Invincible Boss System Chapter 822

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Monster Race was annihilated, and the Western Regions are only left with these strongest races but Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

After the powerful Yexiao tribe spoke, the ten remaining races in the Western Regions formed the Western Region Alliance to fight against the mysterious race together.

Among them, the Yexiao tribe, as the leader of the Western Regions Alliance, has the right to give orders to the remaining nine races.

Although they are dissatisfied, due to the strength of the Yexiao tribe, these races can only choose to accept it silently.

Monster Race Forest, the forest that was once covered by luxuriant vegetation, turned into nothingness under the fire of empress. Now Monster Race Forest no longer has the lush and green it once was.

Instead, a piece of scorched land, and some scorched dead wood.

The hall of Monster Race once, has also turned into a scorched black at this moment.

"Commander, when will we attack those races and completely cover this area?"

There was a cold voice in the Monster Race hall.

In a moment, another majestic voice rang out: "No hurry, it's just some ants. If you want to destroy them, they can be destroyed at any time. The top priority now is the construction of Transmission Formation."


"Commander, Transmission Formation still lacks some flesh and blood. If those races are killed, the number should be enough."

The previous voice sounded again.

There are dozens of silhouettes standing in the hall of Monster Race, shrouded in pitch black.

The whole body exudes chilling gloomy and cold aura, with rich murderous aura and demonic energy.

"If this is the case, then kill those creatures. As the vanguard of Demon Realm, we naturally have to complete the mission of Transmission Formation."

Sitting originally belonged to Yaotian Qing, the tall black figure in the position of the Monster Race patriarch, exhaled cold and indifferent words.



The dozens of silhouettes in the great hall are all one-knee kneels, and they respond loudly.

After that dozens of silhouettes disappeared, not knowing where they were going.

If there is a powerhouse here, you can see that the strength of these shadows is as low as the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, and the shadow sitting in the position of the head of the Monster Race, the strength is even greater. It has reached the late stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

This kind of strength has been equal to the supreme powerhouse of the Holy Realm. These people from Demon Realm have powerful strength.

Moreover, they are only the vanguard of the Demon Realm. They came to the Holy Realm just to establish a Transmission Formation.

As for the strength of the Demon Realm behind them, I am afraid it is beyond the imagination of the holy world.

A huge crisis is moving towards the holy world unconsciously.

In the Desert of the Western Regions, ten races moved their entire races here after they decided to form an alliance.

At this time, the first meeting of the Western Region Alliance is being held.

Ye Xiaoming is at the top. Behind him are three Old Ancestors. The strongest is only one step away from the Great Firmament Golden Immortal. The other two are only slightly weaker than the Great Firmament Golden Immortal. Ye Xiao Ming some.

There are two rows of old men with white beard and hair sitting below. These all are Old Ancestors of the other nine races, and they are all Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

"Today I am calling everyone here to announce the first decision of our Western Regions Alliance!"

Ye Xiaoming glanced at everyone present, with a smile on his mouth .

Everyone looked towards Ye Xiaoming, waiting for the words below him.

"After investigation by our Yexiao tribe, we found that those mysterious races are not creatures of the holy world, and this race has never appeared in the holy world!"

"And they are in A large formation was built in the depths of the Monster Race Forest. As for the purpose of this formation, we don’t know the purpose of this formation. However, all the races that were destroyed were thrown into the formation and turned into bones."

When talking about these things, Ye Xiaoming's tone also has a trace of panic that can't be concealed.

According to the clansman, if he had left before the other party found out that day, I am afraid that he would be left there with his strength.

And that clansman is one of the Old Ancestors standing behind Ye Xiaoming at this time, and his strength has reached the mid-term of the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

With such strength, even the opponent's two small soldiers guarding the big formation can't deal with it. It is really unimaginable to what extent the strength of the mysterious race has reached.

After hearing Ye Xiaoming’s words from other races present, their complexions changed, including those of Old Ancestor whose strength reached the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

Someone asked, "Patriarch Ye Xiao, do you find out about the strength of each other?"

"I don’t know, but I’m the Old Ancestor Supreme of Ye Xiao Unity Golden Immortal Realm's mid-term strength, when facing the opponent's pawns guarding the big formation, I still feel heart palpitations. I am afraid that the opponent's strength is a bit beyond our imagination."

Ye Xiao Ming browses slightly wrinkle, mood grave said.

Just when the person wanted to speak, a powerful breath fell from the top of his head.

Not only this breath, but also more than ten breaths!

More than ten powerhouses of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm are here!

"Enemy attack!"

Ye Xiaoming complexion greatly changed, and his eyes were crying out in surprise.

All the creatures on the scene hearing this are complexion changed, and one by one is on guard.

The great hall of the Western Regions Alliance, which was built only a few days ago, was punched out by one person and one palm, almost overturning the top of the great hall.

"It turns out that you ants are hiding here, but it makes us easy to find."

Cold words came from the dark silhouette.

With cat-and-mouse jokes and strong disdain.

Ye Xiaoming complexion slightly changed, looking at the sky with dozens of powerful silhouettes of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, bursts of despair appeared in my heart.

"Ats, come to my Demon Realm army, give your lives! hahaha!"

The black shadows are mad, and the loud and small noises are full of disdain, He did not pay attention to the dozens of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm under his feet.

With a wave of his big hand, dozens of silhouettes behind him swooped down like a goshawk predating.

"War! For our clansman, for the Western Regions!"

In the great hall, someone shouted.

It’s just that no matter how he shouts, it will not change the huge gap between the two sides in the number of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

Dozens of black shadows of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, with the sword falling in their hands, the creatures of Golden Immortal Realm and Profound Immortal Realm silently fell into a pool of blood.

Watching their clansman fall down one by one, the dozens of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm Old Ancestors are all complexion greatly changed.

His eyes were filled with anger, and the burning anger seemed to engulf all the shadows in front of him.

But because they were entangled in the dark shadows, they couldn't spare their hands to deal with the dark shadows who were slaughtering clansman.

"Who are you guys anyway!"

Ye Xiaoming knocked his opponent back with a palm, and looked at the opponent's mood grave and asked.

The black shadow sneered: "Who are we? You ants do not have the qualifications to know!"


said After the silhouette turned into a dark mist.

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