Invincible Boss System Chapter 821

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Chen Xinglie left the customs, walked out of the burial ground, and took the two girls without knowing where to go.

As for Kui Ox, he still chose to stay in the burial ground, according to his words.

He does not belong to this world, and after Brahma Qing died during meditation, he is no longer willing to go out and walk.

When Chen Xinglie was leaving, Kui Ox also made a request to him.

If one day Chen Xinglie can grow enough to tear the void between this world and that planet, and bring back the remains of him and Fan Qing.

Chen Xinglie naturally agreed to this, and he was about to bring the message of Profound Void to the replied door, but now it is nothing more than the remains of Kui Ox and Fan Qing.

After Chen Xinglie left, the burial ground was closed again, returning to its former silence.

The only difference from the previous one is that there is no divinity in that simple wood house anymore.

Sanskrit sounds still sound, but there is no more Sanskrit in the world.

The white clothed swordsman who opened the sky with a sword that year, after tens of thousands of years died during meditation, the last remaining Strands of Divine Sense has also disappeared.

Compared with the tranquility of the lower realm, the holy realm is in the midst of war at this time.

Several decades ago, the race that entered the Forest of Monster Race began to conquer the surrounding race forces after a few years of silence.

The holy world is divided into East, South, West, North Four Great Domains.

The southern region is headed by the empress palace established by empress. As the strongest force in the southern region, the empress palace controls the entire southern region.

Maybe it is because the violent killings of empress hundreds of years ago left a too deep impression on the holy world, resulting in not many races living in the Southern Territory today.

Compared with the other three domains, the ethnic forces in the southern region have 100% acknowledged allegiance to the empress palace. Fifty years ago, the empress palace announced the closure of the southern region, and none of the ethnic forces jumped out to oppose it.

To this day, empress still has not opened the channel between the Southern Territory and the outside world. The Southern Territory seems to be isolated from the world.

No one knows what the Southern Territory is like now, and no one knows what the ethnic forces in the Southern Territory are now.

Eastern Territory is near the vast Sea Territory, with Sea Clan as the head, and the rest of the races living on the East Territory continent, under the oppression of Sea Clan, they can only choose acknowledge allegiance.

However, because Sea Clan lives in the far deep ocean, it does not manage the affairs of the eastern continent.

This also led to the incomparable chaos of the East Territory continent. Countless races fought for territory, and even many races were destroyed by other races under such circumstances.

Northern Domain has been a World of Ice and Snow since the ages, and most races cannot bear the extreme cold and low temperature.

So the Northern Domain has the fewest living creatures, but the Northern Domain is vast and with enough territory, there has been no battle between the major races.

The Western Region is similar to the Eastern Region. There is a strong clan guarding and controlling the entire region. The Royal Family of the Western Region is Monster Race.

But Monster Race was destroyed by empress several decades ago. Since then, the Western Regions have fallen into silence. No race dared to fight for the territory of other races at the moment when Monster Race was just destroyed.

But after the race that entered the Forest of Monster Race began to take action, the major races of the Western Regions were half exterminated by the mysterious race within a short period of time, and large areas of the Western Regions fell into this mysterious race. hand.

Other races in the Western Regions also live in panic all day long.

In addition to the East, South, West, North Four Great Domains, a vast area in the center of the Holy Realm is called Zhong Prefecture.

Among the Five Great Domains, Zhong Prefecture has the strongest strength.

There is no other reason, just because more than half of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouses in the Holy Realm live in Zhong Prefecture.

Compared with the other four domains, either under the dominance of strong clans or in the endless wars, Zhong Prefecture since ancient times is considered peaceful, perhaps because the strength of each family is similar.

Maybe because Zhong Prefecture is rich in resources, enough to feed these races.

So none of these races said they were going to grab someone else’s territory, and thus Zhong Prefecture also formed a strange balance.

On this day, the races in the Western Regions that had not been destroyed by the mysterious race gathered together.

Countless powerhouses of Heavenly Immortal Realm and Golden Immortal Realm converge in the westernmost desert of the Western Regions.

"We are going to build an alliance, otherwise all of our races will be genocide by that mysterious genocide!"

Countless silhouettes stood in the air, someone said.

His words also got a response.

However, there were still discordant voices: "If an alliance is formed, who will be the leader of this alliance?"

Everyone is silent, and everyone present is from different races. , There were a lot of people from the ten strongest races all present, and they were all about the same strength. Naturally, no one was convinced.

And the leader of this alliance, naturally everyone wants their own people to sit!

"The strength of the Old Ancestor of my desert scorpion race has reached the late stage of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm. I think my Old Ancestor is most qualified to be the leader of this alliance!"

The man with a scorpion tail spoke.

It was just a moment, and it attracted other people’s frigid irony and scorching satire.

"In the late Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, does your Desert Scorpion have it? My God Spirit Race also has it!"

"That is, a Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm can To make you so inflated, it’s just a weak race living in the desert. My Earth Demon family has two Old Ancestors from Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm!"

"Shut up, a bunch of waste, I The strength of the Old Ancestor of the Night Owl has reached the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm Peak. Which of your races can have such a powerhouse? The position of leader of this alliance must be taken by the people of the Night Owl!"

in After the Yexiao people spoke, all the creatures fell silent.

Before the Monster Race was annihilated, the Yexiao clan was already the second largest clan in the Western Regions.

As for the other races present, there is a huge gap between them and the Yexiao tribe after all.

"hmph! Monster Race has been annihilated, and now there is the mysterious race of cholera in the Western Regions, which continues to conquer our races. Today, our ten races have formed an alliance to fight against the powerful mysterious race!"

"And the leader of this alliance is the patriarch of my Ye Xiao clan, Ye Xiao Ming, do you have any objections?"

Do not speak, continue to speak.

As his voice fell, a Ye Xiao clansman who was taller than him got up and walked to his side. This was Ye Xiao Ming, the patriarch of the Ye Xiao clan.

The strength in the night owl clan second only to the night owl clan Old Ancestor who has reached the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm Peak, has reached the strength of the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm in the later stage.

It is no wonder that those races all chose to be silent after hearing the Yexiao tribe’s people speak.

After all, the strength of a patriarch is already as strong as Old Ancestor of other races. Is this a fart?

If the Old Ancestor of the Yexiao clan breaks through the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, I am afraid that the Yexiao clan will become the second Monster Race!

No one spoke, it was a tacit understanding of what Ye Xiao clansman said.

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