Invincible Boss System Chapter 830

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The holy world has been fighting for days. It has been more than half a month since Demon Race set foot in Zhong Prefecture to fight the holy world.

Eastern Continent In the extreme east, there is a high mountain in the depths of the endless Sea Territory.

The mountain peaks are surrounded by layers of white mist, making it difficult to see the scene.


On this day, the sky over the mountain was covered with dark clouds, and the breathtaking Thunder Tribulation took shape, showing this world its Supreme.

A silhouette flies out of the mountain, step by step up into the sky.

Chen Xinglie, dressed in clothes whiter than snow, stands proudly on the mountain, almost to the point where he can touch the sky with his hand.

"Is this my Great Firmament Golden Immortal Thunder Tribulation..."

Looking at the powerful Thunder Tribulation with the breath above my head like an abyss, Chen Xinglie whispered.

I got the inheritance of Brahma Qing in the burial ground, and then according to Fan Qing, this mountain standing on the Eastern Sea is the source of Spiritual Qi of this world.

All Spiritual Qi in the entire lower realm is emitted from this mountain.

Chen Xinglie entered this mountain after leaving the burial ground. For a whole month, he kept absorbing the strong Spiritual Qi in the mountain.

Realm is also rapidly increasing, from Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm to Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm, but it only took Chen Xinglie one month!

Behind the surge of Chen Xinglie realm, it is the Spiritual Qi of the lower realm that has become extremely thin in this month.

Countless creatures in the lower realm thought that this world Spiritual Qi was going to be exhausted, and this month the lower realm also fell into war and panic.

All creatures are grabbing resources, grabbing those resources that contain Spiritual Qi!

If Spiritual Qi is really exhausted afterwards, it will be difficult for all living creatures to break through in realm.

Until this time Chen Xinglie's Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Thunder Tribulation came, and the creatures in the lower realm stopped the war.

Feeling the strong pressure from the East, countless creatures kneel to acknowledge allegiance.

In their eyes, this is more like God's anger, wanting to punish these creatures who are constantly fighting for resources!

During Chen Xinglie Transcending Tribulation, above nothingness, Li Yandao, who was sitting cross-legged, also opened his eyes.

The sharp gaze seems to penetrate through layers of void, looking directly at Chen Xinglie, who is on the Transcending Tribulation of Spiritual Qi in the lower realm.

"Don't forget the three-hundred-year agreement, Fellow Daoist."

A lightly said sound rang in my ears.

Freowned away from words, coldly snorted withdrew his gaze.

Chen Xinglie's Heavenly Tribulation has begun!

Thunder is no longer the purple thunder before. At this time, the thunder has become pitch black as ink.

With the terrifying aura that is almost extinct, it keeps moving towards the lower realm and envelopes it.

Two women, Shi Feiyu and Zhao Yumeng, stood on the peak of Spiritual Qi's origin hand in hand, watching the white clothed silhouette in the sky resist Heavenly Tribulation in the dark thunder sea.

There is a heavy worry in his eyes.

Chen Xinglie started his own Great Firmament Golden Immortal Thunder Tribulation.

There was a crisp cracking sound from the southern region of the Holy Realm, and the energy barrier covering the entire southern region suddenly shattered.

Two peerless silhouettes flew out of it, and the place where they flew out was the Empress Palace.

The two looked at each other and moved towards the opposite direction and flew away.

One breath is approaching the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Peak infinitely, and the breath of the other person is also approaching the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm.

The two are empress and Li Rufeng.

At this time, the empress realm has reached the critical point of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak. As long as you inhale a little Spiritual Qi, you can successfully break into the Great Firmament Peak and then pass the Heavenly Tribulation of the Great Firmament Peak. She is the empress of Holy Realm Supreme!

The empress of the entire holy world!

At this moment, Li Rufeng's body is permeated with the atmosphere of the ancient God phoenix hiding the sky and covering the earth, and the bloodline in his body has all transformed into the bloodline of the ancient God phoenix.

She completed the change from a Human Race to an Ancient God Phoenix!

The ancient God divine sense in the body has disappeared, turning into the last ray of energy to help her break into the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm.

Two huge dark Thunder Tribulations took shape in an instant over the holy world. For the first time, countless creatures looked away from the battlefield of Zhong Prefecture and looked towards other places.

Even if the two parties in Zhong Prefecture were at war, they stopped their movements at this moment and looked towards the two peerless silhouettes in the Southern Territory.

Heavenly Venerable looked at the silhouette of empress, a light flashed in his eyes.

Based on his understanding of empress, if this woman really breaks into the Great Firmament Peak, then it is the Peak in the Great Firmament Peak!

When the time comes, the fourteen Great Firmament Peaks present here are all for this woman to bow down!

The talent of empress is so high that he has definitely seen the strongest person after living for tens of thousands of years.

Even those terrifying existence in ancient legends, in his opinion, few people in terms of innate talent can reach the height of empress.

Liu Qingzhi looked at the silhouette of empress, her eyes changed continuously, and then he let out a helpless sigh.

When he was standing in the Peak of the Holy Realm, by fair means or foul, he suppressed the advanced Transcending Tribulation of the descendants of Heaven's Chosen. In the end, he was killed by the old man when he was about to kill the empress and Heavenly Venerable. Wounded.

There's no resistance in his hands and the two younger generations who needed someone else to save.

At this moment, there is already a person standing at the same height as himself, even stronger than himself!

Although the other person is weaker, he has reached the Peak of the Holy Realm, the height he once was.

Heaven's Chosen’s terrifying is here, the realm that it took tens of thousands of years to reach.

The woman in the South who was about to Transcending Tribulation took less than ten thousand years.

"Heaven and Earth is really interesting here. Another such powerful existence came out, and she was still a woman!"

"What you said is wrong, it is beautiful A woman!"

"What you said is not right. They are obviously two women! The other strength is only Great Firmament Golden Immortal Early-Stage, but the bloodline in the body is not simple."

Several Great Firmament Peak of Demon Race, looking at the two figures in the south, they are not stingy with their own admiration.

As more and more powerhouses appear in the Holy Realm, Demon Race has gradually fallen into a disadvantage, but in the eyes of a few people, there is no panic at all.

It seems that no matter how many powerhouses pop up in the holy world, they can't worry about them.

Liu Qingzhi is the closest to a few people, so naturally she has the deepest feeling. These Demon Races definitely have hidden players!

Whether it is the holy world or the Demon Race, no one continues to do it at this brief moment, and there are no numbers looking towards the two figures in the south.

The creatures of the holy world are waiting, waiting for the woman's breakthrough, waiting for their empress to come!

The people of Demon Realm are also waiting, but Liu Qingzhi doesn't know what they are waiting for, nor will the creatures of the holy world know.

Northern Domain Connecting Heaven Peak in the holy world, the old Dao opened his eyes.

Take a deep look at the huge crack in the sky above the west, and then looked towards the two figures in the Southern Territory.

He whispered in his mouth: "The one tied to that person, you are all the ones who should be robbed."

Then he looked towards Chen Xinglie in the lower realm.

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