Invincible Boss System Chapter 815

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In the holy world, a silhouette cuts through the sky, moving towards the Forest of Monster Race at an incredible speed.

If the strength is strong enough, you can see clearly what a silhouette of this swift and gleaming silhouette is.

It’s just this goodness that no one is destined to see clearly.

empress is almost rushing to Monster Race Forest at its fastest speed.

Before, in the passageway with the lower realm, the huge Divine Consciousness moved towards the lower realm spread. I searched the whole lower realm, but did not find Chen Xinglie's silhouette, which made her feel a little more worried.

Can't help but guess that maybe Chen Xinglie has been taken away by Monster Race, so the speed of rushing to Monster Race at this moment is beyond imagination.

Monster Race forest, countless Monster Race lives day after day, cultivation, enter the forest to find Heaven and Earth Treasure, sometimes the world of dao cultivator is somewhat boring.

In addition to the Monster Race hall being occupied by the outsider, it is the courtyard where Monster Race patriarch Demon Tianqing lives. From time to time, bursts of azure rays of light will be emitted, accompanied by rays of The flickering of light and the breath of powerful Spiritual Artifact permeated it.

On this day, the tranquility of Monster Race Forest was broken again. In a not too long time, this was the third time that an outsider broke the tranquility of this forest.

A silhouette appeared above the Monster Race Forest, and countless Monster Races looked up at that peerless silhouette.

"empress!? Why did she come to my Monster Race again!"

"What the hell did my Monster Race commit that would make this person stay in the empress palace for hundreds of years? Take a step towards empress, repeatedly come to my Monster Race!"

"It's over, don't make any noise there. If you have time to talk, let's run away! My Monster Race three elders not long ago It’s just been recovered, and now empress is coming to Monster Race again. What do I use to block Monster Race!"

Someone stood in place and whispered, but his face was filled with fear Look.

Someone also ran away with their legs raised. They never thought that this was his hometown. The speed of escaping even surpassed his own realm. From the back of this hurried escaping, no one could see a trace of right. The sense of belonging and attachment here.

Those Monster Race standing in place, when they saw their fellow race running desperately, one by one seemed to wake up suddenly. Someone moved towards those fugitives yelling, but more people chose to join The ranks of runaways.

For a time, the forest of Monster Race, which was originally quiet, suddenly became flustered and noisy.

"How can my Monster Race have a scum like you!"

Monster Race, who is concerned about the safety of Monster Race, is accusing those clansman who ran away.

It's just that his shouting can't make the clansman who escaped turn back, and it's impossible to even stop for a second.

The demon Tianqing has not appeared for a long time, and the despair of Monster Race who stayed in the Forest of Monster Race has added a layer of haze. They don't know what the patriarch is doing at the moment.

If it wasn't for the courtyard where he lived, there were still bursts of azure light flashing at this time, I am afraid that many Monster Races would doubt whether their patriarch has already run away.

"Patriarch! Where are you! If you don't show up again, my Monster Race will be destroyed in the hands of this woman!"


Many Monster Races There was no response to the call, and the scene where the patriarch came to rescue the entire Monster Race in distress like a War God did not appear.

Except for the azure light flashing in that courtyard, the frequency of flashing a little faster, there is no other change at all.

empress stood in the air, looking at the countless Monster Race running away in the forest below my feet, my heart flashed with disdain.

It's just a group of people who are greedy for life and fear of death. The first reaction to a strong enemy is not to guard the home against the strong enemy, but choose to escape!

In the Hall of Monster Race, Liu Qingzhi, sitting high on the throne of Monster Race, naturally sensed her breath immediately after the empress came.

But because Liyandao had previously told him that Liyandao had encountered a terrifying powerhouse in nothingness, and made a three-hundred-year covenant, of course he could not come forward at this time.

Liu Qingzhi smiled at the corner of her mouth, and whispered: "This little girl's strength growth over the years is a bit amazing. It's already on par with me. If it weren't for the blessing of Li adults Those medicine pill and cultivation techniques, I am afraid I have been suppressed by these younger generations now."

After that, I looked thoughtful and whispered Monster Race. Don’t let me down, the tall silhouette disappeared in the Monster Race hall. Among them, I don't know where to go.

After all, Liu Qingzhi has reached the Peak of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal. Even the empress of the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal cannot sense his departure.

The demon Tianqing is sitting cross-legged at the moment, the Grade 6 Azure Lotus is floating up and down in front of his chest, flashing azure rays of light.

He also sensed the breath of empress, slightly trembled for no reason, this is the shadow left by empress in his heart for a long time.

"Junlingsu! Wait a few more minutes for this seat, and when this seat is refining this Grade 6 Azure Lotus, I will let you know that I am Monster Race, I am amazing!"

The demon Azure gnashing teeth spit out a word, and then continued to close his eyes and started to refining the Grade 6 Azure Lotus on his chest.

He thought well, but empress will give him these few minutes.

empress did not care about the Monster Race that escaped, and turned its gaze to the Monster Race hall, and the cold and indifferent voice resounded through the forest of Monster Race.

"Demon Azure, why don't you come out to see you when this seat is here?"

The voice fell, but there was no response for a long time.

Those Elders of Monster Race fled at this moment, but those who did not escape also shrank in their own courtyard and became ostriches. They had no intention to come forward for Monster Race.

Empress raised her brows, and the huge Divine Consciousness enveloped the entire Monster Race forest. The demon sky did not show up for a long time. Her intuition told her that there was absolutely something abnormal in it.

The huge Divine Consciousness covers the Forest of Monster Race, no matter where it is, it is impossible to escape the detection of empress Divine Consciousness.

However, Yao Tianqing has the concealment of Grade 6 Azure Lotus, but it also makes empress unable to determine his location.

empress frowned slightly, and felt a little more surprised. Although I sensed the aura of the demon sky, he didn't find the place of the demon sky!

She even found the three elders of Monster Race who were self-proclaimed in the depths of the cave at the moment, but she did not see the demon sky.

But empress did not sense Chen Xinglie's breath, which relieved her hanging heart.

"Well, since you don't want to show up, let this Monster Race pay this debt."

empress whispered.

both hands forming seals, a huge Formation appeared at her feet.

The complex and cumbersome formations with a powerful aura that the weak cannot understand, gradually began to move towards all around and spread.

Only a moment has already enveloped the entire Monster Race Forest in Formation.

"Red Lotus Karma Fire, get up!"

empress said softly.

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