Invincible Boss System Chapter 826

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Two days later in the blink of an eye, the Grandiose Demon Race army finally set foot in Zhong Prefecture.

Waiting for them in Zhong Prefecture is a group of Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouses headed by Heavenly Venerable.

Behind these Great Firmament Golden Immortal, standing is the powerhouse with the strength of each race reaching the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

The strength of the Demon Race army is extremely terrifying, and none of the densely packed Demon Race army is lower than the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

When Heavenly Venerable mobilizes powerhouses of various races, naturally it will not summon the creatures below the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

Weaker than Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm, it’s no different from sending death to this battlefield.

Ming Tian waved his hand, and the Demon Race army stopped.

The neatness of the actions is not so much an army of many people, it is more of a whole.

The great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouses in the Holy Realm, when they saw this scene, their eyes flashed with surprise and worry.

These Demon Race troops are really too strong!

Among them, the Demon Race powerhouse that reaches the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm is no less than the powerhouse of the Holy Realm present.

Besides, there is also the densely packed Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm!

The holy world is in danger.

This thought came to everyone's heart, but no one backed away.

Because they know that behind them is their homeland, where there is their clansman!

If they retreat, the homeland behind them will be trampled on by the enemy, and their clansman will be ruthlessly obliterated by the enemy.

At this time, there is no other choice but a bloody battle!

"Your strength is not bad, join my army of Demon Race, I will spare your life."

Ming Tian looked at Heavenly Venerable standing in the forefront of the holy world. Opened his mouth and said.

The contempt and laughter in the words make no secret.

It seems that with the strength of Heavenly Venerable Great Firmament Golden Immortal in the late stage, in his eyes it is not worth mentioning.

But the fact is also true, Mingtian's strength is already Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, and it is only one step away from the legendary realm.

Heavenly Venerable's strength is definitely not his opponent.

Heavenly Venerable hearing this lightly said with a smile: "Many thanks to the general, but a real man can do something and not do something. As the most powerhouse here, I naturally have to take on the most powerhouse. Responsibility."

The creatures in the world standing behind Heavenly Venerable, after hearing Mingtian's words, all have a worried look on their faces. They are also afraid that Heavenly Venerable will surrender to the enemy.

After all, Heavenly Venerable is lonely, even if he does join the Demon Race army, he will not lose much.

Besides, the Demon Race that speaks is too terrifying in strength, even if it is Heavenly Venerable, it is impossible to be his opponent.

However, after hearing the words of Heavenly Venerable, the worry on the faces of these creatures turned into a trace of firmness.

Since Heavenly Venerable, a lonely person who is unwilling to surrender to the enemy, just stay alive, even more how are people with races behind them!


At this moment, the powerhouse where the Holy Realm gathers here, is united and united like never before.

Ming Tian looked at the changes in these creatures before his eyes, and a smile of disdain appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"Since you refused the invitation of this seat, then sink into this world together."

Then Mingtian waved his hand.

Behind the Demon Race army, the powerhouses that have reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm have all stepped up into the air.

Full of hundreds of powerhouses in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal environment!

Compared with the Great Firmament Golden Immortal in the Holy Realm, the number is doubled!

Even if the strength of these Demon Races is the strongest, they are not in the middle of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, and they definitely cannot be blocked by the powerhouse in the Holy Realm!

What's more, there is also a Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Peak, glare like a tiger watching his prey on the side.

And the commander of the Demon Race in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal!

"Fight, Mingtian and the Demon Race in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm. Let's hold it there. As for the rest, we can only watch you."

Heavenly Venerable glanced at the Demon Race powerhouse in front of him and sighed.

The helplessness in words cannot be concealed at all.

The powerhouses behind the holy world naturally know the meaning of Heavenly Venerable.

The strongest two are blocked by these late Great Firmament Golden Immortal people. As for the rest, they can only be solved by them.

Although the number is twice that of one's own, none of the powerhouses in the holy world show a shrinking look on their faces.

One by one, he took out his weapons, found his opponent, and started his own battle.

As the Great Firmament Golden Immortal battle began, the Demon Race army also began to move.

Like a dark torrent, the creatures moved towards the holy world rushed violently.



The sound of hoarse fighting resounded across the sky.

The voice is so loud that all the creatures in the entire holy world have heard it.

Heavenly Venerable and a few powerhouses in the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm around him, their eyes always look at Ming Tian and Ming He.

"I haven't moved my muscles and bones for a long time, and I will take you today as the first meal of this world."

Mingtian chuckled.

Then a huge black blade appeared in his hand.

The cold glow circulates on the blade, revealing a piercing icy luster.

Muga on the side also took out his own weapon, a black chain.

It seems simple, not even like a chain of weapons at all, but at this moment it releases a powerful atmosphere and the Heavenly Demon Prestige.

In World War II eight!

Minghe confronts Haiyuntian, but Mingtian is one enemy to seven.

The battle between the most powerhouses on the scene brought a strong aftermath, and even all the creatures who reached the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm were scattered around the cultivation base!

Some creatures died in the aftermath of this battle.

When the rest of Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm saw this situation, they all took the initiative to move towards the distance and retreat. If you die under the aftermath of this battle, you will die!

As the two sides contacted, the moment the war broke out.

Whether the holy realm has a lot of light to focus on Zhong Prefecture, paying attention to this battle.

In the vast Sea Territory, in the deep sea, countless sea creatures with human heads gather together.

"Wang, don’t we support it? If these creatures are defeated, I am afraid that the Holy Realm will no longer be able to resist the Demon Race army."

There is Sea Clan whispering, look. Said to the tall silhouette in front of him.

The tall silhouette headed by him did not respond, his eyes were heavy and he looked at the huge crack that crossed the sky above the Western Region, and the look of worry in his eyes was extremely strong.

For a long time, he said quietly: "If it's just these Demon Races, it is definitely not our opponent in the holy world, but since the opponent dares to come to the holy world and even can't wait to start killing and fighting."

"Do you think they will do things that are uncertain?"

Even when they were speaking, their eyes never left the cracks above the Western Region.

Not only Sea Clan, but also many Great Firmament Golden Immortal realms that have not joined the Anti-Magic Alliance. They also looked at the crack in the sky above the Western Region with this worried look.

Void crack vibrated, and several powerful breaths suddenly appeared.

Eight Dao is tall, with a silhouette covered with magic patterns appearing in the cracks.

"This world is really rich, and this scenery is much better than Demon Realm."

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