Invincible Boss System Chapter 814

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In the depths of the Monster Race forest, a courtyard that is much richer than other courtyards, and an azure light is blooming at this moment.

The strong azure light attracted countless Monster Races around to stop and stop.

"Isn't that the courtyard where the patriarch lives now? What is this azure light?"

"I don't know, will it be the patriarch's realm that has a breakthrough again?"

"If it's really a breakthrough, it would be very good. If it weren't for the three elders who needed a long time to be covered in dust because of the lack of blood energy in the body, my Monster Race would not be beaten to my doorstep by a group of empress palaces in the Southern Territory!"

Countless Monster Races watched the azure light and started a lively discussion. They are looking forward to the strength of the Monster Race patriarch.

Monster Race during this period was extremely frustrated. First, it was beaten by the empress guards of the empress palace, and finally paid a painful price to make the empress palace retreat.

After that, Liu Qingzhi came again. This person was more ruthless than empress. Only one person suppressed the entire Monster Race. Even after waking up the three elders, he was still forced by Liu Qingzhi. Falling into dust again.

The huge Monster Race couldn't find a single person who could come forward to contend with Liu Qingzhi.

Monster Race, as the top-ranked race in the Holy Realm, these two encounters are somewhat shameful.

So at this moment, countless Monster Races are looking forward to the fact that the head of the family can break through the original realm. After breaking through, not to mention that they can teach the arrogant and arrogant empress, but at least they can have the capital to contend with.

As for Liu Qingzhi, everyone at Monster Race didn't bother to think about it. They knew that let alone the patriarch's breakthrough, the three elders in the dust were probably not the opponents of this guy.

There is no other reason. At this time, the man occupying the Monster Race hall is too terrifying. Everyone in the terrifying Monster Race has no intention of resisting.

At the moment, Yao Tianqing is refining Grade 6 Azure Lotus. Naturally, he cannot hear the expectation of countless clansman outside the house. If he could hear him, he would probably ascend high in the sky, and his real arm shouted: Ben The patriarch has already broken through, Monster Race no longer needs to be afraid of Southern Empress from now on!

But at this moment, he obviously doesn’t have that much thought. His eyes are fixed on the Azure Lotus in his hand. After absorbing a drop of his own blood essence, the Azure Lotus is already exuding azure light. Now it is a masterpiece of rays of light.

"Good baby!"

Feeling the aura of Azure Lotus in your hands getting stronger and stronger, the demon Tianqing spoke cred out in surprise.

There is joy and surprise in words. He didn't expect a seemingly extraordinary Azure Lotus to have such a powerful force!

I am now in the middle stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal, and I cooperate with the Grade 6 Azure Lotus in my hand to fight against the Southland empress without any problems!

After all, the empress is just a late stage existence of Great Firmament Golden Immortal!

The Holy Realm is roughly divided into three levels of strength. Among them, the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Early-Stage, such as Yao Tianqing, is the third echelon, which is stronger than most creatures in the Holy Realm, but if it is Compared with those supreme powerhouses, there are still many gaps.

The second echelon is the three elders of Monster Race. For whatever reason, these elders have great strength, but because they are too old, the inner Qi is bloodless, the next realm of breakthrough is already Hopeless, I can only choose to seal myself in dust to escape the erosion of endless years.

The first echelon is the existence called supreme powerhouse like empress. These people are at least in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, enough to stand in the Peak of this world.

Back then, several supreme powerhouses joined forces to attack the empress palace, and forced empress to send Chen Xinglie into reincarnation to escape, and then empress was one step forward in the realm of the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal. It's only a short distance from the Peak of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

But at this little distance, after hundreds of years have been spent with empress’s talents, it is still unable to move forward a bit, but only by relying on the latter stage of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal to go further. Strength, empress is already among the best among all supreme powerhouses in the holy world.

Except for those few hidden terrifying existence, few people can compete with her.

As for the existence of Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, now only a Liu Qingzhi appeared in the huge holy realm, and Liu Qingzhi is no longer considered a person in the holy realm.

Liu Qingzhi is also deviating from his words. With the help of that place, he can break through the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage and become the absolute powerhouse of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak.

As for the strength of divorce, it has already left the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm and reached the higher realm, but it still has a long way to go from the legendary Supreme Realm.

After all, Supreme represents not only realm, but also absolute strength, enough to suppress everything in this world!

"Great Firmament Golden Immortal in the middle stage, plus this baby, hehehe."

Looking at the Grade 6 Azure Lotus in his hand, the demon sky blue look became weird, and his mouth There was a weird laugh, which made people shudder.

Then his expression turned cold, as if thinking of something, and he whispered: "Jun Lingsu, you wait for this seat, when you cry in front of this seat!"

Speaking of the last time, it turned out to be a gnashing teeth look.

It seems that I can’t wait to cramp this person named Jun Lingsu.

Junlingsu is the name of empress, but since empress reached the summit, no creatures have dared to mention the real name of empress directly. In the holy world, it is also a thing to mention the real name of a peerless powerhouse Quite disrespectful thing.

And the endless killings that empress set off in the holy world hundreds of years ago have changed the voice of the creatures.

The demon Tianqing is now full of confidence in her own strength, thinking that the peerless empress can only be between five and five with her. At this moment, she has no longer awe of her.

But for Liu Qingzhi, he still has some self-knowledge. Since the other party can easily hand over the three Dragon Bone Pills and the Grade 6 Azure Lotus to himself, most of these things are useless to him.

Thinking about it this way, the opponent's strength may be far above the empress.

Demon Tianqing is a person who knows how to judge the situation and the situation. The change in attitude towards Liu Qingzhi when he obtained Dragon Bone Pill and Grade 6 Azure Lotus is the best explanation.

However, Yao Tianqing's eyes flashed with an unexplainable look at this moment, and most of them were not sincere acknowledge allegiance to Liu Qingzhi.

The words are divided into two parts, let’s talk about empress. Once you leave the empress palace, you will go all the way to the void channel.

In the horrified eyes of the five Monster Races, the palm of the empress fell, and the five living Monster Races instantly turned into a pool of flesh and blood. The five Monster Race powerhouses of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, actually It was the seemingly random palm that failed to resist empress.

After awakening the Unbounded Sovereign and the Spirit Ruins Island Lord, empress also learned from them what happened here.

"Monster Race, really brave!"

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