Invincible Boss System Chapter 834

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With the completion of Chen Xinglie's Transcending Tribulation, Spiritual Qi once again enveloped the entire lower realm.

Those creatures who knelt on the ground, after feeling the strong Spiritual Qi in the air again, bowed their heads and bowed to the pity of God.

No one knows that the initiator of all this is the silhouette standing above the Eastern Sea.

Chen Xinglie pierced the void with both hands, tearing the void between the lower realm and the holy realm.

With a big wave, he hugged Shi Feiyu and Zhao Yumeng on the mountain below and stepped into the void channel.

"Ascended in the daytime, someone broke through Earth Immortal and went to the upper realm!?"

"But those who ascended in the past, the way to enter the upper realm is not in that direction. Ah!"

"This is who, if you don't take that passage, can you still enter the void by yourself and enter the upper bound?"


The powerful creatures in the lower realm looked at the three silhouettes gradually disappearing above the Eastern Sea, and there was no lack of shocking words in their mouths.

They all exist in the Earth Immortal realm. They have reached the limit here in the lower realm, but it is as difficult as heavenly ascension to take the last step and ascend to the upper realm.

At this time, looking at the silhouette of Eastern Sea entering the void channel, all of them have envy in their eyes.

It's just the holy realm they dream of going to. Is it really better than the lower realm, better than the lower realm?

Due to the advent of Demon Race, endless wars have been set off in the Holy Realm. Countless creatures have died in the battle, and countless races have been turned into ashes by the cruel methods of the Demon Race army.

The history of the become Saint Realm, only leaves withered bones scattered in the Saint Realm.

After the appearance of Demon God, ten Great Firmament Peaks played against Demon God, and it was still difficult to gain any advantage.

The strength of Demon God is too strong, but fortunately, the number of Great Firmament Peaks in the Holy Realm far exceeds the Great Firmament Peak of Demon Race.

Two or even three Great Firmament Peaks of the Holy Realm, besieging a Great Firmament Peak of Demon Race.

Nine Demon Race Great Firmament Peak headed by Mingtian, at this time one person has been suppressed and killed, and the corpse is lying across the land of the Western Region.

After nine Great Firmament Peaks died, the remaining eight Great Firmament Peaks of Demon Race battled harder.

Those sacred powerhouses that killed Demon Race Great Firmament Peak don’t care about the ten Great Firmament Peaks that battled with Demon God, but all turned around to besiege other Demon Race Great Firmament Peaks. Among the ranks.

With these Great Firmament Peaks that turned out to be born, the battle of the rest of the holy world is a little better.

However, the number of Demon Race troops is too much. Even if there are several powerhouses of Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak who join the battle, they will not be able to kill the Demon Race troops too much for a while.

In general, the battle between the Holy Realm and the Demon Race, the Holy Realm is still in a weak position.

"My grass? What's the situation? These are who?"

Chen Xinglie, who returned to the holy world, saw the dark silhouette of the sky, fighting with countless holy creatures When, some unbelievable whispered.

"Xinglie, is this the holy realm you are talking about? It seems that this place is not as good as the lower realm..."

Shi Feiyu in his arms whispered.

Chen Xinglie was taken aback, frowning slightly, he saw empress and Li Rufeng.

At this moment, empress is carrying nine powerhouses in the sacred world, besieging the tall and devilish guy.

empress At this time, the breath of the body has reached the level of Great Firmament Peak. Looking at the other eight people, the strength is also Great Firmament Peak.

And the dark silhouette, the strength is even more terrifying, Chen Xinglie can't see the strength of the opponent.

The silhouette of the three elders of the endless sea was also captured by Chen Xinglie. The three elders are now teaming up to besiege a dark alien race.

If it weren’t for the aura of the three elders that was exactly the same as when they were in the endless sea, Chen Xinglie would have doubts whether these three were the three elders of the endless sea.

There is no other reason. After the breakthrough Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, the appearance of the three elders has returned to their prime of life. At this time, the three of them are all middle age persons. The appearance of an old man.

At the moment Chen Xinglie appeared in the Holy Realm, empress, Sanlao, Heavenly Venerable, and Li Rufeng all looked towards the Southern Territory, looking at the familiar silhouette.

Except for the surprise in Heavenly Venerable's eyes, everyone else is full of joy.

Those Demon Race who are fighting against them are all dumbfounded, what is it? Smile when you fight with me?

Isn’t this just showing you look down on me!

Because of this stimulus, their opponents burst out with stronger power, one by one, Demon Race moved towards a few people rushing.

However, the gap between strength and number is difficult to make up after all, and several people still hang their opponents.

However, the battle strength of Demon Race is not strong, even if the endless sea three besiees a Demon Race that is the same realm as himself, it will not be able to kill it for a while.

Seeing Chen Xinglie moved towards empress, all of them looked back.

At the same time, the veteran of Northern Domain Connecting Heaven Peak opened his eyes again.

In both eyes, Sun, Moon and Stars are circulating and disappearing, and then a silhouette is reflected in the pitch-black pupil, which is Chen Xinglie.

"Come back, hehe, this is not the catastrophe you are going to face. A greater catastrophe is still waiting for you."

"The Old Ancestor prophecy said Those who should be robbed, your road ahead is not stable."

The old way whispered, then he retracted his gaze, let out a hearty laugh, and closed his eyes again.

As for Chen Xinglie's return to the Holy Realm, Liyandao did not pay attention.

That old way is a bit too annoying, and I don’t want to have any trouble with that old way.

Thinking about crossing that last hurdle, when the time comes sky is high enough for a bird to fly through Sea is broad enough for fish to leap about, a trifling is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain.

Chen Xinglie did not respond to Shi Feiyu's whisper, and took the two women to the empress palace.

"Palace Lord? You are back!"

As soon as Chen Xinglie appeared in the empress palace, the empress guard said respectfully.

Slightly nodded, the two women were settled in the empress palace.

Chen Xinglie asked the empress guard beside him about the current situation of the holy world.

"Those who are covered in darkness are the Demon Race, which suddenly descended into the Holy Realm several decades ago, but they didn’t do anything at that time."

"Just before half a month, these Demon Race suddenly began to conquer the War Saint World."

"After the Demon Race powerhouse came, the hidden powerhouses in the Holy World were born one after another. This is where it is today and can fight the Demon Race. They are indifferent, even faintly gaining the upper hand."

In the story of the empress guard, Chen Xinglie also probably knew what happened after he left the Holy Realm.

As for the closure of the Southern Territory for several decades, how did the empress guards know these things?

Demon Race conquered the War Saint Realm, and countless creatures fled to the Southern Realm. As the Law Enforcer of the Southern Realm, the empress guard naturally found many people who broke into the Southern Realm privately.

The news was also learned from their mouths.

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