Invincible Boss System Chapter 833

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In the Southern Territory, headed by empress, dozens of Great Firmament Peaks stood in the air. The aura radiating from the whole body was too strong, and the void could no longer withstand their pressure, and began to crack every inch.

Except for empress, all the Great Firmament Golden Immortal present are powerhouses from the era of the endless sea three old men.

Li Rufeng, including Li Rufeng, was the reincarnation of the ancient God Phoenix of that era. Although the soul has completely changed its appearance, the strong atmosphere of the ancient God Phoenix on her body still allows these old people to know her identity.

It is rumored that Phoenix can Nirvana Rebirth, didn't expect it to be too Ancient God, Phoenix actually did this step.

Although he is a reincarnated body, the divine sense that was once has also completely disappeared.

But the bloodline of the ancient God Phoenix still exists in the world. Li Rufeng can be said to be the ancient God Phoenix of the year, or another individual.

But being able to do this is enough for countless Holy Spirits to look up!

Several dozens of years ago, he died absolutely, reincarnation for 100,000 years, and now I have once again recovered the bloodline and inheritance of the ancient God Phoenix. This kind of Nirvana Rebirth ability is not unforgiving.

After the three elders of the endless sea were born, all the elders hidden in the holy world appeared. Half of them took the last step and the breakthrough reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak.

I was already prepared to challenge the avenues and deviance of Heaven and Earth, but didn't expect this sudden Demon Race army to intervene.

The densely packed Demon Race army in front of me, coupled with the power and the Demon God who Liyan Dao Idol, makes this Demon Race far more terrifying than Dao and Liyan Dao.

"A wave of unrest and another wave, how should we go..."

There is an old man looking at Heavenly Demon Clan with worry, especially his figure The tall Demon God murmured in his mouth.

Mo Lao chuckled: "It depends on how we choose."

"Is it the common people are the most important in this world, or the blood and blood of the year. ."

All the powerhouses of that era were all lost in thought, and they were a bit tangled.

Back then, Liyandao descended from the sky, chasing and killing all the creatures in the holy world, forcing them to escape into the endless sea, and after tens of thousands of years, they walked out of the endless sea and returned to the holy world.

But I still couldn't let Liyandao give up chasing them down. How can we not report this hundreds of thousands of years of life and death!

But just when everyone was born, gearing up to fight God, looking for the divorce to settle the old accounts, but this Foreign Domain Demon Race suddenly came.

Moreover, the strength of this Foreign Domain Demon Race is more terrifying than Li Yan Dao!

If they ignore the Demon Race and continue to fight God, I am afraid that this holy world will be completely turned into death, and countless creatures will also die in the hands of these Demon Races.

But if you take care of this world, you will fight against Demon Race.

Not to mention whether they can defeat this Demon Race with countless powerhouses, they can't rest assured just to say nothing.

This guy will definitely play black hands behind his back!

What these powerhouses don't know is that Liyandao has been trapped in God by an old man. No, imprisonment may be more appropriate.

The three-hundred-year covenant, and now only fifty years have passed, leaving this holy realm with the time for the people to live, there are still two hundred and fifty years!

But these all are things that can only be talked about after the catastrophe brought by Demon Race in the holy world.

If you can't repel or kill these Demon Races, you don't need to wait for the three-hundred-year appointment to wait for the divorce to come and clean this world again.

All the creatures in the holy world will die in the hands of Demon Race, absolutely no creature can survive.

"Finally, hundreds of thousands of years of life and death hate, for the time being, old man still can't let go of this world, can't let go of this world."

"hehe, Although this is no longer our sacred world, this world has undergone tremendous changes, but these creatures are living in the same place as us after all."

"didn't expect to be born again and face The first horrible powerhouse, it’s not a divorce, but this Demon Race, hehe."


After Moro finished speaking, all the old men were low. Chuckled.

The meaning expressed in words is not so much an explanation of why you don’t go to the heavens and find that divorce to settle your account, it is better to find yourself a person who can stay in this world.

The reason for fighting for the creatures of this world.

Northern Domain Connecting Heaven Peak, Lao Dao opened his eyes.

Since the arrival of Demon Race, he has opened his eyes more than in the past ten thousand years.

Looking at the Demon God silhouette, a smile appeared at the corner of Old Dao's mouth.

It was whispered in his mouth: "Old Ancestor has said, I am not the savior of this world, wait and wait for the savior to return."

Wooden pipe looked towards the heaven above the void, his gaze penetrated all the barriers, and he saw Liyandao sitting cross-legged.

Seeing his cultivation with his eyes closed, the smile on the corners of his mouth became stronger.

"The three-hundred-year covenant has two hundred and fifty years, hehe."

When the voice fell, the old man took his gaze back and stopped looking at the matter of the holy world.

I heard the sound in my ear, coldly snorted, desperately suppressing the anger in my heart, my eyes continued to cultivation.

Damn old bastard, when this last step is broken, you will surely be broken into pieces!

Leaving the thought of fiercely in Dao Heart, he continued to cultivation.

Eastern Sea in the lower realm, the terrifying cloud in the sky has disappeared.

Chen Xinglie also successfully passed the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Thunder Tribulation, and the realm reached the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Early-Stage.

When he broke through the Supreme Unity Profound Immortal Realm, the Heavenly Art in Sea of ​​Consciousness that he couldn't open was finally able to open successfully.

It is a powerful, even terrifying cultivation technique!

The first sentence of the cultivation technique: "What is the sky, it is the battlefield of the warrior, the battlefield!"

"The power of turning everything in the world into one's own body! Tolerate everything in the world Create the Supreme fleshy body!"

Just by reading the opening two sentences of Heavenly Art, you can already feel the power of this cultivation technique.

When Chen Xinglie saw the first sentence again, he was deeply attracted.

The reason why I was able to skip Supreme Unity Golden Immortal this realm in such a short time, in addition to the spiritual Qi roots of this lower realm, is more because of Heavenly Art.

Through Heavenly Art, you can absorb everything with Spiritual Qi in the world into your own power, and can also strengthen your own fleshy body.

Under the dual blessings of Heavenly Art and the ancient Tyrant Body Art, Chen Xinglie's fleshy body has reached a height of horror.

Although Chen Xinglie has never played a game with people in Great Firmament Golden Immortal, Chen Xinglie roughly estimated that his current fleshy body strength should be enough to compare with people in late Great Firmament Golden Immortal. Compare.

The Spiritual Qi in the body has also reached the middle stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

If it weren’t for worrying about opening up the cultivation and taking out the Spiritual Qi in this lower realm, Chen Xinglie’s Spiritual Qi in his body has already broken through to the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm.

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