Invincible Boss System Chapter 838

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The sky in the holy world is overcast, Chen Xinglie dressed in white clothed standing under the sky, with endless thunderclouds above his head.

It seems that there will be a heavenly thunder falling from the robbery cloud at any time, and the air at this brief moment looks extremely solemn.

Countless Demon Races looked up at the white clothed silhouette. Of course, more Demon Race eyes were on the dark silhouette behind him.

The creatures in the holy world are staring at Chen Xinglie, waiting for his Transcending Tribulation.

Leaving everything he said when he rose to the sky just now, I am afraid it is not a false statement.

After all, when a person is able to induce such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation in the breakthrough realm, it is enough to prove that this man is extraordinary.

The Demon God who wanted to attack Chen Xinglie was held back by ten people including empress.

No matter how he broke out and how powerful his attacks were, he could never break through empress their line of defense.

empress and the others don't want to fight him, they are just delaying his time and buying time for Chen Xinglie who is in Transcending Tribulation.


Thunder Tribulation has begun.

One after another, the pitch-black thunder of the thickness of the water tank, with the terrifying aura in general, keeps moving towards Chen Xinglie down.

Chen Xinglie opened his arms, not like Transcending Tribulation, but more like embracing Thunder.

Under the white clothed, the thunder pattern on Chen Xinglie's back began to flash golden rays of light.

But it was blocked by the white clothes, and the falling thunder interfered with the sight.

Following Chen Xinglie's creatures, no one noticed the strangeness of his back.

"The Thunder Tribulation in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, can it still be done like this?"

There is a powerhouse in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, said incredibly.

No one responded to him. Like him, other Great Firmament Golden Immortal did not understand Chen Xinglie's operations at all.

I can't understand the Great Firmament Golden Immortal, let alone those creatures who haven't even seen the Great Firmament Golden Immortal.

I saw that black thunder, which was as black as ink, was inhaled by the Spiritual Qi vortex on top of Chen Xinglie when he was about to come into contact with Chen Xinglie.

Thunder, with a terrifying breath, just disappeared above his head abruptly.

Chen Xinglie turned his gaze to the Demon Race powerhouse that was dragged by him to the sky, and a dangerous smile evoked at the corner of his mouth.

"You, you can go on the road."

The voice fell, and he stretched out a finger to point to the Demon Race powerhouse.

A jet of black rays of light, with terrifying aura that destroys everything, struck towards Demon Race powerhouse.

"You want me to die, dream!"

Where would the Demon Race powerhouse sit and wait, and instantly burn the extinguished demon blood again.

The huge magic flame rose again from him.

The black rays of light flying from Chen Xinglie's fingertips touched the magic flames on his body.

There was a sound of flame being extinguished by water.

In all the unbelievable gazes of Demon Race, this Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Peak strength Demon Race, the burning magic flame on his body, was gradually extinguished by the ray of black energy.

Rather than extinguishing, it is more appropriate to be swallowed.

"How is it possible! Our Demon Race's biggest killer move, the burning demonic blood that wounded the enemy three thousand and self-damaged eight hundred, was actually swallowed by the black energy!?"

" The strong demon flame exchanged by burning the demon blood in the body is so impossible to withstand a single blow in front of this black energy. How is this possible!"

"Who the hell is this guy, suddenly appeared on the battlefield, strength It’s so horrible, and what the hell is this pitch black energy that can swallow the magic flame!"


After Chen Xinglie’s words, all the holy world’s creatures ran away To the distance.

Without the opponents of the Demon Race army, besides paying attention to the battlefield of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal powerhouse, I can only look up at this white clothed silhouette in Transcending Tribulation.

At this time, seeing a ray of black energy flying out of Chen Xinglie's fingertips, he even swallowed the magic flames exchanged for the demon blood of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Peak's Demon Race, little by little.

Such a scene has broken the common sense of the Demon Race army.

Different from the Demon Race army, it is the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Demon Race that is still fighting against the powerhouse of the Holy Realm.

They also saw this horrible scene while fighting.

But they are more knowledgeable than the Demon Race army below. After seeing this scene, although they were a little shocked in their hearts, they were still acceptable.

The magic flame is just a powerful energy, but the magic flame is not the strongest power in this world.

Even the strongest energy may have its natural enemies, let alone not reach the strongest magic flame.

Devil flame will be swallowed by other people's energy, which is reasonable.

Demon God repels empress and the others with a palm, looking at Chen Xinglie and the others, the scarlet within both eyes flashing cold light.

Intuition tells him that although this white clothed man only has Great Firmament Golden Immortal Early-Stage, even if he has passed the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Mid-term Heavenly Tribulation at this time, he is a newcomer to Great Firmament Golden Immortal The guy in the middle stage.

But this person's strength is too strong.

The breath radiating from the body has even reached the level of horror in the Great Firmament Golden Immortal Realm Peak.

Not to mention his black energy that can devour the magic flame.

With such a method, even Demon God already has amazement in his heart.


The Demon Race that was dragged to the sky by Chen Xinglie let out a miserable cry.

It is the ray of black energy shot by Chen Xinglie, which has successfully swallowed the blazing flames of his body into a hollow.

The dark energy fell on him.

Demon Race's powerful fleshy body, in front of this black energy, can't resist it.

The fleshy body of this Demon Race is being melted by the black energy at the speed that naked eye can see.

In just a few seconds, where Demon Race's body was contaminated with black energy, the scarlet flesh and bones can already be seen.

"Heavenly Tribulation is the power that you can block?"

Looking at the scream of Demon Race, Chen Xinglie didn't see any pity or sympathy in his eyes.

If it weren't for his powerful strength, I am afraid that these Demon Races would have already been torn into a corpse.

He's just surrendering his body by his way.

Is there any good guys who invade the other world?

The strong murderous aura and bloody air on Demon Race gave Chen Xinglie a plan in his heart. For such a race, he would not have any psychological burden to kill.

Raising his hand, another ray of black energy moved towards the Demon Race falling.

Almost instantly, a ray of black energy appeared again, and moved towards Demon Race fell.

This is the avenue of understanding when Chen Xinglie breakthrough Supreme Unity Golden Immortal Realm.

Great Dao of Destruction!

The road of terror that can destroy everything.

However, Heaven and Earth don't know why, the destruction energy of Heaven and Earth disappeared completely, and it could not absorb any trace of destruction energy at all.

At this moment, the golden lightning pattern behind Chen Xinglie burst out with a burst of energy.

Chen Xinglie, who has understood the Great Dao of Destruction, naturally instantly distinguished the energy erupting from the lightning pattern, which is the destruction energy that he could not find!

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