Invincible Boss System Chapter 839

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Chen Xinglie Great Firmament Golden Immortal's Heavenly Tribulation in the mid-period has passed halfway.

The Demon Race that was dragged by him to the sky has become a bone under the swallowing of a few strands of black energy.

This is the case, this Demon Race is still conscious.

"If I don't die, I will kill you in the future!"

The Demon Race, which is already a white bone, unexpectedly said a word again.

hearing this, Chen Xinglie has a smile on his face, not taking seriously at all.

Want to survive after being destroyed by energy?

Do you look down on yourself too much, or do you look down on Great Dao of Destruction too much?

Chen Xinglie didn't speak either, and withdrew his gaze and stopped looking at the Demon Race.

The erosion of destructive energy has become stronger again, even if there is only one bone left in the Demon Race, it is still being slowly eroded by the destructive energy of black.

The bones that were originally as smooth as jade have now become pitted.


Demon Race mournful scream resounds through Heaven and Earth.

From the sound of Demon Race, they seemed to hear their end and their fate from this scream.

But to the creatures in the holy world, it is no different from the most beautiful voice in the world.

Seeing that Demon Race powerhouse seemed to be thrown into Asura Purgatory, Demon God suffered immense pain. At this time, the anger and killing intent in his eyes seemed to be dazzling.

"I am Demon God! When killing the world, slaughter all the creatures outside the Demon Race in this world!"

"Demon God body, burn my demon blood. The world!"

Demon God roar towards the sky, just a roar.

Even the ten peak powerhouses in the holy realm that were under siege were shaken away.

In this brief moment, my eyes abruptly opened up from the words of words, and the sparkling gaze looked towards Demon God.

"This guy, is he going to take the last step!?"

The shock in words is self-evident, among which there are several points of panic hidden behind the shock .

At the same time, the old man at Northern Domain Connecting Heaven Peak opened his eyes instantly.

The old eyes are full of vicissitudes, as if they have passed the reincarnation of all ages.

Then sighed lightly, faintly said: "How can the last one be passed so easily."

"Hundreds of thousands of years, but in the end it is just a futile dream. ..."

"Futile and me, everyone in this world is like this..."

Then Connecting Heaven Peak left a sigh.

Sighs full of vicissitudes of life, haunting Connecting Heaven Peak for a long time.

Demon God, whose aura is constantly getting stronger, has a momentary pause, and he feels the mysterious and distant aura of the north!

It's like crossing a long river of ancient history, and it's somewhat similar.

"All have to die! You all have to die!"

No longer think about it, Demon God whispered coldly.

As long as he has taken the last step, there may be someone in the world who can stop him, but this person is definitely not in this world!

Chen Xinglie was also shocked by the terrifying aura on Demon God.

For a while, he didn't care about his own Thunder Tribulation, but looked towards the tall silhouette of Demon God.

No, I have to get ahead of him!

This guy has already surpassed the Great Firmament Golden Immortal realm. If he takes another step, what a realm it is!

If he really lets him through, I am afraid this holy world will really become a dead place!

Chen Xinglie gritted his teeth and looked towards the eyes of thunder in the sky. His legs were slightly bent, and then he immediately applied force and rushed towards the eyes of thunder.

The big sword in his hand appeared, and there was a light tremor that shook the void.

Half of his body is wrapped in the dark as ink filled with the terrifying power of Destruction Aura, and the other is wrapped in the endless horror sword qi.

One black and one white, Chen Xinglie seems to have become the black and white boundary of this world.

"open for me!"

Swing the great sword, moved towards the eye of thunder.

When the great sword was about to touch Thunder's eyes, Chen Xinglie's heart was shocked. He saw that Thunder's eyes blinked, and there was a look of fear in his eyes.

Although it was only an instant, it was still caught by Chen Xinglie who was close at hand.

"Heaven, are you afraid too?"

Chen Xinglie laughed loudly and increased the strength in his hand. The speed at which the big sword fell suddenly increased several times.


The sound of something being pierced to release gas.

Chen Xinglie's great sword was inserted into the eye of thunder, and strands of pitch black like the initial darkness of the world flowed out.

"Through Heavenly Art, devour everything for me!"

Chen Xinglie roared, and the Spiritual Qi vortex above his head suddenly expanded several times, covering the entire eye of thunder in it .

The huge attraction even pulls the pitch black tribulation cloud of the Eye of Thunder all around into the Spiritual Qi vortex.

The black energy continuously flowing out of the eyes of thunder was sucked into the Spiritual Qi vortex by a drop.

Spiritual Qi vortex is far from satisfying, and it continues to increase its appeal.

The speed at which the Eye of Thunder flows out of black matter has increased several times faster, as if being drawn out by the Spiritual Qi vortex above Chen Xinglie's head.

As more and more black substances flowed out, Thunder's eyes actually began to become dry.

The look in Thunder's eyes also seemed to have lost his soul, without its previous brilliance.

The sky thunder masterpiece, the pitch black tribulation cloud in this brief moment that makes up the entire sky becomes violent.

Densely packed black thunder is innumerable at all, and the desperate moved towards Chen Xinglie falls.

Chen Xinglie did not see the slightest panic on his face, and behind him was another Spiritual Qi vortex opening up, swallowing countless moved towards the black thunder that he had fallen.

After absorbing countless black substances and black thunder, Chen Xinglie's breath began to skyrocket again.

Great Firmament Golden Immortal Late Stage!

"In the late Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage, open for me!"

With a roar resounding through the holy world, Chen Xinglie's realm changed from the middle stage of the Great Firmament Golden Immortal stage to In the late stage of Great Firmament Golden Immortal!

However, at this time, the sky no longer has black tribulation clouds, because the sky has been covered with countless dark tribulation clouds before, and there is no gap at all. Let more black tribulation clouds enter.

Black Jieyun did not appear, nor did golden's eyes of thunder appear.

Chen Xinglie startedled in his heart, what is it?

How about your own Heavenly Tribulation?

Is it! ?

Heart startled, and then looked towards Thunder’s eye, which is constantly flowing out of black material.

There was an incredible look in his eyes.

I saw a trace of humanized mockery in the eyes of Thunder.


The big sword inserted in the eye of thunder was instantly knocked off and hit Chen Xinglie's body, knocking Chen Xinglie's figure back quickly. .

The body fiercely fell to the ground, making a dull loud noise.

However, Chen Xinglie did not feel uncomfortable at all, nor did he feel the hardness of the familiar earth in his memory.

Turning his head to look around, there is an army of Demon Race under him.

Poor, these are just the Demon Race army standing below and watching the show. At this moment, they have suffered such unwarranted disasters and were killed by Chen Xinglie!

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