Invincible Boss System Chapter 818

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The empress standing proudly in the air naturally heard the words of the demon sky, but she discovered that this guy was just a realm in the middle of the breakthrough Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

Where is the courage to say the rest to him?

But when I saw the azure lotus platform under his feet, empress understood that this lotus platform does not know what kind of divine object it is, and it has such a powerful vitality.

Yu Tianqing has not used this lotus platform for the time being, and empress does not know whether this azure lotus platform has other magical effects.

After persuading the two clan elders to leave the battlefield, Yao Tianqing turned his attention to empress.

He said with cold eyes: "Jun Lingsu, you are such a great emperor! Do you really regard yourself as the emperor of this holy world?"

empress Don’t say anything, look. The eyes of Yao Tianqing were full of indifference, and there was a hint of sneer.

Demon Tianqing originally existed in the same period as empress and Heavenly Venerable, but the innate talent between him and empress is too big. When one person is empress one person is Heavenly Venerable, this demon sky Qing still stays in the Early-Stage of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

Such a realm in the huge holy realm can be regarded as a side powerhouse, but it is far from the real Sovereign.

So Yao Tianqing always has some inferiority complex when facing empress and Heavenly Venerable. This is a psychological change brought about by strength.

That said, even if he once borrowed ten courage from him, he would not dare to say such words to empress.

But now, he Yao Tianqing got three Dragon Bone Pills from Liu Qingzhi, successfully breaking through to the middle stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

In addition to the Grade 6 Azure Lotus that he has completely refined at his feet, and the Grade 6 Azure Lotus can compete with the empress in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal environment, it is naturally very swollen at this moment.

"Azure Lotus under your feet gives you the confidence?"

empress looks at the azure lotus platform at his feet, disdainful smile.

The demon Tianqing didn’t care at all, and said arrogantly: "Hehe, how can you imagine the formidable power of this good baby!"

empress one-handed flick , Because the two elders of Monster Race evaded dozens of Fire Dragons that hadn't attacked their targets, and placed their targets on Yao Tianqing.

The same great momentum as before, the same aura as before, dozens of Fire Dragons moved towards the demon sky over the past, like dark clouds covering the sky.

"hmph, don’t be embarrassed by such a means, let’s see how my demon Azure breaks your Red Lotus Karma Fire formation today!"

But he was not afraid at all, and the Fire Dragon, who was able to kill the three veterans of Monster Race and two to evade, became some embarrassing means in his mouth.

In this brief moment rays of light masterpiece, the azure rays of light run through the sky like a beam of light.

The majestic vitality overflows from the azure lotus platform, instantly permeating the whole piece of Heaven and Earth.

When those aggressive Fire Dragons touched the azure light, they smiled like flames meeting water. In the endless babble, dozens of Fire Dragons disappeared in the blink of an eye. trace.

empress brows slightly raise, looking at the azure lotus platform, there is a little bit of surprise and shock in the eyes, it seems that didn't expect this lotus platform to have such a powerful attack power.

"Jun Lingsu, do you have other means? If not, you can't destroy the Monster Race today, and you can't leave!"

The demon sky smiles up to the sky The inferiority and resentment accumulated over thousands of years seems to have been released in this brief moment. This is the first time that he has faced Jun Lingsu directly, and relied on his own means to disperse the opponent's attack.

From the corner of my eyes, I glanced at the azure lotus platform under my feet, and my eyes were more satisfied.

empress did not respond, and again pinched the French seal with both hands. This time the Red Lotus Karma Fire is no longer the Fire Dragon before, but condenses the boundless flame into a lance.

This is the most powerful attack method of the Red Lotus Karma Fire, the divine spear!

Although the divine spear is transformed from flames into no body, it does not affect its powerful Power of Slaughter in the slightest. From this name, you can tell something, killing the gods, possessing the Power of God Flame lance!


empress opened his mouth and spit out a word, but the huge flame behind him seemed to have spiritual wisdom. When the voice fell, he actively moved towards something not far away The demon sky blue shot away.

Yao Tianqing's face changed abruptly, he naturally knew the origin of this flame lance, but didn't expect empress to make such a powerful blow so easily.

If you can disintegrate or resist this flame lance, then the Red Lotus Karma Fire array under the empress will destruct itself and become a pure strength of Raging Flames and return to Heaven and Earth.

"Azure Lotus rises, shining the world!"

Without time to think about it, the flame lance is approaching the demon sky, and he hurriedly shouted.

Under the feet, the azure lotus platform burst out with rays of light more dazzling than before, and a huge Azure Lotus illusory shadow appeared in front of Yao Tianqing.

It seems to have sensed the approach of the flame lance, but the azure lotus illusory shadow actively moved towards that flame lance.

One is the entity, the other is the illusory shadow of the condensed power, but at this moment they are sturdyly collided together.


When the flame lance hit the azure lotus platform, it shattered with the previous giant dragon-like flames, but this time did not dissipate, but changed Wrap the azure lotus table tightly for the boundless sea of ​​fire.

The azure light glow of the lotus terrace is smiling with flames, but the boundless flame produced after the flame lance explodes is also gradually eroding the azure lotus terrace.

After a while, the boundless flame disappeared, and the azure lotus illusory shadow gradually disappeared.

The demon Tianqing’s face was full of triumph, and he looked at the empress and said: "Jun Lingsu, do you still think that this seat is the one who is inferior to you? hahaha! Today you will stay with this seat Here!"

The demon Tianqing has a mad look at this moment, and the backlog in the heart for thousands of years in this brief moment has been released. Seeing the stunningly perfect face of empress, there is always in his eyes. Greed flashed past.

Just ask anyone in this world who doesn’t think about this peerless empress, but the other person is like an iceberg that doesn’t change forever. It’s not a fake color to anyone, but it was a trick hundreds of years ago. A man who had just ascended to the Holy Realm entered the empress palace.

This was also considered a major event that sensationalized the entire Holy Realm at the time. No one knows what this woman thinks, even if someone wants to know, they dare not ask.

"small man intoxicated by success."

empress said with a sneer of disdain.

The demon Tianqing's face turned gloomy, his hands quickly pinched a secret art, and he controlled Grade 6 Azure Lotus moved towards empress under his feet.

"Leave it to this seat!"

Many times when the voice is loud, nothing can be changed. I saw empress facing the azure lotus platform that came towards him, but there was no waves in his hands. I don't know when a red long sword appeared.

With a flame aura far surpassing that of the Red Lotus Karma Fire array, the long sword cuts down from top to bottom.

When the azure lotus platform touched the scarlet long sword, it was knocked down and flew out in just an instant.

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