Invincible Boss System Chapter 823

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It took only a few days to establish the Western Region Alliance. After dozens of shadows descended, it took just half a day.

All the creatures of the ten races present, none of them survived, and all were ruthlessly obliterated.

Even clansman who had just migrated to the desert were not spared.

The leading black shadow looked at the dead creatures all over the ground, and the scarlet within both eyes showed no mercy.

With a big wave, the corpses all over the floor were swept into the void.

Then, with the big ball made up of countless creatures behind him, he hurried towards the forest of Monster Race.

"Commander, all the creatures in this area have been killed!"

The black shadow returned to the Monster Race hall, one-knee kneels moved towards the tall black shadow above. .

The shadow was slightly nodded, and said, "Throw them all into Transmission Formation. With the flesh and blood of these creatures, Transmission Formation should be enough to open up the two-world channel and let my Demon Realm army completely I have come to this world."


When the flesh and blood of countless creatures were thrown into the Transmission Great Array, a dazzling blood light shot up into the sky.

The powerful aura shocked the entire Holy Realm, and those powerhouses whose strength reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm all turned their eyes to the Western Regions.

Noting these gazes, the commander waved his hand, and the huge demonic energy enveloped the entire Monster Race forest, isolating all Great Firmament Golden Immortal's investigations.

Even the supreme powerhouse, whose strength has reached the late stage of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, still cannot pass its Divine Consciousness through the black barrier, and can only see the monstrous blood energy rising into the sky, but But there is no way to know what happened in it.

"This Western Region is really eventful. First, the Monster Race was destroyed by the woman, and now it is this monstrous blood energy. I don’t know what happened in the Western Region."

There is Great Firmament Golden. Immortal powerhouse muttered to himself.

Under everyone's powerhouse's gaze, the sky above the Western Regions was instantly torn apart by the beam of light condensed by that monstrous blood energy.

A huge, pitch-black void channel appeared over the western region, traversing the entire western region.

"My Demon Race vanguard commander, Mika provides the Demon Lord!"

The black figure called the commander, when he saw the void crack above his head, volleyed On, one-knee kneels said respectfully in front of the crack.

At this time, the black qi breath on his body has dissipated, revealing his original face.

The body is covered with densely packed magic patterns, and his eyes are extremely scarlet, flashing with endless killing intent.

An inky black Battle Armor, with rays of light piercing people's hearts.

"Demon Race vanguard welcomes Demon Lord!"

"Demon Race vanguard welcomes Demon Lord!"

"Demon Race vanguard welcomes Demon Lord is coming!"


Dozens of shadows are all one-knee kneels, looking respectfully at the crack on the top of the head.

There was no response from the void crack for a long time, but none of the dozens of silhouettes showed an impatient look, and they still looked as pious as a believer.

For a long time, a voice rang from the void crack: "Well done, the scenery of this world is great."

Under Huayin Road, a tall silhouette wearing a pitch-black Battle Armor came from Get out of void crack.

Following him is a densely packed dark silhouette that can't be seen at a glance.

"This...the strength of this person, Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak!?"

"How is this possible! How can there be such a powerful powerhouse in this world!?"

"Looking at their breath, it should not be the people of Heaven and Earth here. Where did these people come from, and why did they come to the Holy Realm?"

Countless creatures in the holy world have seen the strangeness of the sky in the Western Regions, and everyone is shocked when they look at the powerful black shadows.

Even the powerhouses in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm were shocked by the strength of the black silhouettes in front of them.

Northern Domain Connecting Heaven Peak, the old daoist robe opened his eyes again.

all around The ice and snow began to melt at an incredible speed. The courtyard where he was sitting cross-legged was the moment he opened his eyes. The flowers bloomed, and even the dead trees in the courtyard began to smoke again. Branches sprouted.

With his own strength, he has influenced this piece of Heaven and Earth where he is. Such strength is unbelievable.

"Hehe, Demon Race? What kind of charm does this world have that makes you all unable to bear loneliness."

The veteran eyes penetrated the void and saw the Western Regions. The densely packed black figure in the sky whispered softly.

The man called the Demon Lord noticed the line of sight and looked up to the north.

However, he didn’t find any traces of his gaze. He said with some doubts: "Familiar aura, how could there be a sect person here."

Then he shook his head slightly, and said in his heart. The doubt threw away.

Above the sky, a ninth layer tower is suspended in the void.

Liu Qingzhi, dressed in golden armor, looked solemn and walked towards the top of the tower.

"Leader, all races in the Western Regions of the Holy Realm were wiped out, and no one survived. After that, a blood light soared into the sky, tearing the sky of the Holy Realm and opening a void channel."

"There are countless people who claim to be Demon Race out of it, and the strength of the leader has reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak!"

Liu Qingzhi stood outside the gate of the Ninth Layer of the tower, The mood grave said loudly.

An unspoken voice came from inside: "Don’t bother me if you haven’t taken that step."

"It’s just a fellow of yours, not enough. Fear, besides, the holy realm is about to be cleansed by us. Since someone is willing to do it, let them go."

After a moment of silence, he continued: "If the other party has a Great Firmament Golden Immortal People from the realm come, let me know again, let’s retreat!"

"Yes! Leaving your lord!"

Liu Qingzhi no longer stays, bowing respectfully , And then moved towards outside.

The sky above the Western Regions is full of densely packed silhouettes wearing dark Battle Armor.

The man called the Demon Lord glanced across the entire holy world and said loudly: "All the creatures in this world listen, this seat Demon Race Demon Lord Mingtian!"

"This seat can give you a chance to survive, acknowledge allegiance. My Demon Race is the only way for you to survive!"

"Give you three days. After three days, my Demon Race will start. Conquer this world, and all those who stand in the way will be cleared!"

After Mingtian said these words, no matter how the creatures of this world would react when they heard these words, silhouette moved towards below Fall off.

The countless dark silhouettes in the sky also followed him down.

The Western Regions returned to calm again, but the huge crack that opened in the sky did not close.

The dark crack seems to alert all the creatures in the holy world at all times.

"The strength of Mingtian is very strong, Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, the holy world is in danger."

After hearing Mingtian’s words, the Old Ancestor with a race, mood Grave sighed.

The Old Ancestor of some races is already thinking about whether to take refuge in those terrifying powerhouses.

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