Invincible Boss System Chapter 811

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Chen Xinglie still kept an eye on him, and did not tell Fan Qing about his inheritance from the Dao Sect.

Just replied: "Yes, I met a senior from the Daomen before, and Qilin is his mount, and there is also a character from the demonic path."

"The Daomen... Has the demonic path come to this world? Where are the two of them now?"

Van Qing whispered.

Chen Xinglie was a little surprised by his reaction. Shouldn't this Buddhism hate the demonic path extremely?

Buddhism until now is facing the world with a posture of saving all living beings, and the slogan is also to put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha.

The demonic path and Buddhism are completely two extremes. The people of the demonic path are selfish and can do everything for their own goals.

But it is the two sides that should have been opposites. Why did I get to this Brahma, when I heard the characters of the demonic path, I didn’t have any other thoughts, and just asked me plainly about the other side. where.

"Are you curious why I believe in Buddhism, but there is no response when I hear the demonic path?"

Fan Qing whispered, seeming to see through Chen Xinglie The idea is general.

Chen Xinglie slightly nodded said: "It is indeed a bit shocked. I have always heard that Buddhism regards the world as its own responsibility, and that the demonic path is to kill the world. The reaction of senior makes me a little puzzled."

"Hehe, everyone in the world has a heart for good and evil, no matter which school you are, whoever can say that he must be the righteous party."

"Demonic path is not all Evil people, and Buddhism are not all good people."

Listening to Fanqing’s words, Chen Xinglie agrees with nodded. The senior who believes in Buddhism in front of him is not that kind of stupid and loyal believer. On the contrary, he is right. People's hearts are more thorough than too many people.

Without waiting for Chen Xinglie to speak, Fan Qing said again: "Besides, with my current appearance, do you still have the ability to manage the demonic path of the world?"

hearing this, Chen Xinglie is slightly silent.

Then he said: "The demonic path is nowhere to be found now, but with his Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm realm, there must be no storm in that world. As for the senior of that door, I found his At that time, there was only a ray of Remnant Soul left, and it disappeared after explaining about the demonic path."

"It's his mount, now in the world where the demonic path is located."

Fan Qing was nodded, sighed and said: "You seem to have the breath of sword dao?"

Chen Xinglie was slightly taken aback, didn't expect that the other party suddenly changed the subject. Obviously, I don't want to mention more about Daomen and demonic path.

Then Chen Xinglie summoned the great sword from the Sea of ​​Consciousness. The moment the great sword appeared, the majestic sword intent enveloped the entire wood house.

Kui Ox outside the wood house feels this sword intent, browses tightly knit, looks towards the wood house and his eyes are full of dignity. This youngster who looks like a teenager is really not an ordinary person.

Such a majestic sword intent, after the owner died during meditation, Kui Ox has never felt such a powerful sword intent on anyone.

Looking at the majestic sword intent bursting out of Chen Xinglie, there was a flash of shock in Fan Qing's eyes. It seemed that this youngster, who came from the same place as himself, could walk on Sword Dao Road. So far.

"Yes, your sword intent is very strong. Although you are not my ideal inheritor, but now you have been waiting for tens of thousands of years and have not met a fated person. Maybe you are the one who is destined "

Fan Qing looked at Chen Xinglie earnestly, and argued with the courage of one's convictions.

Chen Xinglie raised his brows. The other party meant that he wanted to get his strong inheritance?

This Brahma Senior Qing has long been died during meditation for tens of thousands of years, and the divinity of the Fleshy body is still not extinguished. How strong should his strength and inheritance be?

"Senior, what do you mean?"

"Hehe, that's what you think in your heart!"

The voice falls, the silhouette of Fanqing has stepped by step Stepping up into the sky, it has been standing high above the sky in a moment.

Chen Xinglie looking down on the ground, Fan Qing said: "This seat is Fan Qing, who has cultivated the path for a hundred thousand years. I have the honor to have repaired that world Peak, but I can't take the last step. "

"I came to this world accidentally, and found that the Heaven and Earth Law here is completely different from there, and then I am here for Heaven and Earth cultivation for thousands of years, and finally comprehended the last step."

"Only on the day I took the last step, the sky lowered Thunder Punishment, which had the atmosphere of a great avenue, which was the avenue of this world."

Speaking of this, Fan Qing's eyes changed Sharp, a long sword appeared in his hand, flashing with dazzling cold light.

“It’s just that Heavenly Dao here doesn’t want me to take the last step, maybe because I am afraid that I will threaten his status after setting foot on that realm, maybe because I am an outsider!”

With a sword swung, a cold light cut through the sky.

In the pale world, a dazzling rays of light appeared in this brief moment. It was the sword light brought up by the long sword in the hands of Fan Qing!

The suffocating powerful sword qi is approaching the front door. In this brief moment Chen Xinglie feels a little difficult to breathe.

Containing the intense physical discomfort, Chen Xinglie's gaze did not move away from Fan Qing for a moment. He wanted to see how strong the sword dao would be after reaching the Peak.

"This sword is named Kaitian!"

"This is the last sword that this seat has realized before died during meditation. You should understand the enemy in the future!"

Fan Qing spit out a few words, and Chen Xinglie knew that this was the name of this sword.

Open the sky!

What an overbearing name, but under this powerful sword move, it is not ashamed of this name.

Chen Xinglie knew that if he could reach Fanqing’s realm and cleavage this sword with a big sword, the formidable power of this sword would be enough to tear the sky of the Holy Realm!

It was also when he saw this sword, Chen Xinglie knew the identity of the opponent, the white clothed swordsman who opened the sky in the mouth of the three old men in Endless Sea!

Chen Xinglie didn't expect that he would encounter this terrifying powerhouse by such a coincidence.

And the other party also came from that blue planet!

Maybe some things have already been destined, and the common people in the world are just a drop in the ocean of fate.

"Senior, rest assured! Before coming here, I have met three old men, one named Mo Chen, one named Li Canghai, and another named Shen Guanyun. In the mouths of those three seniors, Junior already knew Senior's matter."

Chen Xinglie raised his head to tell the story of the three elders in the endless sea.

Fan Qing was taken aback, the sword moves in his hand paused slightly, and then he sighed and said: "It was this seat that harmed them back then, and also harmed the people in this world. If it is possible, I will deal with them next time. When we met, I apologize for this seat."

"senior, their three people never blamed you!"

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