the previous life, and Maitreya Bodhisattva is behind Wei Tuo Bodhisattva.

On both sides of the two Bodhisattva Buddha statues, there are four majestic Divine Idols holding various weapons. They are the Four Great Heavenly Kings statues!

Everything was as familiar as the one he had seen in his memory. In a daze, Chen Xinglie suddenly had the illusion of returning to that blue planet.

As before, bowed down respectfully to worship Buddha. After Chen Xinglie and the others left, there were nine pillars of incense in the incense burner on the incense table. Any angry Heavenly King Palace is a little more incense.

Following Kui Ox, several people moved towards the depths of the temple for a long time.

This temple, which is not too big from the outside, has another Heaven and Earth inside.

"There is the place where the master died during meditation, maybe you can get the answer you want there."

Looking in the direction of Kui Ox, a simple The wood house was built abruptly in the courtyard of the temple.

The Hall Of Great Strength and Heavenly King Palace that just passed by, although a bit of a downfall, compared to the dilapidated wood house in front of them, they are also worthy of the four characters gold and jade in glorious splendor.

Looking at the wood house not far away, Kui Ox let out a ridiculous laugh, not knowing that he was laughing at himself for the master’s last words of staying in this courtyard for thousands of years.

I was still laughing at his deceased master, leaving the best to the so-called Buddhas, and I stayed in such a dilapidated wood house after died during meditation.

See Kui Ox nodded, Chen Xinglie walks towards the wood house.

There are some expectations in my heart, and many doubts in my heart, maybe I will get the answer today!

Why are there so many people from that blue planet in this world?

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