Invincible Boss System Chapter 819

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Over the forest of Monster Race, two figures are constantly attacking each other.

The huge Azure Lotus illusory shadow covering the heavens, shielding the sun keeps appearing and then shatters.

The long sword that seems to be about to pierce the sky, with extremely hot heat, moved towards the Azure Lotus illusory shadow again and again.

"Jun Lingsu, you also only this, if you want to beat my Monster Race with this ability, it is impossible!"

The demon sky is very swollen at this moment He was originally unable to withstand a single blow in front of empress, but now after he got three Dragon Bone Pills and this Grade 6 Azure Lotus, he has been able to fight empress for so long without losing the wind.

Is this the power of Master Liu...

The demon Tianqing has long been biased towards Liu Qingzhi’s mind. This outsider who occupies the Monster Race hall has this strength to make the demon Azure stronger!

Then talk about outsiders and not outsiders.

The expression of empress hasn't changed at all, except for being slightly shocked by the demon Tianqing's current strength at the beginning, there is no other thought.

The Grade 6 Azure Lotus is just a bit better than the Red Fire Sword in her hand, there is nothing worthy of her thinking.

After hearing the demon Tianqing's words, the corner of empress's mouth conjured up a smile that was enough to fascinate thousands of male creatures in the world.

"The Avenue of Flames, bless my body as much as possible."

As the voice fell, the intense heat that could burn everything suddenly rose from the empress body.

A huge silhouette appeared behind the empress. If you look closely, it is not difficult to find that the huge silhouette formed by flames is an enlarged version of the empress!

A cluster of flames appeared on top of the empress and gradually condensed into a certain crown. The empress and the huge illusory shadow behind it stood in a fire sea.

Backed by the fire sea covering the heavens and shielding the sun, the empress at this moment is more like a fire emperor.

The Avenue of Flames, this is the avenue that empress understands, and her strongest means. Now that the Avenue of Flames has been opened, the flames on the Red Fire Sword in her hand have suddenly soared. The sky was all burned to death.

When empress opened the Avenue of Flames, all the powerhouses in the holy world who were paying attention to this battlefield trembled.

It seems that time has been forcibly set aside hundreds of years ago. That day a silhouette with peerless beauty appeared all over the holy world. One man one sword accompanied by endless flames left countless creatures in the holy world. Indelible terrifying memory.

Some powerhouse said to herself: "This woman has turned on the strongest state. Is she really going to bloodbath most of the holy world hundreds of years ago and do it again?"

The voice fell, and the dark environment fell into dead silence again. If it hadn’t just heard a sound, no one would have thought that there were still creatures here.

Returning to Monster Race Forest, I saw empress holding the Red Fire Sword, step by step towards the demon sky, the disdain in his expression was undisguised, it seems that standing in front of her at this moment is not a Great Firmament The powerhouse in Golden Immortal, but an ant on the side of the road!

"Demon Azure, even if you have this Azure Lotus Divine Item, you can't change the fact that you are a weak person."

"You know why this Great Firmament Golden Immortal environment can Above all beings? It's not realm or weapon benefits!"

"It depends on my understanding of this Great Dao of Heaven and Earth!"

empress ignited a blazing fire under one step, step by step uttered disdainful words in the process of step by step towards the demon sky.

At this moment, Yao Tianqing trembled violently, and the empress aura that opened the Avenue of Flames was too strong. The previously evenly matched situation had become a past tense at the moment when the Avenue of Flames was opened.

He wanted to control the lotus platform under his feet to counterattack, but found that he couldn't raise his arm to make a mark. Even the simple movement of bending his fingers slightly seemed so heavy in this brief moment.

The big beads of sweat ooze out from the demon Tianqing’s forehead. For a moment, he was dissatisfied with his entire face. I don’t know if it was suppressed by the suffocating breath of empress.

I was still roasted like this by the fiercely burning flames all around.

"Die, the emperor said that today's Monster Race must be extinct."

The empress contemptuous voice sounded between Heaven and Earth.

The two elders of Monster Race who recovered their injuries on the side cross-legged at this moment also no longer cared about the injuries in their bodies, and suddenly got up and moved towards empress and attacked.

"Jun Lingsu! My Monster Race never hurt your empress palace person, why did you kill to the last one like this!"

One of the two old men looked at the empress and said.

There is some sadness in the words, and some despair.

empress glanced at the two elders and uttered a few words: "Deal with him, die!"

Even if empress did not say that he was who in her mouth, but how many people were there? Everyone knows who he is.

Whether it is the first time to close the passage between the two realms, or the passage between the two realms is closed again not long ago, where the two Monster Race veterans and the patriarch, Yao Tianqing, may not know.

At this time, I just pretended to be confused and wanted to escape empress.

At this time, hearing empress say such words, the three people also confirmed their fate in their hearts. Today is the death of their three people.

Empress raised the long sword in his hand, and the illusory shadow behind him did the same.

At the moment when the long sword fell, the illusory shadow held the illusory long sword but it seemed to be substantive. A ray of sword light suddenly appeared, one big and one small two long swords The will to kill, the three most powerhouses moved towards Monster Race fell.

"Master Liu, save me! Save me Monster Race!"

At this moment, Yao Tianqing no longer cares about Liu Qingzhi's previous explanation to him, and moved towards Monster Race hall in a panic. Shouted the direction.

It's just that Liu Qingzhi has already left Monster Race. At this moment, Yao Tianqing's plea for help will naturally receive no response.

Empress the long sword slightly paused in her hand and looked towards the Monster Race hall with sharp eyes. She heard the three words Liu Qingzhi!

It's not just her, but the young Heaven's Chosen of the same age as her, everyone has an unforgettable hatred with Liu Qingzhi, including the demon Tianqing in front of her!

At this time, Yao Tianqing had obviously taken refuge in this former mortal enemy.

Divine Consciousness did not talk about the existence of Liu Qingzhi, but still captured a trace of void and distortion. Empress knew that Liu Qingzhi had left. It seemed that this Monster Race was just an abandoned child in his hands. .

Then looked towards Yao Tianqing with disdain, and said coldly: "Hehe, Monster Race is really sad to have a patriarch like you, breakthrough one small realm and such a Divine Item, let you take the whole The race became his Liu Qingzhi’s lackey."

"Haven’t you understand yet? You and Monster Race are always just a chess piece in Liu Qingzhi’s eyes, and this chess piece is now even more of a pawn. Abandoned son."

The demon Tianqing was full of despair. Even if he didn't talk about empress, he would understand that Liu Qingzhi had obviously already left.

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