Invincible Boss System Chapter 837

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Chen Xinglie's crazy movements attracted the attention of countless creatures.

Watching him drag a Great Firmament Peak Demon Race across the battlefield, it also attracted countless holy world creatures to express their sincere admiration.

A Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm Early-Stage, able to drag a Great Firmament Peak Demon Race, and even a Demon Race that has begun to burn blood in the body, rushes so rampantly on the battlefield.

I am afraid that no matter where it is, this guy alone can do it, right?

"Come to die!"

Seeing that Chen Xinglie has rushed into the sea of ​​bloody souls regardless of his care, and chasing Chen Xinglie's Great Firmament Peak Demon Race, now roars with anger.

Straight towards Chen Xinglie, a punch moved towards Chen Xinglie's chest.

Chen Xinglie opened his eyes abruptly and looked straight at Demon Race, who was getting closer and closer to him.

Demon Race saw a smile in his eyes, and there was an inexplicable panic in his heart, and he thought of backing down.

Chen Xinglie's mouth is slightly tilted, said with a smile: "I just want to run now, don’t you think it’s a bit late?"

"Congratulations, you may be the first A person who sees a person with Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm Early-Stage breakthrough to the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm mid-stage, and has a person who can match the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm Peak battle strength."

Look at With a smile on the face of this mysterious and terrifying guy, Demon Race's heart became more and more panicked.

The figure quickly retreated behind, but Chen Xinglie broke out with a strong attraction, directly holding his backstepping.

"Through Heavenly Art, swallowing heaven devouring earth, everything in the world enters me!"

Chen Xinglie always has a smile on his face, even when he roars at this time.

Spiritual Qi vortex begins to rotate, the powerful attraction is like a high-power vacuum cleaner.

And all around the endless bloody grievances are like dust sucked mercilessly by that vacuum cleaner.

One by one, the scarlet creatures were drawn and twisted by the huge attraction.

In the screaming howl, he was dragged into the Spiritual Qi vortex.

"And you, wait for me first."

Chen Xinglie is absorbing countless bloody souls around him, while looking at the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak not far away. The Demon Race grinned said with a smile.

The Demon Race of Great Firmament Peak wanted to escape, but couldn't get rid of the horrible attraction that erupted from Chen Xinglie.

It's like being caught by an invisible big hand and pressed in the air.

"Great Firmament Golden Immortal, break!"


A powerful breath erupted from Chen Xinglie's body, and a terrifying aura unexpectedly It brought up one after another airflow.

Like one after another tornado, all directions moved towards the battlefield are attacked.

However, when these air waves encounter the holy world creatures, they seem to have self-consciousness, actively bypassing these holy world creatures.

This also makes countless souls in the holy world sighed in relief.

Looking at the horrible appearance of the white clothed silhouette at this time like a god and a demon, they thought that they would be like the countless bloody souls, being drawn into the Spiritual Qi vortex above his head mercilessly.

Then disappeared in this world.

Fortunately, this white clothed silhouette seems to be able to distinguish the enemy from us, no matter the Spiritual Qi whirlpool that exudes the terrifying attraction above his head, or the wave of air, all the creatures in the holy world are bypassed.


The dull thunder sounded in the sky.

The pitch-black robbery cloud quickly condensed into shape, shrouded on the battlefield.

The scale of this robbery cloud almost covers the entire Zhong Prefecture, and the battlefield between the holy world creatures and the Demon Race is all covered by black robbery clouds.

"All the creatures of the holy realm, leave the battlefield!"

"From now on, I will take over this battlefield!"

"The common people of the holy realm, remember Live my name, Chen Xinglie!"

Chen Xinglie said, his voice is not loud and more like a whisper, but it sounds in the ears of every holy world creature.

Countless sacred creatures on the battlefield, when they heard these words, they chose to leave.

Even if this white clothed silhouette cannot be as he said, by the strength of oneself, take over the entire battlefield.

But just the black robbery cloud that exudes heavy pressure from the sky is enough to make them die under Heavenly Tribulation.

Choose to leave at this moment, absolutely the only way to survive!

The three words Chen Xinglie resounded through the holy world on this day.

He is remembered by countless holy world creatures.

When the Holy Realm and Demon Race fought tragically, such a white clothed youth turned out to be born.

One man one sword kills the densely packed Demon Race army thoroughly.

The name of this white clothed youth, Chen Xinglie!

Chen Xinglie step by step walks towards the sky, behind him is the Demon Race of Great Firmament Peak.

This Demon Race is extremely desperate at this time.

I dignified a great Great Demon Race with Great Firmament Peak and burning demon blood. There's no resistance in front of this guy who only broke through the Great Firmament Golden Immortal in the middle stage!

If such nonsense happened to him, he would not believe it.

It's like other Demon Races now, when they see their opponents quickly withdraw, all of them are in a dazed state.

But when I saw the white clothed that was walking towards the sky, and the Demon Race powerhouse behind him.

It is even more absurd.

The Demon Lord powerhouse of their Demon Race was treated like this by the other party!

Countless Demon Races moved towards Chen Xinglie roared, but under the heavy pressure of Heavenly Tribulation, no Demon Race could fly to the sky and fly to the white clothed silhouette that played with the Supreme Demon Lord in their hearts. !

Chen Xinglie's actions also attracted the attention of those Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouses.

Whether it is the Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouse in the Holy Realm, or the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Powerhouse in the Demon Race.

Even Demon God stopped attacking the empress ten at this moment and looked towards the white clothed silhouette.

The countless souls of his summon Demon Race were swallowed by this guy who only had the strength of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Early-Stage.

And this guy, after devouring the souls of his summon Demon Race, started moving towards Great Firmament Golden Immortal mid-term breakthrough!

Even the Demon Race of Great Firmament Peak, there is no resistance in his hands.

Such a nonsense thing is happening right now in front of him.

The appearance of Chen Xinglie and his actions have broken Demon God's view of the world.

He has lived for hundreds of thousands of years and has never seen such a terrifying guy.

Maybe, only those guys on that cyan planet can compare with this white clothed silhouette, right?

This thought just came up, but Demon God's heart jumped.

How does this guy seem to have some similarities with the terrifying existence on that cyan planet! ?

Demon God was startled by the thoughts that suddenly came up in his heart, then he shook his head slightly and threw away the messy thoughts in his mind.

Then his eyes were full of murderous aura, and he took a step towards Chen Xinglie.

He is going to kill this guy who makes him invisible!

"Want to kill him? Let's talk about it first?"

The voice of empress sounded, with a rare smile.

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