Invincible Boss System Chapter 836

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The ground under your feet is a stream of blood pooling together. The constantly flowing blood exudes incredibly dazzling scarlet rays of light, and it also exudes a suffocating rich bloody smell.

The sky above the head is the transparent Spirit Physique of scarlet, one by one the moving of baring fangs and brandishing claws towards the sky, the tall and tall silhouette of pitch black flying towards the Soul Absorbing Banner in the hand.

If you look closely, you can see that these scarlet Spirit Physiques are all the dead Demon Race army, and even the only dead Demon Race Great Firmament Peak is among them.

"The soul returns, and fight again!"

As the number of flying red Spirit Physique gradually decreased, Demon God once again violently shook the Soul Absorbing Banner in his hand.

As the voice fell, wisps of blood Spirit Physique flew out of the Soul Absorbing Banner.

It is completely different from when it flew to the Soul Absorbing Banner. The scarlet was originally faint, but now when it flies out of the Soul Absorbing Banner again, it has turned into a scarlet color like endless blood on the ground.

One by one Spirit Physique almost condenses into an entity, all roaring, with a huge bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, moved towards the ground The holy world creatures rushed away.

"This Demon Race really strong means! Just relying on a Magical Artifact, it is possible to make these dead Demon Race army return again against the sky and fight again!"

"This method is the same as that of Spirit Physique, but it lacks Spirit Physique's self-awareness and evolving characteristics."

"That is one that needs to pay the price of life. A wisp of Heaven and Earth True Spirit, how can these souls who only know of killing be comparable."


Countless souls of the holy world looked at the souls that rushed towards them, There was a look of shock and horror in his eyes.

The Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm powerhouse of the Holy Realm was also muttering to himself, looking at the sky full of injustices, he didn't know what to do for a while.

The empress ten people no longer hesitate, after adjusting their status a bit, they continue to move towards Demon God and rush away.

As long as the Soul Absorbing Banner in the hands of Demon God is destroyed, these Spirit Physiques will inevitably be able to destroy themselves!

Looking at the ten Great Firmament Peaks rushing towards him, the corner of Demon God's mouth raised a fierce smile.

"Dare to come to this god, you are all going to die today!"

"This world will also be destroyed!"

Facing the words of Demon God , None of the ten people of empress responded.

Everyone is just trying their best to adjust their own state, ready to fight this extremely terrifying and powerful Great Demon Race.

Different from the horror of other holy creatures when they saw those unjust souls, Chen Xinglie's eyes flashed with intense joy.

"Bye bye, I won't fight you."

A Great Firmament Peak Demon Race that repelled the Great Firmament Peak Demon Race that I just found myself, Chen Xinglie lightly said with a smile.

The Demon Race complexion sank, as the Great Firmament Peak, could not beat this Great Firmament Early-Stage guy!

This is a shame!

It is an irreparable shame!


Demon Race roared, and even started to burn the blood in the body.

The speed suddenly increased several times, and moved towards Chen Xinglie rushed away.

Notice the guy rushing behind him, Chen Xinglie's face changed a little after seeing the guy's strength skyrocketing again.

Why he can compete with this Great Firmament Peak Demon Race, no one can do anything.

Because he is constantly running Heavenly Art in his body.

Through Heavenly Art, you can absorb all the power between Heaven and Earth for your own use.

When he first entered the battlefield, why did he keep killing those Demon Races that only had Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm?

To absorb their power, not just them.

Anywhere Chen Xinglie has walked, those Demon Races that have died are still creatures in the holy world.

A body of pure flesh and blood, all the energy in his body.

Although Chen Xinglie's realm is only the Early-Stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal, the concentration of Spiritual Qi in the body has exceeded the middle of Great Firmament, and even reached the level of the late Great Firmament.

His fleshy body is even more terrifying, reaching the level of Great Firmament Peak.

If it weren't for the Spiritual Qi in the body, a large part of the flesh and blood would be supplied to oneself, in order to strengthen one's fleshy body.

I am afraid that the Spiritual Qi in Chen Xinglie's body at this moment is enough to burst him.

Under the terrifying effect of Heavenly Art, realm has become insignificant in front of Chen Xinglie.

Want to break through the Great Firmament Golden Immortal environment Early-Stage, but it is a single thought thing.

If he really wants a breakthrough realm, as long as a single thought arises, he can instantly enter the middle stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

Then rise in a single thought and easily enter the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, okay?

However, the realm is no longer important, so why should I take the initiative to break through the realm?

Chen Xinglie is waiting until he passively breaks into the middle of Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm!

He has a hunch that under the dual blessings of Tyrant Body Art and Heavenly Art, he is far from reaching the limit of Early-Stage in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

Chen Xinglie wants the strongest Great Firmament Golden Immortal in this world!

Speed ​​up again, no longer paid attention to Demon Race powerhouse, who is already a little crazy behind him, Chen Xinglie heads straight to the sky.

He wants to rush into these wronged souls and swallow them all with Heavenly Art!

If you swallow these souls, you have a great possibility of reaching the Early-Stage limit of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal!

When the time comes into the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Peak, he himself doesn't know how strong he will be.

I am afraid that it is not a delusion to hit Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak.

"Despicable guy, stop for this seat!"

Behind the Demon Race, seeing Chen Xinglie accelerating, he was faintly unable to catch up with him. At this time, he was flustered and exasperated. Said.

He believes that Chen Xinglie should rely on some powerful magic weapon to increase his speed to such a degree.

Be aware that the realm of the guy in front is just a Great Firmament Golden Immortal Early-Stage!

I have the existence of a Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak, and I also burn the magic blood in my body. My attributes have multiplied, so how can I not catch up with this guy!

Chen Xinglie heard the Demon Race, his flustered and exasperated voice, which was constantly chasing behind him.

But he will definitely not stop, the scarlet in front is like a sea of ​​grievances, but his hope of breaking through to the middle of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal!

At this time, where would he stop his footsteps for the words of Demon Race behind him?

"Don't chase! I don't have a syrup in a hurry!"

Chen Xinglie shouted without looking back, but the speed of the flight was not slow.

When I heard Chen Xinglie's words, the Demon Race of Great Firmament Peak was slightly stunned, seeming to be thinking about what Chen Xinglie said that the syrup was.

At such a moment when he was stunned, Chen Xinglie distanced himself from him again.

Without waiting for him to break out of the small universe again, Chen Xinglie has plunged headlong into the scarlet ocean composed of countless souls.

"Through Heavenly Art, swallowing heaven devouring earth, open for me!"

Chen Xinglie uttered a roar, and a huge Spiritual Qi vortex appeared above his head.

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