Invincible Boss System Chapter 816

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Monster Race forest, originally full of verdant forests, has now turned into a sea of ​​Heavenly Fire, hot flames spread and burn in Monster Race forest, countless trees are in an instant The time was burned to ashes.

In all the horrified and desperate eyes of Monster Race, the complex array at the foot of empress ignited a monstrous fire, and the flame moved towards the Forest of Monster Race underneath like raindrops.

The falling flames seem to have no end, just for a moment, the Forest of Monster Race has become a sea of ​​flames.

"Lady Empress, spare your life! I didn't offend the empress palace!"

"Blame the monster Azure! What he did has nothing to do with me! "

"Spare my lord! I am willing to be a watchdog of the empress palace, and only ask Lady Empress to spare the villain!"


Under the Red Lotus Karma Fire, the weak Monster Race has already been reduced to ashes with the trees.

There is only a slightly stronger Monster Race left. At this moment, I desperately moved towards the sky that peerless silhouette and prayed. Some Monster Race even tried to become the watchdog of the empress palace. Conditions in exchange for the chance to survive.

Among them, there are powerful ordinary Monster Races, but most of them are Monster Race Elders. These normally aloof and remote Elders in the clan, face death and are also similar to those ordinary clansman exactly similar.

Even Elder's reaction is not as good as some Monster Race who looked towards empress with hatred gazes that are not afraid of life and death!

There was no response to these Monster Race's prayers. Empress's face was as cold as frost, and he didn't feel any guilt at all because the countless Monster Races under his feet were turned to ashes.

Being able to go from an ordinary person step by step to now is an empress, she has experienced too many killings in her life, let alone the death of these Monster Races at her feet, even if the entire holy world is destroyed For the most part, she won't let her have the slightest disturbance.

If she is a soft-hearted hand, let alone whether she can have today, the killing that left a heavy psychological shadow on countless creatures in the holy realm hundreds of years ago would not have been caused by empress.

Powerhouse is destined to have no mercy for those weak and weak.

The supreme powerhouse standing in the peak of the holy realm is even more so, meaningless pity will only harm oneself. The powerhouse standing in the Peak understands this truth much better than those who are weak.

The fire was raging, and countless Monster Races that had no time to escape were completely sealed in the Red Lotus Karma Fire. They did not escape before, but now they want to run but it is too late.

The three elders who covered themselves in dust in a cave deep in the Monster Race forest opened their eyes.

all around the endless high temperature awakened them, three pairs of vicissitudes of eyes suddenly opened, Six Paths divine light shot from these three pairs of eyes.

In the cave that was originally dim and without light, the Six Paths divine light was illuminated, bringing a little light.

"Jun Lingsu, the woman, come to my Monster Race again."

"hehe, this time it seems that my Monster Race seems hard to avoid calamity..."

"Who said no, the Red Lotus Karma Fire, the most Power of Slaughter in her hand, has been laid out. I am afraid that my Monster Race clansman has been killed and injured."

The three old men vomited out. The words of vicissitudes, a little helpless and a little sad.

"Let's go, the three of us are the pillars of Monster Race, we should check it out anyway."

One of the three old men whispered.

Then hands behind back, moved towards the cave's only light source.

The other two old men also sighed helplessly, got up from the cold and dead stone slab, and followed the headed old man moved towards outside.

The Forest of Monster Race has been enveloped by the Red Lotus Karma Fire formed by empress, and the three old men are basically impossible to go out even if they want to go.

After all, the empress is a peerless powerhouse in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm, standing in the Peak of Heaven and Earth in this holy world.

And their three people are just the mid-term of Great Firmament Golden Immortal. Their strength and empress are not at the same level, but if the three people work together, they can barely make a tie with empress.

This is also the last time empress came, why after the birth of these three old men, they chose to ask for some compensation and then left Monster Race. Of course, the price of compensation is somewhat heavy for Monster Race.

As soon as the three of them walked out of the cave, they met empress's cold eyes.

An old man met empress’s gaze and said: "empress, why did you repeatedly come to my Monster Race? Do you really think that my Monster Race is so bullying?"

The two did not speak, but the meaning in their eyes was self-evident.

Empress opened his lips slightly and said, "This is the Monster Race you are deceiving. What can the three of you do?"

"Besides, what did your Monster Race do, three of you There are not many people in Dao Heart?"

The three of them were taken aback and thought of Liu Qingzhi.

I am afraid that empress will come to Monster Race this time. Most of it is related to Liu Qingzhi. I think that maybe after the three self-appointed, Liu Qingzhi asked Monster Race patriarch to do something that caused empress to come to Monster Race. Have an explanation.

"Looking at empress means I don’t have to talk about it?"

"Hehe, talk? The last time I let you Monster Race a horse, how long did it take to give Ben I’m looking for something, the Monster Race that is still in Monster Race’s forest today is all annihilated!"

The voice of empress is very cold, as cold as the bitter wind in the winter of the twelfth lunar month.

Rao is the great realm of the three veterans Great Firmament Golden Immortal in the middle stage, and was also stung by the coldness of the empress voice.

The three of them looked at each other, but they all saw the thought of going to death in each other's eyes.

No one thinks about where the Monster Race patriarch is, and whether he is still in the Monster Race forest.

Some Monster Race who hasn't fallen into the flames stared at the four silhouettes of the sky tightly, with anticipation in their eyes.

"Fight, Monster Race Forest will no longer exist after today, and my Monster Race's tens of thousands of years of glory will be burned."

One of the three old men sighed. Said softly.

The expression of empress hasn’t changed in any way. Looking at the three people’s eyes seems to be looking at three dead people. Perhaps when Monster Race shot Chen Xinglie, the entire Monster Race has been included as a dead person by empress. In the list.

empress ignores the sentimentality of the three people. The weak and the weak will always utter some unnecessary sighs and words when facing death, but at least these three old men still have a sense of glory for Monster Race, at least their three People dare to fight against empress.

This courage alone is enough for empress to give their three people a decent way to die.

empress right hand gently, bring up a ray of flame in the large array under your feet, the flame moved towards the sky, and it continues to grow stronger in the process of ascent, and the flame at the head begins to change , Gradually became a hideous leader.


The flame rose to the sky, but it has become a flame giant dragon, giant dragon bowed its head looking Monster Race three Old Zhang opened bloody mouth wide open like a The sacrificial bowl roared.

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