Invincible Boss System Chapter 820

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On this day, a news that shocked all creatures spread across the holy realm at an extremely fast speed.

The Forest of Monster Race was destroyed!

This news with an astonishing amount of information spread all over the holy world in only half a day, and there are very few creatures who don't know this news.

Countless ethnic powerhouses have mentioned a sentence with their descendants countless times: "Don’t set foot in the Southern Territory, don’t provoke empress and the people around her!"

Hundreds of years ago. For the first time empress has done something that shocked the creatures of the holy world, and today empress has used one person to destroy the entire Monster Race forest.

Suppress and kill the three Monster Race elders who have reached the middle stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal, and the Monster Race patriarch who suspected a breakthrough to this realm.

While this explosive news shocked countless creatures, it also allowed these creatures to have a deeper understanding of the impeccable empress of the Southern Territory Empress Palace.

For a while, empress Jun Lingsu was like a taboo in the become Saint world, no one dared to mention this woman, or even anything about her.

empress has returned to the empress palace. After slaying the demon Azure and the three Monster Race elders with one sword, the Red Lotus Karma Fire formation at the foot has already burned the Monster Race forest into one piece. ash.

It's just that the Azure Lotus held by the last demon sky blue is tore the void escape, and has not been empressed.

empress also knew that most of the Azure Lotus came from Liu Qingzhi, and Liu Qingzhi has now taken refuge in that place. For whatever reason, empress did not force the Azure Lotus back.

After destroying the Forest of Monster Race, she searched the Holy Realm again, but still did not find the breath of Chen Xinglie.

The lower realm has also been found, and nothing was found. After confirming that the empress order he gave Chen Xinglie was not broken, empress returned to the empress palace.

There has already begun to intervene in the matter of the Holy Realm, but I don't know why the other party did not do it personally. If Liu Qingzhi did it, there are not many people in the Holy Realm who can stop him.

Not to mention the invincible person behind Liu Qingzhi. Empress can't think of the reason, but guesses that the other party should be dragged by something. This also gives the emergency lost self-control some more buffer time.

There is still time, but I don’t know how long there is in this world.

The first thing empress does after returning to the empress palace is to completely close the southern region, and from then on, the southern region will no longer have contact with the outside world!

After leaving a sentence guarding the empress palace, he disappeared in the depths of the empress palace.

Li Rufeng also disappeared with her.

No one knows that the two of them have left, and no one knows where they both went.

Time is like flowing water, passing by in a hurry. It has been fifty years since the empress stepped out of the Forest of Monster Race.

It took a full fifty years for the holy world to return to its former peace.

Those creatures who had some hatreds with empress saw that empress had not left the empress palace for decades, and finally let go of their hearts.

Countless creatures seem to have gradually emerged from the shadow of the bloody killing of empress that day, but no one dared to mention the word empress.

The silhouette of the peerless empress has not appeared in 50 years. Looking at the closed southern region, no one knows where she has gone, whether she is still in the southern region, or in the empress palace.

Fifty years is just a time of retreat for the creatures of the holy world.

In the past few years, there has been no major change in the Holy Realm. To say a change, it is that the territory that originally belonged to the Monster Race in the Western Regions is now occupied by a group of guys surrounded by demonic energy.

These tall creatures with two horns growing on the head face looks sinister don't seem to be afraid of empress at all. After 30 years of sealing in the Southern Territory, they entered the former Monster Race Forest.

In the ruins of Monster Race, a new racial power was established. A huge Black Palace covered the entire Monster Race Forest. The horrible demonic energy that continued to spread from the palace made the holy world The creatures dare not go up and investigate.

This race never comes into contact with other creatures in the holy world, as if it was a small world in the Monster Race forest.

No one knows where these dark, strange creatures come from, or where their roots and feet are, because whether it’s the Holy Realm or the Lower Realm, or the True Dragon where Dragon Clan lives Law world.

This race has never appeared before. The origin of these mysterious creatures occupying the Forest of Monster Race has become a mystery, and it is also an enduring topic in the mouths of many creatures in the become Saint world.

Fifty years have passed. Chen Xinglie, who has stayed in the burial ground of the Western Regions, has never left here. To be precise, he has never walked out since he entered the wood house.

If the breath of Chen Xinglie in the wood house had not been constantly spreading, Shi Feiyu and Zhao Yumeng would probably have to carry their swords into the wood house.

Day by day, the two daughters of Shi Feiyu, under the guidance of Kui Ox, cooperated with the rich Spiritual Qi realm advanced by leaps and bounds, and they are now the realm of Heavenly Immortal Realm.

Compared with them, Chen Xinglie, who entered the wood house in terms of realm improvement alone, is much inferior, and fifty years has only allowed him to break through a great realm.

breakthrough Golden Immortal Realm, after easily passing Heavenly Tribulation, it was promoted to Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

This is what happened when he entered the wood house for the 20th year. Since then, Chen Xinglie's realm has not improved, and has been stuck in the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm Early-Stage.

However, Chen Xinglie's breath is constantly getting stronger, stronger day by day, and sometimes even soaring nearly doubled, and the cycle continues for 50 years.

Chen Xinglie is now only Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm Early-Stage, but his battle strength is probably beyond everyone's imagination.

On this day, Chen Xinglie's breath began to shrink and no longer continued to spread as before.


The old and decayed wooden door made an overwhelming noise, and the door of the wood house was pushed open from inside.

Fifty years have passed since the wooden door was pushed open last time.

After hearing this familiar but somewhat unfamiliar voice, Shi Feiyu's two daughters instantly appeared outside the wood house.

Looking at the familiar silhouette walking out of the door, the excited bodies of the two women trembled a little.

"You finally came out." Shi Feiyu whispered.

Chen Xinglie still looks like the young boy fifty years ago. It seems that these fifty years have never left any trace on him.

Hugging the two women into his arms with a smile, Chen Xinglie lightly said with a smile: "Let you wait a long time, from now on we will never be separated again."

" Um..."


Two voices of mosquitoes and flies sounded in Chen Xinglie's arms. If it weren't for Chen Xinglie's strength, he wanted to hear them clearly. I am afraid that the response is somewhat difficult.

Kui Ox stood not far away and glanced at Chen Xinglie first, then looked towards the wood house behind Chen Xinglie with a deep gaze.

For a moment, Kui Ox's eyes were filled with sadness, and some memories of memories appeared.

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