Invincible Boss System Chapter 832

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The huge void cracks appearing above the western region of the Holy Realm are as if the sky is torn apart by people.

Nine Demon Race Great Firmament Peak powerhouse headed by Mingtian, all kneeling respectfully in front of the crack.

Countless Demon Race soldiers on the ground in Zhong Prefecture also put down their weapons and knelt down at this brief moment.

The face of every Demon Race is filled with a pious look of faith, and countless Demon Races have mutter incantations in their mouths.

"Congratulations to Demon God coming to this world, leading Demon Race to dominate Heaven and Earth!"

"Congratulations to Demon God coming to this world, leading Demon Race to dominate Heaven and Earth! and Earth!"

"Welcome Demon God to this world and lead the Demon Race to dominate Heaven and Earth!"


Demon Race The cry of the voice grew louder and louder, headed by the nine silhouettes of the sky, and supplemented by the countless Demon Races on the ground, the deafening shouts resounded throughout the holy realm.

The vast and powerful magic power that is almost annihilating surging out from that void crack.

With a suffocating terrifying aura, a dark silhouette far larger than the Mingtian Nine appeared in the crack.

The body is covered with dark red magic patterns, with double horns on the top of the head, and a pair of huge wings behind it.

The tall Demon Race stood in the void crack, and the whole body was constantly distorted and collapsed.

"Heaven and Earth, here, there are so many powerhouses."

"If I give you another million years, I am afraid it will be the same as that of the world."


The gloomy gaze scanned the entire Holy Realm, and he whispered.

The nine Mingtian people closest to him heard it really. When they heard the world, everyone trembled in their hearts.

That was a painful past that Demon Race did not want to recall.

Demon Race lives in a world called Demon Realm, which has very few resources and extremely harsh environment.

Demon Race living in this kind of environment is especially aggressive and likes to fight by nature.

It can be said that in Demon Realm, there is nothing else except the daily uninterrupted fighting.

Killing is the main theme of Demon Realm. Every Demon Race lives on the verge of killing and being killed. If one is careless, it will be killed by other Demon Races.

This is also the reason why Demon Race battle strength is extremely strong.

The powerhouse of the same realm, except for a few people in the holy world, there are basically impossible people who can equal the Demon Race battle strength.

Existences like empress are only a few after all. Just after breaking through to the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, they will be able to flee by the strength of oneself.

Such battle strength is enough to be proud of the holy world.

The one who ended the endless killings of Demon Realm was the tall silhouette standing in the void crack at this time.

Respected by all Demon Race as Demon God!

No one knows the name of Demon God, and no one knows the origin of Demon God.

I only know that since this Demon God appeared, he suppressed the entire Demon Realm's powerful battle strength and suppressed all Demon Races to obey his orders.

At first, Demon Race, who was proud and liked to kill, naturally did not agree with someone standing on their heads.

But because they didn't have the strength to fight Demon God, all Demon Races fell silent, and no one wanted to die in vain.

If you know you can’t do something, you have to do it. It’s bravery, but stupid!

However, after Demon God tore the two passages and led countless Demon Race troops to level the world.

Countless Demon Races have tasted the sweetness. Under the temptation of countless resources, Demon Race has recognized the status of Demon God.

Acknowledged his status in Demon Realm Supreme!

To this day, under the leadership of Demon God, Demon Race has already levelled one world after another.

No creature of the world is the opponent of Demon Race.

But it is the Demon Race with such terrifying battle strength. When entering that world hundreds of thousands of years ago, it was the first time I tasted the taste of failure.

And it is the despair of being rubbed on the ground.

That is a cyan planet. From the outside, this planet is more like a blue water ball.

It's such a seemingly unremarkable, even some lovely place, with more than a dozen strengths and Demon God Idol as terrifying existence!

There are even several terrifying existence of far surpasses Demon God!

At that time, Demon God teared the two passages as usual and led the Demon Race into the cyan planet.

With a murderous intent, Demon Race is about to turn this planet into a dead place.

He didn't even kill the other person.

When the blue planet descended on that day, the scene that appeared made all Demon Race memories still fresh.

Fifteen terrifying existences of the same realm strength as Demon God, stand neatly outside the planet, waiting for their Demon Race to come.

The other party also said with a smile: "Where did Fellow Daoist come from, and where do you want to go?"

At that time, Demon God saw that something was wrong, and immediately tore the void behind him. , Opened the channel to Demon Realm.

That was the first time that countless Demon Races saw a look of fear on the face of Demon God.

And it is not the fifteen silhouettes that give him this look.

But in that blue planet, there are five lines of sight passing through the barriers, looking at Demon God.

It was such a plain gaze that made Demon God throw away his helmet and remove his armor. Without even stepping into the planet, he turned and fled back to Demon Realm.

Some of the original fifteen terrifying powerhouses wanted to kill all the Demon Races.

But there was a whisper in the planet: "Heavenly Dao Samsara, everything in the world has a definite number."

"They are invaders, evil, but we are not the end of evil People."

Because of these two simple sentences, countless Demon Races survived.

In the end, there were only fifteen uniform voices left in the ear: "Respect Old Ancestor."

After that, there was a blur of consciousness, and countless Demon Races were completely incapable. The power of resistance was sent back to Demon Realm.

The passage that Demon God needs some effort to open, under that power, was torn in an instant, and a huge passage that was enough for all Demon Races to enter together appeared.

Demon Race was pushed back to Demon Realm. After that, Demon Race was silent for a long time.

Until now, seeing that the terrifying existence of the other party did not come to the trouble of Demon Race, Demon God once again returned in a swirl of dust.

However, the direction in which he tore the passage was the opposite direction of that place.

This is the scene where Demon Race descends on the Holy Realm not long ago, and there are countless Demon Races descending on the Holy Realm now, wanting to turn this a side world into a dead place.

Demon God walked out of the void crack, behind him was a densely packed army of Demon Race.

The number is even more than the Demon Race army that has reached the Holy Realm!

Looking at the countless Demon Race troops in the crack, all the spiritual eyes of the holy world are filled with despair.

Even those who have reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Early-Stage, even the mid-term powerhouse, after seeing the tall silhouette of Demon God, they all have a look of despair and deep helplessness. .

How can I fight this?

Let’s not talk about the Demon God, just these Demon Race army, I am afraid that the Holy Realm will not be able to stop it!

Countless creatures sighed and looked at the Demon Race army that was falling from the sky, and there was ashes in their eyes.

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