Invincible Boss System Chapter 828

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"hehe, Mingtian is fast, we got here first."

"That's all fighting, one hits seven, Mingtian It seems that this guy’s life is not going well."

"A bunch of wastes from the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, can Mingtian not be able to solve them?"

A few people are standing. In the void crack, his gaze scanned the entire holy world, and then looked at Mingtian Yuzai, who was at war with Heavenly Venerable and the others.

There is no eagerness in the words.

When I saw these eight figures, the face of Sea Clan changed drastically, and the expressions of the powerhouse of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal of the other races also changed drastically.

The worst has happened, and the stronger Demon Race is here!

There are eight more terrifying powerhouses with the same realm of Mingtian, a total of nine Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peaks!

What will the Holy Realm use to block! ?

"Finally, life and death are in this battle. All the people above Sea Clan Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm follow me to Zhong Prefecture!"

The King of Sea Clan sighed , Looked back and took a deep look at the endless Sea Territory behind him, with a little bit of reluctance and nostalgia in his eyes.

Then resolutely stepped up into the air, and flew towards the direction of Zhong Prefecture.

Behind him is the Sea Clan powerhouse, densely packed with hundreds of thousands of people. There is another Great Firmament Golden Immortal like him, and the rest are Sea Clan from Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm!

Following the actions of Sea Clan, the powerhouses of other races in the Holy Realm also made helpless sounds.

Then all the powerhouses above the Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm in the family went to Zhong Prefecture.

More and more powerhouses are rushing to Zhong Prefecture, but the strength of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Peak is enough to suppress everything, even if there are more Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm and Great Firmament in the Holy Realm. Golden Immortal environment.

As long as the realm does not reach the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, in the hands of the nine Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak Demon Races, there is only one ending!

The huge gap in realm cannot be solved by a simple number of people.

"There are so many ants here again, the creatures of this realm are really interesting, knowing that they will die here, and so resolutely, hahaha!"

"This may be the weak Belief in your heart, hahaha!"

The eight Demon Race Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak powerhouses, watching the silhouette all around densely packed continue to go to Zhong Prefecture, laughed wildly and contemptuously.

It seems that the creatures hiding the sky and covering the earth are nothing but ants in the eyes of the eight of them. As long as they lift their feet, they will trample to death.

Heavenly Venerable has a trace of despair on his face. The strength of this Mingtian is extremely powerful. Even if the seven Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouses in the late stage of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, deal with him, it has been so long and still can’t Take him down.

Can't even leave scars on him!

Looking at the eight figures appearing in the void crack of the Western Regions, a deep despair rose from my heart.

Not only Heavenly Venerable, but also other powerhouses in the Holy Realm of Great Firmament Golden Immortal. When I saw the eight figures, my heart was also occupied by despair.


Above nothingness, Liu Qingzhi once again found the way of divorce.

"My lord, there are eight powerhouses of Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak in the Demon Race. If this continues, I am afraid that the Holy Realm will be slaughtered!"

Said Liu Qingzhi With some shock, it seems that this Demon Race didn't expect that there will be so many terrifying powerhouses with his same realm.

Di Yandao sit cross-legged in the center of the great hall, and the body is constantly exuding a huge and vast aura.

Hearing Liu Qingzhi's words, there was a slight fluctuation in her body's breath.

Nine Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peaks...

Even if he divorced his words, he might be struggling to face the nine Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peaks.

Since a long time of silence, he said quietly: "If this is the case, then help the creatures of the holy world once, and then cleanse it."

"Our affairs in this world, also It's not the turn of the foreign Demon Race to intervene."

That's what he said, but he probably only knows what he thinks in his heart.

If there were not nine terrifying powerhouses in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm in Demon Race, Liyandao would probably continue to let it go at this time.

Nine Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peaks are enough to make him feel a bit of crisis, and he is not sure whether there is a stronger existence behind these Demon Races.

For my own safety, Li Yandao decided to help the Holy Realm.

As Liyandao let go, Liu Qingzhi's face had an inexplicable look, but it flashed past, Liyandao didn't notice it at all.

Liu Qingzhi left here, surrounded by four terrifying powerhouses of the same realm as him.

A total of five powerhouses from the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Peak descended to the Holy Realm, and these all are the men who have been trained for countless years.

When the five Liu Qingzhi descended to the Holy Realm, half of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal who fought with the Demon Race army had already died.

Countless corpses spread across Zhong Prefecture, and the blood on the ground converged into a river of blood.

It is conceivable how many souls died in this war!

"Hey, this world still has some details. Five guys with the same strength as us have come here, hehe Interesting."

"This is a bit worth seeing, if not for waiting The Demon Race army is coming, and I have already taken action to suppress and kill all these ants."

"Yes, this is the energy that a world should have. I am afraid that there will be more behind these five people. Strong existence, kill five of them first!"


Nine Demon Race powerhouses looked at five silhouettes falling from the sky, mutter incantations in the air.

Then they determined their next goal, the five Liu Qingzhi!

Nine Dao silhouette no longer paid attention to the powerhouse of the Holy Realm who is fighting with him, all five Liu Qingzhi who are rushing to the sky.

"So courageous! Fight!"

When Liu Qingzhi saw the nine people moved towards her, his expression changed slightly, and then he roared.

Five people pulled out their weapons and moved towards nine Demon Races and rushed away.

The arrival of the five Liu Qingzhi made the three old men of the endless sea open their eyes.

The vicissitudes of vision with amazing sharpness penetrated layers of void, looking towards Zhong Prefecture.

"Nine Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak's Foreign Domain Demon Race, can that guy be too scared?"

"Hey, I think that guy is probably scared , The nine Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peaks are enough to threaten him. If there is a stronger person behind this Demon Race, he is probably not an opponent."

"Holy world catastrophe, could it be that kid It is the prophecy of the people who should be robbed. It does not refer to divorce, but these foreign Demon Races."

The three old men sit cross-legged in the endless sea and watch the Zhong Prefecture continue to fight. Living creatures argue with the courage of one's convictions in their mouths.

"We are only one step away from the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, and we absolutely can't make a move at this time."

"Hehe, we have sent people to deviate from the truth, these nine Demons Race can't make any storms, so don't worry."

"Yes, at this time, we should improve our strength as soon as possible. It is difficult to guarantee that there will be any accidents afterwards."

The three old men whispered. , As the voice fell, the endless sea fell into dead silence.

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