Invincible Boss System Chapter 831

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The entire southern region was shrouded in pitch-black robbery clouds.

Two peerless silhouettes are under the robbery cloud, in the thunder sea with a thin fleshy body to hardly resist the thunder.

The thick black thunder with a strong breath did not leave any mark on the two women.

It can be seen that the fleshy bodies of the two women may have reached the Peak of their realm.

"Give me a break!"

The empress cold voice came out of his mouth.

The long sword in his hand was smashed into the sky by a long sword that was surrounded by flames.

A huge flame seemed to split the sky, moved towards the golden giant eye.

In the unbelievable gazes of all the creatures in the holy world, empress opened the eyes of Thunder with a sword!

Opening up this rumor is the eyes of the thunder who supervises the world on the Great Dao Dao!

At the same time, the three old silhouettes of the endless sea rose into the sky.

Mo Lao whispered: "when the time comes, it's time for us to return to that piece of Heaven and Earth."

while speaking, wrinkled hands with dry thorns The void before entering.

Pulling both hands out, a huge crack appeared in front of the three of them.

The three of them entered the void channel and reappeared. They were already in the Holy Realm, also in the Southern Territory.

The sky is filled with endless black clouds again, and three Thunder Tribulation appear again!

"Someone wants to break through Great Firmament Peak!?"

"I can understand that as the strongest woman in the holy world, she breaks through Great Firmament Peak. I’m not surprised, but this Who are the three old men!?"

"I don't know, look! The appearance of the three old men is changing!"


Hentai Haisan The appearance of the old has attracted the attention of countless creatures in the holy world.

When seeing these three old men, Liu Qingzhi's pupils shrank sharply.

Li Yandao above the void also opened his eyes again, whispering in his mouth: "Are you ants coming back after all..."

"The three-hundred-year agreement, also For two hundred and fifty years, don't forget Fellow Daoist."

The old-fashioned voice sounded again, coldly snorted closed his eyes again.

Who would have imagined that the terrifying existence of the entire holy world that was once killed by the strength of oneself was almost torn apart at this time was actually blocked by a veteran with white hair and beard, with a single sentence!

At the moment when the three elders appeared, in those hidden corners of the Holy Realm, one after another old silhouette flew out of it and was born.

All people who suddenly appear have one thing in common, that is old age!

"Old comrades-in-arms, you are back!"

"hahaha! God! Dadao! And divorce! I am back again!"

"This time, I see what you guys use to block it! Wait until I have solved these Foreign Domain Demon Races, and then I will settle the old accounts hundreds of thousands of years ago with you!"

The auras of the ancient existence are as deep as an abyss, and their body exudes a powerful aura that can crush the void.

At a glance, there are nearly twenty elderly people, and none of them has a realm lower than that of the late Great Firmament!

There are even a few people whose breath fluctuations have approached Great Firmament Peak.

"The realm barrier that has been guarded for a long time, break the old man!"

Following the roar of Mo Lao.

Not only the breath of the three old men of the endless sea instantly changed from the late Great Firmament to the Great Firmament Peak, and even among those who turned out to be born, five of them took the last step.

The strength has reached the Great Firmament Peak!

On this day, the Holy Realm was shrouded by several Great Firmament Peak Thunder Tribulation, and the entire southern region was shrouded in pitch black.

The sky has lost its original color, and the scorching sun and stars are all obscured by the pitch black tribulation cloud covering the rays of light.

The appearance of each old man changed from an old man to a man, and then a youth!

Nine Great Firmament Peak powerhouses suddenly appeared in the Holy Realm!

The nine Great Firmament Peaks of Demon Race are no longer calm at this moment, and each of them has shocked eyes.

They didn't expect this piece of the world, which should have only these five Great Firmament Peaks, suddenly so many Great Firmament Peaks popped up!

Heavenly God has changed drastically, no longer fighting with Spirit Physique in front of him, repelling Spirit Physique with a single blow, and his body quickly flashed moving towards the void crack above the Western Region and ran away.

"Want to run? Leave it to the emperor!"

The voice of empress resounded throughout the holy world.

A sword struck from the south, with the endless high temperature that seemed to burn everything in the world, a ray of sword light appeared in front of Mingtian.

"hmph, before people arrive, don’t you want to stay here with this sword?"

Looking at the sword light coming from behind, Mingtian There was a sneer of disdain at the corner of his mouth.

Waving the magic knife in the hand, a wisp of Heavenly Demon Qi moved towards He flew behind him, colliding with the sword light that contains high temperature.

Feeling the powerful breath in the sword light, Heavenly God's color changed slightly. It seems that this woman who had just broken through Great Firmament Peak was so strong!

With the aftermath of the collision of the two attacks, Mingtian's body moved towards the sky of the Western Region and flew away quickly.

"Lady Empress is mighty! One sword repels the Demon Race powerhouse of Great Firmament Peak!"

"This kind of strength can be seen throughout the holy realm. I am afraid that only Lady Empress can do it. It’s here!"

"Lady Empress divine might!"

Seeing empress showed great divine might, the holy creatures did not hide their worship Love, shouting the name of empress.

Amidst the depression brought by Demon Race, the emergence of empress is like a ray of fire on her long sword, bringing light and warmth to this dark world .


A loud phoenix sounded in the Southern Territory, and it continued to move all day long.

"Divine Phoenix? You guy is not dead? Hahaha!"

"hahaha! This God, this Heavenly Dao, and that divorce, we return again, you guys again Where are they?"

"My former comrades-in-arms, and so many people alive, it is a great blessing for my generation!"

Those who turned out to be born The focus of the old man seems to be completely different from the others.

The creatures of the holy world are paying attention to how the war with Demon Race will develop, and these old men are just constantly chanting the words Heavenly Dao and Liyandao.

The pursuit of life and death hundreds of thousands of years ago and the silence of hundreds of thousands of years have already planted Heart Demon in the hearts of these elders.

They ignore those Demon Races, this sacred world is no longer their sacred world, but the sacred world of the creatures that are fighting with Demon Race!

They also survived in the world, there is only one purpose.

That is to pierce this day!

Kill the man who chased them back then!

Di Yandao's eyes opened again, and one old face after another flashed in his pupil.

"If it weren't for the Old Guy blocking, do you think you could still stand and talk?"


this time, don’t wait for the old man to speak , Liyandao consciously closed his eyes and stopped looking at the situation in the Holy Realm.

"Do you think that my Demon Race is the only people like us?"

"Mingtian welcomes Demon God to this world!"

Mingtian Station Over the Western Region, I looked at the void channel in front of me and said loudly.

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