Invincible Boss System Chapter 825

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Unfortunately, Heavenly Venerable's slightly worried words did not attract Hai Yuntian's attention.

Still looking at Heavenly Venerable coldly, and said slightly mockingly: "Will Heavenly Venerable be afraid right?"

"If you defeated me, Hai Yuntian, If you want to come here, everyone will not oppose you to do this anti-devil alliance"

Except for a few people from Sea Clan who agreed with Hai Yuntian's proposal, everyone else chose to be silent.

Heavenly Venerable took a deep look at Hai Yuntian, then sighed and said: "If this is the case, let's fight."

He knows the virtues of Sea Clan, and he also knows this sea. If Yuntian's virtues really make Haiyuntian the leader of this alliance, I am afraid that the Anti-Magic Alliance has not yet come into contact with Demon Race, and civil strife will break out first.

The Holy Realm reaches the powerhouse in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, but there are more than the two of them. If there is a powerhouse in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage to join the alliance in the future.

I will definitely question Haiyuntian. When the time comes in a Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, do I have to fight it?

"It should have been so!"

Haiyuntian hearing this is laughed heartily, moved towards the sky and flies away.

Heavenly Venerable shook the head helplessly, got up and followed.

"This Haiyuntian is really..."

Looking at the two figures in the sky, someone said with a sigh.

As he speaks, others are also whispering.

After all, Hai Yuntian is not here, and the remaining Sea Clan's strength is equal to them, so what is there to be afraid of?

"hehe, isn't Sea Clan just this virtue? It doesn't matter if you live in the deep sea normally. Now that it's rare to get ashore, it is natural to show their Sea Clan's strength."

"Heavenly Venerable was known as Heaven's Chosen when he was a teenager. Now he is only one step away from the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak. It shouldn't be a problem to defeat Hai Yuntian."

The people of Sea Clan listened to the ears. The whispers that came, each with anger on their faces, wanted to retort, but they never opened their mouths to say what was in their hearts.

After all, this is not the vast Sea Territory, not their base camp.

Without the backing of Haiyuntian, when they face so many race powerhouses, they have no confidence.

Heavenly Venerable and Hai Yuntian fought over the Heavenly Venerable mansion.

The powerful aftermath of the battle moved towards all directions spreading, attracting countless Spirit Generals in the Holy Realm to cast their eyes in the direction of Heavenly Venerable Mansion.

The leaders of the Demon Race army who have reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm have also looked towards Zhong Prefecture.

"The race here is really interesting. The guy who proposed the establishment of the Anti-Magic Alliance was the first to fight with his own people, haha!"

Beside the seat, lightly said with a smile.

The eyes looking at the direction of Zhong Prefecture are full of disdainful sneers.

Mingtian lightly said with a smile: "It's nothing more than the so-called Alliance Leader of the Anti-Magic Alliance, a stupid creature."

"The enemy is now, still take care of Fighting for the right in their hands, these creatures are really stupid. My Demon Race army will surely be able to smooth this world."

Hearing the words of the Demon Lord, he moved towards ridiculed words.

Mingtian stood up from his seat, looked at the direction of Zhong Prefecture, and shouted: "The whole army is accelerating. These stupid creatures are still thinking when facing our Demon Race army. Infighting."

"If these creatures are immortal, we are a little sorry for the power of our Demon Race!"

With the order of Mingtian, countless Demon Race troops began to move. pace.

Stride Meteor's moved towards Zhong Prefecture advances, and the uniform pace carries the waves of The earth shook and the mountain quivered, constantly narrowing the distance with Zhong Prefecture.

"Heavenly Venerable, I haven't seen you for so many years, your growth is not small!"

Hai Yuntian looked at Heavenly Venerable in front of him with a smile on his lips.

Heavenly Venerable shook his head and smiled and glanced at the Demon Race army in the west.

Then he looked at Hai Yuntian and said: "The Demon Race army has already begun to accelerate, so the battle between you and me should end soon."

"Alright, then let us One hit tells the winner!"

Hai Yuntian naturally also noticed the movement of the Western Demon Race army, and at this moment also agreed with Heavenly Venerable's words.

Heavenly Venerable nodded, a giant axe appeared in his hand.

A Trident-like weapon also appeared in Hai Yuntian's hand.

"Heaven and Earth is in chaos, I will attack Heaven and Earth with one axe!"

Heavenly Venerable whispered.

Haiyuntian hearing this was sneaked and said: "hehe, my Sea Clan sky is not something you can split with an axe!"

Then Trident burst out in a dazzling hand The rays of light, moved towards Heavenly Venerable, which is accumulating, throws out.

"Axe, open!"

Heavenly Venerable fell, giant axe in his hand with an unstoppable and powerful aura, moved towards the Trident flying in front of him fell.

Also moved towards Haiyuntian not far away.


A deafening sound rang in everyone's ears in Heavenly Venerable Mansion.

The huge impact caused by the collision between giant axe and Trident actually washed away the clouds in the sky.

In everyone's surprised eyes, Trident was bounced off the moment he encountered giant axe.

Then giant axe, with great momentum and unrivalled power, moved towards Haiyuntian's face gate fell.

"I lost."

Hai Yuntian looked at the axe blade which was only a finger away from his forehead, and said with some disappointment.

He was a powerhouse an era earlier than Heavenly Venerable. At this time, he fought against this younger generation, but he was unable to resist the opponent's blow.

The powerhouse in the dozens Great Firmament Golden Immortal environment on the ground, when he saw Hai Yuntian surrender and Heavenly Venerable won, smiles appeared on all his faces.

Although Heavenly Venerable is the Alliance Leader, they have some ideas, but this anti-devil alliance unites more than half of the races in the holy world, and its power is far greater than any race in the holy world.

The leader of such an alliance, who doesn't want people of their own race to do it?

But helplessly, no one in the race on the scene can compete with Heavenly Venerable and Hai Yuntian, so they can only give up the position of Alliance Leader.

Fortunately, Heavenly Venerable won in the end and took the position of Alliance Leader. Otherwise, I am afraid that many races on the scene will have to leave the alliance and leave Zhong Prefecture to return to their own clan.

Following Sea Clan, who has a grumpy and combative character, where can he end up better?

A thick loss filled Hai Yuntian's heart, took a deep look at Heavenly Venerable, then retracted Trident, moved towards the ground and fell.

Heavenly Venerable has also retracted giant axe and moved towards the ground.

"You, Heavenly Venerable, sit in the position of the Alliance Leader of the Anti-Magic Alliance, but if you let me find that you only care about yourself, don’t blame me Sea Clan for pulling you down from this Alliance Leader regardless of your face. It’s here."

Hai Yuntian looked at Heavenly Venerable and said.

Heavenly Venerable is slightly nodded at this time, looking at everyone and saying: "Don’t worry, you guys, I’m just lonely at Heavenly Venerable. I stand up at this time and call on everyone to build this anti-devil alliance. I can’t bear to look at the loss of life in the holy world."

"I swear by the name of Heavenly Venerable, I will never just take care of myself when fighting against Demon Race!"

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