Invincible Boss System Chapter 810

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"ga zhi"

With a sound of quaint and decadent atmosphere, Chen Xinglie stepped into this wood house.

Chen Xinglie was taken aback by a middle age person sitting cross-legged.

Isn't this the owner of Kui Ox who has died during meditation?

Why is there someone else?


Chen Xinglie politely moved towards the middle age person and greeted him, but he didn't get a response for a long time.

Kui Ox’s voice came from behind: "The middle age person you saw is my master!"

Chen Xinglie's heart trembled. According to Kui Ox, this The middle age person died during meditation should have been for thousands of years, and the fleshy body is so divine!

Tens of millions of Fleshy bodies are immortal, and they still have amazing divinity, almost no different from living people. What a Profound Realm was before this life.

Learning that this middle age person is the owner of Kui Ox who had died during meditation, Chen Xinglie also stepped into the wood house at this time.

As soon as he entered the wood house, the wooden door behind him closed automatically without a wind, with a creaking sound.


Chen Xinglie whispered.

Just before he stood up straight from the state of bending, he heard a sound that almost scared him away.

"What did the junior look for?"

"You...who are you!?"

Hearing this sudden voice, Chen Xinglie was wary He glanced all around, but found nothing unusual.

"This seat is Brahma Green, don't look for it anymore, this seat is the corpse in front of you!"

The voice sounded again, which also explained his identity.

Chen Xinglie raised his brows. This terrifying existence, who has been dead for at least ten thousand years, is still conscious?

Who is this guy!

Containing the panic in my heart, Chen Xinglie cautiously asked: "senior, are you a legacy of Strands of Divine Sense?"

"divine sense? You brat looks like it does. I know a lot, but I am not!"

Fan Qing's voice sounded, with some smiles.

Chen Xinglie looks startled. This is not a Strands of Divine Sense like Profound Void. Isn’t this guy still dead?

Seeing Chen Xinglie’s doubts, Fan Qing said again: “Don’t think too much, this seat has been died during meditation for tens of thousands of years. This is just a ray of inheritance, no need to think too much. ."

"You are not the inheritor that this seat is looking for, so this inheritance cannot be given to you. Tell me about your purpose of coming here."

Fan Qing said in his voice. With some regrets, it seemed that he had not found his inheritor for tens of thousands of years, which made him feel a little sad.

Chen Xinglie hearing this was clear in his heart. Although he was a little bit disappointed that he could not get the strong inheritance of the other party with him, he did not show it at this moment.

Chen Xinglie respectfully said: "Van senior, Junior came here only by accident. It was your Divine Beast Kui Ox who brought me in."

"Oh? That guy actually did. Bringing you here, think about what you should be different, but now this seat is just a ray of inheritance divine sense, and even the ability to explore your roots is no longer."

hearing this, Chen Xinglie Hurriedly said: "Van senior, Junior wants to ask you something."

"Go ahead, what I know will tell you that since Kui Ox is willing to bring you here, you should No problem."

Fan Qing’s voice is full of trust in Kui Ox. He can’t detect Chen Xinglie’s roots and feet. Now his divine sense remains in the inheritance. It can only be judged whether the incoming person is suitable to accept the inheritor.

So, for someone like Chen Xinglie who can be brought here by Kui Ox, Fan Qing can only believe it.

Chen Xinglie hearing this immediately said: "What I want to ask is, is there any special connection between Heaven and Earth and the blue planet we used to live in?"

"What!? You know there!"

Fan Qing's voice was extremely shocked. It seemed that he didn't expect to hear about the planet from the mouth of the little fellow in front of him.

Without waiting for Chen Xinglie to respond, Chen Xinglie only felt that he saw a flash. When he came back to his senses, he found that he had entered a special space.

Entering the eye is endless white, all around nothing, just like nothingness here.

"senior? Are you there?"

Chen Xinglie called out in the white space, wanting to confirm whether the senior Qing is here.

When the sound fell, a white clothed silhouette appeared in the distance of this space, fuse together with the endless pale fuse all around, if it hadn’t been for this white clothed silhouette with long black hair, I’m afraid Chen Xinglie would have Can't find the silhouette of this body without any breath.

Chen Xinglie strode towards the white clothed silhouette, seemingly far away, but it didn't take much time to actually wait for Chen Xinglie to run.

Running behind the white clothed silhouette, Chen Xinglie whispered: "Van Senior Qing?"

"Why do you know about that planet?"

The white clothed silhouette didn't turn his head back, just an indifferent voice sounded, but he also admitted his identity.

Chen Xinglie hesitated for a moment, but decided to disclose some of his own affairs. If this senior is not sure of his identity, I am afraid he will not tell him the secrets.

Besides, the terrifying existence has now been died during meditation. Chen Xinglie does not need to worry that the other party will advertise that he is from the foreign world, and 80% of this senior is also from there.

"Senior, I came from that blue planet." Chen Xinglie whispered.

The white clothed silhouette turned around, and a face exactly like the corpse of the wood house appeared in front of Chen Xinglie, with a look of memories on his face.

"Tell me what the planet looks like now." Fan Qing said.

Chen Xinglie slightly nodded said: "Before Junior came to this world, the planet had lost those powerful cultivators, and all the gods in the past were transformed into Myths and Legends."


When I heard that everything in the past disappeared, Fan Qing's expression was obvious, and there was a hint of unbelief in his eyes.

Looking at Chen Xinglie and asked: "What happened to Buddhism? What about Taoism?"

"Taoism and Buddhism are equally divided, but humans outside the Divine Province continent I prefer to believe in a guy called God Jesus."

Chen Xinglie thought for a while before speaking.

Fanqing browses frowned, whispering: "God Jesus..."

"Finally, with the strength of those Buddhas, I'm afraid I won't easily disappear from that world. I can't do it now. It's a Strands of Divine Sense. What to worry about so much."

Then he looked at Chen Xinglie and said: "You just wanted to ask me why there are so many people from there in this world?"

"Yes senior, before you, I have met two, no, there is also a Qilin Divinity beast."

Chen Xinglie responded.

"Qilin Divinity beast...Have you met someone from Taoism?"

Qilin is auspicious, but Buddhism does not recognize this auspiciousness, so Brahma is so sure.

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