Invincible Boss System Chapter 824

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Three days passed in a hurry, and many of the holy world’s creatures did not pass by in a stable manner during these three days.

Because of the terrifying powerhouse that suddenly came three days ago, what Mingtian said is still vivid in my ears.

"Old Ancestor, why don't we take refuge in that Demon Race! Demon Race is too strong, we can't stop it at all!"

"Yes Old Ancestor, now three days The time has come, if the Demon Race begins to aggressively attack the Holy Realm, I am afraid that our weak races will become the first dead creatures!"

"Old Ancestor …"

Words of this kind continue to sound in the various ethnic forces of the Holy Realm.

The younger generations of countless race forces are persuading their Old Ancestor to give up resistance and go to the Demon Race led by Mingtian.

After hearing Junior's persuasion, Old Ancestors of some races sighed helplessly, chose to compromise, and led the family expert moved towards the Western Regions.

There are also Old Ancestors of some races who flies into a rage to their younger generations, and then leave the family, not knowing where they are going, leaving only some of the younger generations who are filled with fear.

Zhong Prefecture, more than a dozen silhouettes gathered on a cliff.

The head of the person looked towards the huge void crack above the Western Region, and said with a sigh.

"The strength of Mingtian is very strong. I am afraid it is already the powerhouse of Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak. It is only one step away from the legendary realm."

" This mysterious Demon Race is coming, do you have any thoughts?"

As his voice fell, the rest of the silhouette fell silent, seeming to think about how to answer his words.

For a long time, someone said, "Heavenly Venerable, if you face the Mingtian, are you sure?"

The one standing in front of a dozen people is exactly one With the appearance of a white clothed scholar, Heavenly Venerable, at this moment, there was a ray of sorrow on the face that was enough to make countless women cheer and scream.

"No, I am only in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, which is less and one step away from Peak. How can I be his opponent."

"This holy world, I am afraid only That person has a chance to fight Mingtian."

Hearing the words coming from behind, Heavenly Venerable sighed again.

Speaking of looking towards the direction of Southern Territory at the end, the meaning is self-evident.

Someone looked towards the south with Heavenly Venerable's gaze, and sighed: "The strength of empress is indeed very strong, but the southern region has been closed for 50 years, and now there is no intention to open the southern region. ."

Here, the Western Regions sounded a scream of death.

The huge demonic energy soars into the sky, dyeing the entire western sky dome into black.

The rich murderous aura erupted from the Western Regions, and moved towards the entire holy realm.

Countless creatures were shaken by this strong killing intent, and one by one looked towards the west with horror.

Those powerhouses that reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal were all awakened at this brief moment, looking towards the west one by one.

I saw the dark silhouette hiding the sky and covering the earth, holding weapons in his hands, and stepping in the direction of moving towards Zhong Prefecture.

"The catastrophe of the holy world is coming..."

Looking at these dark silhouettes walking towards Zhong Prefecture, Heavenly Venerable sighed slightly.

The dozen or so silhouettes behind him disappeared without a trace in an instant.

"Well, go back to each house and keep your own inheritance."

Heavenly Venerable left a whisper, and the sound and shadow disappeared on the cliff.

In the Demon Race army, there are four tall demonic beasts, carrying a seat exuding dark rays of light.

Every time the four-headed giant beast steps down, it will attract a burst of The earth shook and the mountain quivered. From this movement alone, it is not difficult to see how powerful the four-headed giant beast is. huge.

"Demon Lord, there are currently six races that have taken refuge in our Demon Race, but the strength of these races is too weak."

The Demon Race commander Mika bent over and moved towards the seat. The tall silhouette on the nun said respectfully.

Mingtian browses slightly wrinkle, lightly said with a smile: "Since it's all waste, then kill it, and it just happens to provide me with some blood for the Demon Race army."


Two people and one person have a simple word, but they have already determined the life and death of all the creatures of the six races who take refuge in Demon Race.

Following the order of Mikado, the six races surrounded by the Demon Race army were pierced with weapons by the Demon Race beside them.

"no! You have no words!"

"Why do I wait for the acknowledgement allegiance of your Demon Race, and still do such a bad hand on us!"

"Ah! I'm unwilling! Old Ancestor, save me!"

The sad and tragic voice sounded, and the birds and beasts in the mountains and forests in the distance moved towards the distance. .

The sound lasted only a moment, and tens of thousands of holy world creatures had been slaughtered by the Demon Race army.

"A group of useless ants, taking refuge in my Demon Race is just a waste of rations!"

Miga looked at the stumps of the floor, and the corners of his mouth smiled disdainfully.

Then looked towards the Demon Race army, shouted loudly: "What is the purpose of my Demon Race army!"

"Kill all the creatures in this world!"

"Grab all the resources of this world!"

"Kill everything and prove that my Demon Race supreme demon might!"

The shouts of bloody killing sounded, countless Demons The Race army shouted in unison, shaking the world.

Far more moving than the screams of tens of thousands of holy world creatures just now.

With a wave of Minghe's big hand, the flesh and blood of all the stumps on the ground disappeared instantly, turning into the rations of the Demon Race army.

Then the army moved again, with a firm step, moved towards the holy realm Zhong Prefecture.

"Foreign Domain Demon Race is coming, if the holy world is not united, I am afraid that they will eventually become the blood of Demon Race!"

As the Demon Race army advances, There is a magnificent voice from Eastern Continent.

The powerful strength spread his voice throughout the holy realm.

The magnificent voice has attracted the attention of countless creatures in the holy world, and countless creatures looked up towards Zhong Prefecture, waiting for the words under this powerhouse.

"Heavenly Venerable, today established the Anti-Magic Alliance, and sincerely invites the powerhouse of the Holy Realm and all the major races to join!"

Heavenly Venerable is alone, thinking about it, but still reluctant to give up Everyone in this world also said what he meant at this time.

He wants to form an alliance to unite all the forces in the holy world against the Demon Race.

If the holy world does not unite, I am afraid that in the end the holy world will become nothingness under the iron hoof of the Demon Race army.

"My East Territory Yeyou Clan is willing to respond to the call of Heavenly Venerable, join the Anti-Demon Alliance, and resist the invasion of Demon Race!"

"Eastern Territory Moon God Tribe is willing to respond to the call of Heavenly Venerable , Join the Anti-Demon League and resist the invasion of Demon Race!"

"The Northern Domain Snow Race is willing to respond to the call of Heavenly Venerable and join the Anti-Demon League to resist the invasion of Demon Race!"

One after another the sound of the breath reaching the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm sounded, just a few minutes after the Heavenly Venerable voice fell, there were already more than a dozen races possessing the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm powerhouse response.

Willing to join the anti-devil alliance established by Heavenly Venerable to fight against Demon Race together!

"All races in the Holy Realm can join the Anti-Magic Alliance. Here, Heavenly Venerable is waiting for you in Zhong Prefecture!"

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